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CONTENTS “The Old Man’s Case-Book”
Issue 15-G [1953, ca. May]
Published by
The Hubbard Association of Scientologists, Inc.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“The Old Man’s Case-Book”

L. Ron Hubbard (The following material is an extract from the case-books of Dr. Hubbard or advice he has given in letters or personally to auditors concerning the running of cases.)

Mr. Brennan, HPA (Gt. Britain), phoned me concerning the treatment of an eighteen-months-old baby expected to live one week according to medical opinion. Medicine as usual had given up the case and the family as well, evidently, as the family doctor had insisted that a consulting Scientologist be brought in. The baby was conscious and fairly alert. Mr. Brennan was informed that this is a very trying type of case and results on it are not within reasonable expectancy.

He was informed of procedures as follows:

Leukaemia is evidently psychosomatic in origin and at least eight cases of leukaemia had been treated successfully by Dianetics after medicine had traditionally given up. The source of leukaemia has been reported to be an engram containing the phrase ”It turns my blood to water.”

The reduction of an engram in an eighteen-months-old baby by Dianetics is, of course, impossible; therefore keying out procedures or automatic type running or direct communication with the thetan are indicated.

The first procedure Mr. Brennan was given was to have the baby get two anchor points in present time. This to be done with tactile and the baby’s hands. The theory of this is, of course, that contact with present time is contact with the material universe. By slightly agitating, pleasantly or unpleasantly, the fingers of the baby, thus attracting his attention to his fingers for a period of time — at least two or more hours — there is a possibility that the baby could be brought into present time. This, of course, is a key-out of an engram.

The second procedure given Mr. Brennan was a somewhat imaginative one based upon the conduct of two mocked up matched terminals. The MEST universe is a two terminal universe; by having one object of everything there is no discharge of the environment; thus the MEST universe remains constant. By mocking up two terminals facing each other, both the same, a preclear often experiences physical reaction and the charge on that type of terminal can be found to dissipate without the preclear knowing what has happened. This is a limited technique used in assists. In this case it was suggested that two effigies made out of pillows and clothes or two dolls similar to the baby be placed in sight of the baby, facing each other, and that the baby’s attention be permitted to rest on these two objects. By doing this, there is a faint chance that the charge on the baby itself might discharge automatically.

The third technique consisted of a type of processing used on animals. The basis of this is that man’s health is proportional to his belief in his dangerousness to his environment. Animals are processed by building up in them the belief that they are capable of frightening or driving something away. A cat or a dog is taken and gestures are made at its hands. The moment it makes the faintest return gesture in retaliation, the auditor backs up as though frightened. He does this very quietly, for the animal is liable to be frightened itself at this first venture. The animal is led more and more to strike out at the auditor on a gradient scale, until the animal is very cocky and confident about its approach to the auditor. It will be found that neurotic or depressed cats, dogs and mice will alter their social behavior and will become well if this process is followed. This is about all there is to animal therapy. It was suggested that this be tried with the baby by getting the baby to strike back. It was particularly cautioned that the first advance the baby made should be met by the auditor with the very gentlest of withdrawals, for the baby is quite often surprised if an exclamation of fear and a sudden gesture of withdrawal are made. This is the application of gradient scale, getting more and more of something built up.

The final method is one which has been reportedly used by several auditors with success. The baby’s body, facial expressions and voice are disregarded as communication mediums. The auditor addresses the thetan and continues in confidence that the thetan understands him. The auditor applies Step I and, even though the baby gives no sign of understanding, the auditor goes right on working Step I. He exteriorizes the thetan, orients the thetan in the room by putting the thetan in various places of the room, and then eventually asks the thetan to patch up whatever is wrong with the body by locating deposits of energy on nerves or in other places in the body, turning them white and discharging them. The auditor continues this process for several sessions, each time going back to the first part of Step I and going through Step I completely; then completing an orientation and asking the thetan to patch up the body. This reportedly works. I have not myself done this to babies. I have been informed that it has worked on babies as young as four months. In working babies I normally use the first three steps given above.