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1 Brunswick House,
83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London, W. 8.
[ca. mid-November 1955]
All HAS Offices, All Continents


LIMITED COMPANY PROCEEDING: The HUBBARD ASSOCIATION OF SCIENTOLOGISTS OF THE UNITED KINGDOM is proceeding with fair rapidity to its completion. This will be its official name even though it spells HASUK. Its offices will be located at No. 1 Brunswick House, 83 Palace Gardens Terrace, London W. 8, and its phone number will be BAYswater 5780. It has passed the stage of being okayed for its company name by the Registrar of Companies in London which had some question as to calling a limited company an Association, and for a while we thought we would have to get real inventive to delete the word “Association” from the title, but it got by anyway. It will be governed by a Board of Trustees. Being a limited company it is the first entirely English and British HAS. As the Queen doesn’t mind “aliens” holding shares you can guess who has the controlling finger in the pie.

This limited company succeeds to the control of all other United Kingdom HASs— Australia, South Africa, etc. This is important, for in those countries an incorporated entity has to be incorporated in every single state and being so has no power in any other state. You would have to have five separate corporations to cover Australia (or is it seven). But by qualifying the HASUK in each, a well connected organization can thus result though each one can be autonomous. In South Africa they are holding on with a course waiting for the HASUK papers to file them for SA operation. There is an existing HAS of SA held by Albert Low which I suppose will be turned over to the HASUK by Albert depending somewhat on Albert, who will I am sure cooperate. In Australia Johnny Farrell and some other fine chaps have an HASI; it however is limited in an extreme rather than a company sense, being in only the one state, Victoria. I believe, depending somewhat on them, that they will close it out and open a new qualified HASUK and then qualify the HASUK in each one of the Australian states, appointing a resident agent for each branch and the whole being managed by a committee composed of the already existing Australian directors. Similarly the HASUK can be qualified at small expense in every state in South Africa and the whole again managed by a committee there. Those in interest on this will receive HASUK limited company certificates for their use in qualifying it in all these states. That’s a stack of qualifications for which the HASUK will pay. These papers will be forwarded in a very few weeks.

CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY GOING IN IN ENGLAND: Already having started with great success the “I will talk to anyone for you about anything” ad in London (Ray Kemp piloting), the Church of Scientology is being placed in a limited company status in the United Kingdom. CHARTERED CHURCHES will be available to qualified auditors throughout the United Kingdom. The Central UK Church of Scientology will issue the charters on a tithe basis. All ordinations will be committed by the Central Church, not the chartered churches. Ordinations must have an HPA or HCA in full force as a requisite, plus general good standing. An ordination and its certificate will cost 5 gns to those qualified. A Sunburst Cross and lapel pin will cost 8 gns. The cross is a lovely thing of pure silver about three inches high, hung with a plain silver chain from the crossbar. It is worn with any collared shirt or dress about the throat, a distinctive badge. Qualified auditors may apply now.

WHAT TO AUDIT TODAY: If there’s any doubt in anyone’s mind as to what we ought to be using on preclears, it’s SIX LEVELS OF PROCESSING, ISSUE 5. And if there’s any doubt about that, use only LEVEL ONE on any pc. And if there’s any doubt about that, use only the PRESENT TIME PROBLEM PART of Level One as far as techniques go.

AUDITING THE PT PROBLEM: A pc could be said to be a composite of a consecutive series of Level One present time problems. His body for instance is his chief p. t. problem. If you had only one process today to work on any case of any level from psycho to Op Thetan, it would be working present time problems with the “problem of comparable magnitude” process. This is called simply “Invented Problems of Comparable Magnitude”. It is a precision tool with precision commands.

It is done this way: The pc by two-way comm, having been started into session, is asked to come up with and isolate ANY present time problem of no matter what size. He is not bird-dogged on to his chronic somatic or other specific difficulty since this may be beyond his grasp at the start and because it will come up inevitably in its turn. Once the auditor has gotten the pc to articulate ANY one present time problem the auditor then says (precision commands here), “Can you invent a problem of comparable magnitude?” or “Can you invent a problem as big as that one?” When the pc does this the auditor then says (precision command wording, use no other), “What could you do about that one?”, meaning the invented problem. (The word is “could”, not “can”.) The pc is finally two-way commed into actually hazarding that he might do so-and-so and such-and-such about the invented problem, at which time the auditor says, “Fine. Now what ELSE could you do about that problem?”, again meaning the invented problem, the same one.

In such a way the pc gives solution after solution, no matter how poor and without being challenged on whether or not they would work or would solve the problem until he has solved the invented problem. IT IS VITAL THAT THE PC BE BROUGHT TO A FINAL SOLUTION TO HIS SATISFACTION OF THE INVENTED PROBLEM, UNTIL HE VOLUNTEERS THAT IT IS SOLVED: THEREIN LIES THE TRICK. Don’t go on to new invented problems until the old one is in pieces. Make the pc then invent a new problem IF HE IS STILL WORRIED ABOUT THE REAL PROBLEM HE BROUGHT UP. If, upon discussion the pc is no longer concerned with the real problem, then two-way comm him into a location or isolation of a new present time problem. If he is still worried about the old problem or first one, have him again invent one of comparable magnitude to it. If he is not worried about the old one, have him find a new problem in his life (present time) and then have him invent the “problem of comparable magnitude” again with the same commands, “Please invent a problem as big as that one,” “What could you do about the invented problem?”, having the pc get solution after solution or action after action proposed about the invented problem until he feels he’s whipped it and volunteers same to the auditor (the auditor doesn’t fish for solution-final).

