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8 MARCH 1975
Issue IV
Revises, Combines & Cancels
BTB 12 Dec 71RA, Issue XI, Cramming Series 5RA,
BTB 14 Sept 72R, Cramming Series 12R,
BTB 15 Nov 72R, Cramming Series 13R.
Remimeo Cramming Series 5RB


There is no restriction whatsoever on doing TRs in Cramming.

It is not rote and is done on each Cramming cycle.

All Technical Personnel are expected to continue to work on and improve their TRs throughout all Training and Interneships and service in an Org or Franchise.

The LRH Model Auditing Tapes and materials are the only guide to perfect TRs.

Any questions or queries or strange ideas about any TRs must be immediately handled with Word Clearing on the relevant material.

Beware of quickie TRs or Auditors who do five minutes of TR 0 and then say that they have improved their TR 0 and confront. Watch out for Auditors who cannot or will not do two hours of confront or Auditors who cannot deliver 2½ hours of auditing and short session. Be on the lookout for Supervisors whose students blow or who have small classroom attendance.

The Interne Supervisor is responsible for forcing in daily TRs on Auditors, Internes, C/Ses, Cramming Officer, Pc Examiner, Word Clearers, Basic Courses Supervisors, Success Officer, D of P and D of T.

Auditors and Internes get their TRs training done outside of production hours and time must be provided daily for this to be done. Each personnel may not be prevented from doing daily TRs. Technical reports show that some Auditors do not get in their minimum 25 WD hours showing the vital need for lots of TRs to be done. Poor scheduling keeps Auditors waiting, and unnecessarily lengthens their auditing day, leaving no time for daily TRs. Daily TRs and Auditor and Interne training times actually reduce time in Cramming. Auditors and Supervisors do not have cases and are expected to work on their TRs daily.

Special TRs booklets and tapes have been compiled for Cramming Officers to assist them to get real correction of TRs done in Cramming.

These materials comprise all materials on TRs 0 to 4, Upper Indocs and the Auditing Comm Cycle, issued as individual booklets on each TR.

The only way to correct TRs is by taking each one individually and tackling it as a subject on its own. This is made possible through the individual booklets and tapes.

The tapes also must be listened to from the viewpoint of the TR being corrected. The Auditor, Interne or Supervisor has the LRH Model Auditing tapes and special LRH TRs demonstration tapes to use. They must be taught to listen to a single TR in order to correct it.

The Cramming Off must know these materials cold so that he can direct the person to the exact material every time to resolve the situation.

Revised by Msm John Eastment, A/CS-5
Approved by Guardian WW
FB Ad Council
FB Exec Council
Commodore’s Staff Aides
Approved by the Board of Issues for the