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1 Brunswick House,
83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London, W. 8.
Tel. BAY 5780
[ca. late November 1955]


There is a great deal of speculation rampant concerning the direction which processing is taking. This is natural in view of the fact that six basic steps remain for so long a stable item. To old-timers the year long stability of the six basic steps was the novelty, not change in direction of processes. However, I have learned so much concerning the mind and processing in general that it is very easy at this time to immediately forecast what changes are going to occur now out of SIX LEVELS OF PROCESSING, and this is an announcement in effect of the content of SIX LEVELS OF PROCESSING, Issue 6. What we are trying to do is to stabilize a regimen of processing for use by auditors, and in particular for use in clinics and we are daily in receipt of information from various parts of the world and the centers concerning the efficacity of processes. Oddly enough, the most fruitful source of test material, the Hubbard Guidance Center in Washington, D.C. , has failed to report very much about their results. This may be because their results are very good, but it is also a small hole in research. However, the auditors at Brunswick House, where we now have a complete operational clinic in operation, and the instructor, as well as former Fourth London ACC students, have been filling in the gaps. Therefore, SLP Issue 5 has had a considerable working over and I am repairing it by two additions only, from a standpoint of theory.

To SLP Issue 5 we are adding in Level One a process at the point of the present time problem which instantly and immediately remedies the havingness of the preclear and brings about considerable change, and in Level Two in all steps except Waterloo Station, we are adding the additional command “Increase it”, or “Increase him”. And, at the level of Step C of Level Three, Decisional Processing, we are changing the command to, “Make a decision about that (indicated object)”. To SLP Issue 5, in other words, we are adding in the immediate beginning of processes the remedy of havingness on a covert basis, and adding to SLP Issue 5 in general the factor of creativeness. This stems from our oldest precept which I discovered here in England many years ago, that the preclear cannot create, will not let go of anything; thus, aside from the change in Level Three which is purely for the understanding of the preclear, the total changes to date which will comprise SLP Issue 6 are the addition of creativeness at the present time problem level, by introducing a regimen to make the preclear acquire havingness rather than as-is it all with solving present time problems, and at the second level, to make the activity of spotting objects a creative process.

AlterGainz Finder about project.

Substituting for the present time problem:

We discover that there are a number of preclears, those that are the furthest south, who are so low on havingness that the moment they are asked to confront objects, the physical universe tips out of plumb with them and they are considerably confused. It has been discovered on some cases that are very low on the tone scale that their lowness in terms of havingness must at once be remedied before they can even be given locational processing. Thus a regimen has been developed by which I have been making preclears begin to create, and locate themselves, and increase their havingness all at the same time. This process goes as follows: The preclear is asked to (l) Spot some things which are not thinking. When he has done this and has cognited that MEST is not thinking, he is then asked (2) “Tell me a lie about that (indicated object),” with the auditor selecting the objects, and with the preclear telling the auditor a lie about each one of them in turn. This is the lowest level of creativeness, and it will be found after a while that the preclear will be able to change to the next one, (3) “Invent a problem”. It should be understood that theta is the solver of problems, that MEST is the problem. Whenever an individual is asked to get a problem of comparable magnitude, and is then asked to solve it, he is inventing a problem and is then as-ising any havingness which he acquired by reason of having invented a problem. If you go on and ask some preclears who are very low on havingness to solve the problem over and over by asking him what he could do about it, he has a tendency to lose far too much mass. This makes him very uncomfortable, and upsets him. The preclear runs entirely through this regimen then, and invents a bountiful supply of problems. The preclear on whom this should be run is easily spotted, since he is a person who is fixed on various set problems and cannot get off them. In other words, the individual has a scarcity of problems, and we get him to think about them first by spotting some unthinking things in the environment, then we get him to exercise the lowest level of creativeness, and at the same time, add to his mass by asking him to tell us a lie about these objects, and then we ask him when he has successfully flattened the last process, to invent problems. We do not ask him to solve any of these problems. Only then would it be safe to run the present time problem, and it really isn’t safe to run it on this preclear anyway. The next step up the line which would be run would be “Assign an intention”. This could be altered to “Invent an intention for that (indicated object)”.

Adding creativeness to spotting:

The second level of the SIX LEVELS OF PROCESSING will become tentatively in Issue 6, Creative Spotting. In order to create, anything, it must be that the preclear can first change it and then add to it, and at length will come up the gradient scale of being able to create one all by himself. In all early levels except Waterloo Station which is the last process in the second level, we have the preclear increase it in any instance. For instance, we have him spot an energy source. Then before we let him get off of it, we ask him if he could increase it. The exact auditing command is, “Spot an acceptable energy source”, and when the preclear has, “Get the idea of increasing it”. When this gets to persons, one can vary the command of increasing the person by asking the preclear to “Spot a person”, and then when he has, “Would you make him bigger”.