An auditor will discover that a pc with higher and higher cognition ALWAYS has a present time problem no matter how many have been solved. And the composite of these problems is the pc’s case (not a composite of OLD problems). The pc’s case is a composite of present time problems. Thus the oldest axiom but one (SURVIVE) that he has is back at work: THE FUNCTION OF THE MIND IS TO POSE AND RESOLVE PROBLEMS RELATING TO SURVIVAL. And boy does this work! I really sprained a beam when I invented this “Invented Problems of Comparable Magnitude”.

SIX LEVELS OF PROCESSING, ISSUE 5: If you gaze deeply into the brief pages of SLP, Issue 5 you will find a lot of things that are good for cases, and a good clean look at Level One will give you the start-out that any cases needed. The funny part about Issue Five is that it is not necessarily a graduated scale like all its predecessors. Almost any case runs at any of its levels, and anyone who exteriorizes can run at once at Level Six. But none run without Level One.

EXTERIORIZATION TODAY: Today’s idea of exteriorization is that it happens and that it must be FULLY acknowledged but that one, acknowledgement of it and discussion of it with the startled pc done, then continues the process which the pc exteriorized on. In other words one doesn’t change his entire auditing just because of exteriorization. One notes it and carries on and it then gets better. You can’t keep them in their heads anyway with SLP, Issue 5—why, try to work them outside.

TWO-WAY COMM: An auditor (Old-time HDA) said, “I know modern auditing is an awful lot of yak....” So I finally got two-way comm across to him in this wise. “Today the auditor is a salesman who is trying to sell the pc on the idea of changing his mind about a lot of things. With two-way comm he makes this easy.” And the HDA understood.

HCA/HPA CURRICULUM: What tapes? We were giving live lectures everywhere. It’s now advanced considerably. For awhile let’s set up a tape schedule, for the training in all levels is being given a new auditing STYLE. Opening and closing sessions, the Communication Bridge, Two-way Comm et al are new to most. Thus the gradient scale of importance of what an auditor must know is as follows:

  1. Reality on Scientology (by case success in himself or others and by orienting old data he has by new Scientology stable data that he selects out);
  2. Auditing Style and Mechanics (as per Level One);
  3. Six Levels of Processing, Issue 5;
  4. Scientology Vocabulary;
  5. Axioms of Scientology;
  6. Auditor’s Own Case.

These are reviewed in HAA levels. Axioms are expected COLD at HAA level. The London HPA November Lectures are a must. So are the earlier 26 half-hour lectures of 1954. So are some of these ACC lectures. Therefore the instructor had better have a leading student and a tape PLAYER (so the student can’t wipe tapes) and an evening schedule to get these in. The HPA Nov. ‘55 will be airmailed for $60. (If I said £60 earlier it was a slip.) They have the ACC lectures in SA and can sell them for that area only. Silver Spring and London are both copying Hi-Fi (Silver Spring a bit higher Fi) the HPA and the 4th London ACC tapes. Both have and can furnish the 1954 HCA 26 half- hour tapes. Also there are some 15-minute lecture per step Route One tapes you can have for $23 a set. These haven’t been generally released before.

With this new auditing style and the fabulous work being done with SLP, Issue 5, we can’t be backwards in our training or old in our approach. So please modernize courses FAST. IT HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY BELIEF THAT THE SUBJECT TRAVELS AS FAST AS IT IS WORKABLE. Upon that axiom we have built up to where we are. Thus a delay in using new training material is a delay in the subject. I’m not trying to sell you tapes. We’ll never climb out of the red on these unless it’s by workable Scientology.

CLINICAL PROCEDURE: All Hubbard Guidance Centers should be using SLP, Issue 5, with emphasis on LEVEL ONE and the p. t. problem, briefer emphasis on earlier steps of Level Two, solid emphasis on WATERLOO STATION. Emphasize then SLP, Issue 5, Level One and Waterloo Station. Get each of these fully flat. First twelve hours of an intensive most cases on p. t. problems, three on assign intentions, ten on Waterloo Station, rough estimate.

ATTITUDE TOWARD PSYCHIATRY: “The medical profession, healing groups and ourselves are attempting to get psychiatry to accept on a pledge of no harmful treatment psychotics who now have to be withheld from psychiatrists and institutions because of the real danger that they will have their backs broken, their teeth knocked out or their brains damaged by shock, drugs or surgery. We and other committees are trying to get psychiatry to make such non-harmful facilities for the insane available in order to serve the medical and healing professions so that these can dispose of their insane patients without themselves being guilty of murder or mayhem upon them. It’s an international movement.”