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8 MARCH 1975
Issue V
Revises, Combines & Cancels
BTB 12 Dec 71R, Issue XII, Cramming Series 6R,
BTB 12 Dec 71R, Issue XIII, Cramming Series 7R,
BTB 2 Sept 72R, Issue III, Cramming Series 10,
BTB 21 Jan 73RA, Cramming Series 14RA.
Remimeo Cramming Series 6RA


All Cramming Officers are to put up a large well lettered, permanent sign in the Cramming area:

Good cramming is the key to flubless auditors and auditing LRH

A Cramming Officer must be an experienced Auditor up to the highest Class of auditing he/she is Supervising. A failed Auditor on post will only result in failed correction cycles. Another Cramming Officer is appointed to handle students and admin cramming cycles. This has been proven a successful action.

The Cramming Officer keeps a log book of all Cramming actions done and weekly reviews the types of Cramming actions going on with the different Auditors. He could find at this point that a certain Auditor has been crammed on three slightly different but related areas. He can, at this point, call the Auditor in and handle the more basic outness isolated.

Packs of materials to do with a subject or action should be compiled for Cramming — e.g. Rudiments, Listing and Nulling, TRs, etc. If an Auditor goofs on Rudiments, he reviews the little pack, word clears it, drills the actions, etc.

Word Clearing is used very heavily in Cramming. Auditors are not “sent to Word Clearing” when it is required. They are just twinned up and word clear the materials ordered in Cramming. If a student is consistently goofing on data contained in a particular level or course, he can be ordered to word clear the entire materials on that checksheet in Cramming.

When certain materials have already been word cleared and the student is still goofing on the procedure, it must be considered that he has a confusion re the sequences of actions and the student must be very heavily drilled on that action.

The Cramming Officer has the whole resources of the Org Library to call upon. Many books contain key data applicable to every level and these should be used liberally in Cramming.

If an Auditor is showing ignorance of a datum or rule, it is quite possible that he never read it.

The three main areas investigated in Cramming are:

1. The student or Auditor never read it.

The exact data may not have been on an earlier checksheet done on a subject. So one always ensures that all the data is to hand and reviewed.

2. The student or Auditor has misunderstoods in the material.

Handled fully with Word Clearing, always on the whole text of the materials goofed.

3. The student or Interne has confusions on the sequences of actions.

Handled by drilling. Can also be handled by HC lists.

One point that the Cramming Officer must watch out for is overlong Cramming Orders. An overlong Cramming Order would be one that contained more than four or five issues. Such a Cramming Order is actually a training cycle and should be done in staff training. Overlong Cramming cycles tend to bring about a backlog because they cannot be handled quickly and completed. Qual is a corrective Division and should not get into routine training actions. Routine training belongs in the Tech Division. The Cramming Officer does not accept overlong Cramming Orders.


Per C/S Series 86RB, BTB 20 Jan 73RB, “The Red Tag Line”, the Examiner sends a copy of the list of the day’s Red Tags to the Cramming Officer.

A Red Tag Pc report must lead at once to Cramming of the Auditor, the D of P, the C/S and the Tech Sec. They are immediately crammed on the appropriate materials with all Mis-U words cleared up and any Why found on the meter as needful.

Any discovered instance of a non-F/N VGIs folder not being relayed to the C/S, and thus discovered by the Cramming Officer, must result in an immediate Ethics Hearing for No Report.

Revised by
Msm John Eastment; A/CS-5
Approved by Guardian WW
FB Ad Council
FB Exec Council
Commodore’s Staff Aides
Approved by the Board of Issues
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