You see the preclear is stuck ordinarily over on the destruction end of this cycle of action. It is first necessary if we are going to change him at all, to move him out of this destructive end of the cycle, and into the change middle of the cycle, and over, if possible, into the create side of the cycle. I do not believe it is possible to make a preclear entirely well unless we rehabilitate thoroughly his ability to change, and it is certainly not possible to make him completely able without rehabilitating almost in its entirety his ability to create. You see, a preclear goes from create over to changing things, and drifts from changing things over to destruction on the cycle of action which goes create-change- destroy. When he gets over on the destruction end, the way to get him out of it and back into the creation end is to make him actively start creating things.

There is in destruction an effort to decrease the size of everything. This becomes obsessive. However if we try to run this on preclears, we discover that their havingness starts to vanish; therefore we simply and overtly by the process itself move them over into the creative end of the cycle.

I am not trying to release here SLP Issue 6 in its entirety, but these are the principal changes in it. The one I am working on, and which is the reason why I have not released it with this Operational Bulletin, is the factor of time. Time is motion or change. Everything moves the preclear. The preclear moves nothing, and I am trying to find the ways and means of getting the preclear to move not-have universes, so that he can split them adequately. One of the ways I am trying to split universes these days is to have the not- have universe, separation from the preclear being desirable without reduction, but on the contrary with increase of havingness, tell the preclear a lie. This is quite interesting as a process.

None of the foregoing means that SLP Issue 5 is in any state of flux. It merely seeks to give the direction of travel of research, and to give you a little advance information that will run a few cases even further south than those we have tackled so far. We have gone quite a way south here in recent months in trying to pick up and undercut preclears that were giving us a great deal of trouble. Every time we do this of course, we benefit the cases on the up ranges markedly.


Scientology has not even begun to reach its various goals. We have made considerable progress in these last few years. The lines of progress which have been most marked were in the level of knowledge itself. We can do more with cases today than we could ever do in the past, and we have a greater understanding of the human mind than was ever before available to man, according to our records. The point here is that we have to go through a certain regimen before we attain goal-velocity. One of these attainments is operational stability. We are making incredible progress in this direction. We have more know-how today than we ever before dreamed was possible. Our operations have been far from stable in the past for the good reason that the operation was seeking to change a wide cultural aspect which was kicking back on it and which of course was changing the operation on a Q and A basis, but we have learned many lessons. The first and foremost of these lessons is to place Scientologists prominently in all organizations. We do not let “out-siders” have the reins and key posts. It would surprise you to know that some of the fanciest talent that could be bought on the subject of public relations, management, advertising, and many other lines, has already served and failed Scientology organizations, and has been replaced with more efficient Scientologists. The blunt fact is that as unable as we sometimes consider ourselves, we are more able than the world in which we are operating, and unless we realize that fact first and foremost, we won’t get very far in our own operational organizations. Bright, intelligent people who come to us in subordinate positions either recognize what we are doing and begin to learn Scientology or they can’t do their jobs. It is almost as blunt as this. Now and then we make mistakes in personnel, even with Scientologists. It does not mean the Scientologist himself was a mistake, but it means that we have him on the wrong post or doing the wrong job.

But it is not this matter of minor personnel changes which makes Scientology unstable. It is the impact of Scientology against the Society itself. One stands up continually to the most cock-eyed ideas of the mind and of Scientology. It would do a Scientologist an enormous amount of good to have run on him, “Tell me a lie about Scientology”. For a short time it might unstabilize him entirely on the subject but he would come back more rational and more able and more capable of facing these outrageous lies which are told about Scientology. The world at this time seems to be bound on a downward curve, and we are in the lonely position of being the only organization capable of doing anything about it. One seldom objects to his own lies. These give him havingness. One always objects to somebody else’s lies. One can object to somebody else’s lies about a subject for so long that he finally interiorizes in with them. This is basically the anatomy of a squirrel. The world has hit him so hard on this subject for so long that he now believes he is the subject in a perverted form. However we have the answers for all these things, and putting the answers into effect, we are getting places. Things never looked better. Auditors were never more welcome. Operational gains were never more hopeful.


There is at this time a possibility of a congress during Christmas Week in the United States. This has been authorized with Bill Young that a congress be given there. Announcements had better be gotten out on it in a hurry. There is also, depending on permission to stay in Great Britain, a possibility of a congress during Christmas Week in Great Britain. The tapes of congress week in Great Britain will not be available for the American congress unfortunately.


Ability needs to come out, it needs to come out regularly, and it needs to stress training and processing, and the general state of Scientology. An awful lot of letters should be carried in Ability, and an awful lot of news. If Ability will notice, Certainty and the PABs come out on regular schedule.


Due to the magnetic field around travelling airplanes it is reported tapes sometimes erase or partially foul themselves up in the magnetic fields. Thus all tapes to be transported by air must, and I repeat MUST, be wrapped in tinfoil inside the box. One takes tinfoil and puts it around the tapes and then puts the tape into the box, and we won’t get any more of these bad tape qualities because of airline transport.