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CONTENTS Letter to Ability Editor
Issue 18 [1955, ca. late November]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

Letter to Ability Editor

Dear John,

… I have just ended here seven good hard weeks of training, being on the platform five-and-a-half to seven hours a day, training, I am not quite sure how many students, but in excess of thirty, and for the first time in Scientology history, getting this type of comment from the students trained: “This is the first course I was ever on where I would in the last week permit anyone on the course to audit me.” This is literally true. We sweepingly made these people into fine auditors. Great Britain is now richer to that degree.

… The British operation is quite interesting. It occupies one-and-one-quarter floors of Brunswick House, a building on the comer of Palace Gardens Terrace and Bayswater Avenue, one of the most traffic jammed streets in London. It consists of a great many offices, classrooms and auditing rooms, and has a staff of about twenty people, there being about three hundred trained auditors certified in Great Britain. Of course, I don’t mean in the British sense that these auditors are certified, since that in Great Britain means “insane,” which is why we call them Hubbard Professional Auditors here. We have now given up the small quarters down at 163 Holland Park Avenue, because these were far too cramped, and inadequate for our purposes. The guys here took one of the large rooms and painted, carpeted, and draped, and fixed it up into a very swanky office for me which is still in a state of improvement, but which I have been using these days since the close of the ACC course. The ACC course did not give me any time whatsoever to think about occupying more office than my hat.

My first job when I first got here was immediately visible to the eye. I had to make some up-to-date crackerjack auditors. I went ahead and did so. I am still doing that on night courses and HPA courses and these people are really getting the results and coming right along. We have an auditing staff here of about five under the direct supervision of Dr. Ann Walker. It is a great oddity that almost everybody in this operation here has been with the movement since the earliest days. The ranks keep swelling, but those most intimate to the organization here are long-time and old-time Dianeticists and Scientologists, a thing which speaks very well.

… This scene is much less foreign to one’s eye than one would expect. London is sort of a New York of 1890, but much, much faster, with its streets jammed with fast small cars, huge fast buses. It is a very exciting town, and a very sociable town. In fact it is so sociable that I have an awfully hard time keeping my calender clear enough to get some work done. I feel like a New York debutante complaining about parties, parties, parties.

… Tonight is Thursday night when the second night of the week briefing course for auditors in general is held and at 8:30 I will talk to them for an hour. I am going to talk to them explaining to them that you can’t run present time problems on preclears who are low in havingness if you have them solve the problems. Such preclears can be run only by having them invent problems. Even if they invent problems of comparable magnitude, they are liable to drop too low on havingness.

I very much miss, despite all this sociability, my friends in Washington, since I am doing a piece of research work which is right straight down the groove. I am really shooting for the moment on this one. SLP will stay pretty much the way it is for some time to come, since it was fought for and won with the ACC and tested while training them. But what I am shooting for now will be done with the co-operation of the staff auditors here at Brunswick House. This is too early really for any general release, but I have done two things with some new processes, which make me extremely hopeful for the future of Scientology. Boy, you ain’t seen nothing yet, John.

… I hear good comment everywhere on Ability.

Best, RON