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CONTENTS What Are You Going to Do About It?
Issue 16 [1955, ca. mid November]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

What Are You Going to Do About It?

L. Ron Hubbard

Scientology has several problems it really shouldn’t have. These are third and fourth dynamic problems. It should be enough that a science developed for the good of Man, and given freely into his knowledge, should simply be itself disseminated as itself, and without further intrusion into world affairs, but it so happens that the people of Dianetics and Scientology have an interest in the playing field called Earth. Looking broadly about, one does not find very many people interested in the preservation of this playing field. They do not believe that it is their responsibility. The government of country A does not believe it is their responsibility; the government of country B does not believe it is their responsibility. It is very possible, from the view of a survey recently conducted, that there will be no actual forward effort at any time, anywhere, to modify the threatened havoc of the atom bomb, unless it is done quietly and effectively by a group which is interested beyond the interest of governments.

It is the belief of Scientology that no government should be interfered with. When a government is changed, it is changed to resume its old shape. No revolution is successful. It is a maxim of Scientology that if a Scientologist is trained within the boundaries of Libya, he is expected to follow out the training and beliefs of his nationality, and to support to the last degree his own government. Similarly, a Scientologist of the U.S. A. or a Scientologist of Great Britain is expected to support his own government to the fullest possible extent. Any and all changes which occur by reason of more knowledge occur along the lines of evolution and not along the lines of revolution. Therefore, Scientology is so far from seeking changes in governments that it would contest to the ability of every last communication line any threatened change in any government anywhere.

However, there is something which is above nationality today. It is even above the level of the United Nations which has proven its inability to handle the problems. Man is confronted with a weapon of such magnitude and range that unless some solution appears for this weapon, Man will cease to exist, and all life may cease to exist upon this planet.

How does one then influence a problem of this magnitude beyond the level of nations?

The answer to this problem is communication. We have seen that an area of enturbulence ceases to exist as soon as communication is levelled into it. True, the area has a tendency to explode somewhat in our faces before it as-ises, and tames. However, the answers to such problems as the atomic bomb lie in the problem of communication.

The communication of more knowledge, the communication of better abilities itself could bring about this change in time. However, we may not have this much time before us. Therefore, it is better that we communicate specifically upon the problem of

Copyright (©)1955 by L. Ron Hubbard. All Rights Reserved.

the atomic bomb itself, and this is what we ask the peoples of the world as our communication, “What are you going to do about it?” By communicating, and by signalizing the fact that no one is taking active responsibility for it, it may be that we can bring about vast significant changes upon the third dynamic.

There is a great deal of technology associated with this. Communication lines of great magnitude are necessary, but all these things are at this moment in preparation. We have never beheld a more sweeping forward look than we have at this time. There is no reason to suppose that we will fail. We know the thing not to do, and that is nothing.

We are not a group or organization dedicated exclusively to the bringing about of peace, but we are forced by our own impulses of self-preservation to take a hand in this game which seems too big even for nations to play. Nations cannot play this game because nations are not individuals. We are individuals and we know we are individuals, therefore, we can communicate to the world upon this problem without defying our own nationalities or enturbulating or upsetting the course of nations themselves. The bomb is bigger than nations and we ourselves as individuals, any one of us, have greater co-ordinative abilities than nations themselves. Thus the responsibility is ours, thus our campaign. We will tell you more about this. We are in deadly earnest. We have for the first time a good solid and workable answer to the problem of the atomic bomb, and we mean to use it. We know that if we communicate on the subject, we will be rewarded by solution to this gravest threat Man has ever had. We mean to do it. That’s the way it is.