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8 MARCH 1975
Issue II
Revises, Combines & Cancels
HCOB 12 Feb 71, Issue II, Reissued 12 Dec 71,
Cramming Series 3, BTB 12 June 73R, Issue III,
Cramming Series 15R, BTB 7 June 73RA, Cramming Series 16RA
Remimeo Cramming Series 3R


(Ref: HCO PL 30 Aug 74,“Qual Stat Change”.)

There are two areas of Cramming:

1. Tech Cramming.

2. Admin Cramming.

There are two basic types of Cramming:

A. To rapidly prepare a person for post or technical action, through intensive study, Word Clearing and drilling on key materials.

B. To rapidly correct a person after the fact of an error or flub, by finding the Why, and handling that Why with study and Word Clearing of the particular data involved and drilling the actions to a point of confidence and competence. This covers Cramming Orders sent to Qual or originated by the Cramming Off or Qual Sec on Outpoints in the Org.

The administrative and executive staff of an Org require Cramming as much as technical personnel. The handlings are analogous.

The cycle goes like this:

1. Hat checksheet completed in staff training.

2. Cramming ordered when a staff member flubs.

3. Cramming to find and handle the basic reason for the continued flubs, if present.

4. Ethics, if proven necessary, to no change or improvement or refusal to be corrected, overtly or covertly.

Post duties break down into various skills just as they do for Auditors or C/Ses or Course Supervisors.

Sources for Admin staff correction break down into:

A. Basics of Scientology as applied in life — ARC, cycles of action, eight Dynamics, etc.

B. Staff Member Basics — Staff Status 0, 1, 2, OEC Volume 0, Org Bd.

C. Post Hat — Mini Hat, Full Hat.

D. OEC Volumes by Division. All Policy.

The Admin Cramming Off has a vested interest in seeing that Staff Training exists and produces hatted staff members who can do their post duties competently. Where staff training is lacking, he must work with the Qual Sec and STO to get it into operation.

The steps of handling an Admin Cramming cycle are:

1. Find out what happened or is happening.

2. Establish the situation (biggest departure from what should have happened or should be happening).

3. Find the why for that situation on a meter.

4. Write up the handling to eradicate the why and get a return towards the Ideal Scene by Cramming on the key issues for the area and removing any blocks to their implementation.


In doing Org outpoint corrections per HCO PL 30 Aug 74, “Qual Stat Change”, look at the GDSes first. Take up any and all GDSes with down stats or trend, and cram all personnel directly involved with making the GDS on visible outpoints until the stat starts going up. That means keep on correcting outpoints, by pushing in Policy and Tech until you get a stat recovery occurring. Then take up the Dept stats and get them going up. Then take up the Section stats and get them going up. Checking on stats before doing Org outpoint correct actions narrows the target to the areas needing correction.

There are sometimes more areas which can cause trouble than a Cramming Officer may realize. These separate out into:

1. Staff member’s actions, flubs and misunderstoods.

2. Senior’s actions and reports. (Supplementary Situation per Data Series 27, HCO PL 25 May 73, “Supplementary Evaluations”.)

3. Other staff influences. (Supplementary Situation per Data Series 27, HCO PL 25 May 73, “Supplementary Evaluations”.)

4. Out Basics in Scn, staff or post hat duties.

5. Out Personal Ethics.

6. Environmental influence. (Supplementary Situation per Data Series 27, HCO PL 25 May 73, “Supplementary Evaluations”.)

7. Out Post programming.

8. Out Personal or Post Org Board.

9. Wrong purpose or products or products unknown.

The Cramming Officer does not do all the handling on staff but gets the person to work with other staff in Cramming or bring in fellow staff to work with and the Cramming Off sees that each step is done correctly.

The only test of successful Admin Cramming is that those staff crammed are now doing better and their stats are up.

Ideally, an Admin Cramming Officer should be an HPCSC/OEC Graduate. If this is not so, then the Admin Cramming Officer must rapidly complete his/her hat checksheet and embark on a study program of all OEC Volumes in order to be able to fully function on post. For Why Finding he must know the Data Series PLs and how to handle an E-Meter and have an OK to L&N.

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