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Through: The Office of L. Ron Hubbard
London 30 Marlborough Place
London N. W. 8, England
[1953, ca. mid-May]


Enclosed herewith, prior to release, is Professional Auditor’s Bulletin No. 1, which is sent to you for your information, particularly the last part.

We have here a new type addressing machine. It has the faculty of being able to run off reels of gummed labels from its stencils and does so with great speed. This means that as I collect the mailing list, I can repeat and bundle up this mailing list in a gummed roll for your use should you wish to utilize it. If you will send me any current and valid mailing addresses which you have, provided you’ve collected a sufficient number to warrant the trouble here, I will be happy to send in return this master mailing list. I am sure that pooling our names and addresses should prove profitable and beneficial to all of us.

Could anybody tell me what goes on in Seattle? McElvain of the Hubbard Associates of Puget Sound has written me a couple of times and then the line has gone silent. I don’t seem to be able to get anything out of them. Maybe somebody amongst you knows more about this organization than I do: if so, shoot the data to me.


The following arrangements, possibly with some modification, are tentatively being established by a group of consulting Scientologists at 237 North 16th Street, Philadelphia. The plan is not yet in operation but it is based on group processing experience obtained in the professional school in London and in British public schools.

The group process which will be used in this instance will be Short Eight. It will be administered, probably, in the auditorium at 237 N. 16th on several nights each week. It will be delivered there for about two hours by a professional auditor between, probably, the hours 7:30 to 9:45, with a fifteen-minute break between the two hours. It may be that a slightly shorter period will be adopted; but, in any case, the processing period will not be under two hours. The difference will come in the number of breaks that are taken.

The processing will be regularly scheduled and will continue to be given regardless of audience.

By direct mail means, advertisements in suitable publications or papers, it will be announced in a very dignified way that the HAS has embarked upon a program of free processing for the working people and executives of the city with the goal of making the able more able. It will be stated that this is educational and aimed at improving reaction time and intelligence quotient and at rehabilitating the goals and energy of those who work hard to keep the culture running. The actual advertising copy will be adjusted against the response and what is learned from those who attend the sessions.

Exactly in keeping with the plan announced in Professional Auditor’s Bulletin No. I as to the material at hand, it is believed that the processing itself will pay for itself and that it will provide preclears and students for organizations in that area.

Although this is subject to modification as to its procurement of persons to take the free processing and in its actual performance, it is offered here as a general outline of what is intended.


The doctorate schools at Phoenix and Philadelphia have received all the late 1952/1953 tapes; that is, a set of Philadelphia lectures made there in December, 1952 on Standard Operating Procedure No. 5 (Expanded) and called SOP-5 (Expanded), the Group Auditor’s Course, a set of six hours made for use with Self Analysis in Dianetics (or Self Analysis in Scientology) for group auditors, and the London Spring lectures on latest procedures and theory, 20 hours in all, called the HCA tapes. Those associates who have ordered the HCA course may have as yet received only 18 hours; the other two hours which come at the very end of the series are also being copied and will be sent on very soon. Joanna Walsh’s HCA course is being shipped on May 27th. I have no note of the Chicago associate asking for tapes; if Roman and Adele Mazurek want them, will they please write? No order has been received by the London HAS.

All tapes ordered with the exception of the last two hours of the HCA course have been shipped.


News on the general scene looks very good. I am in receipt of floods of letters from auditors congratulating me on these new techniques. On every hand I am hearing of cases busting which have been hanging fire for as long as three years. And, in addition to this, these people are not even in possession of what I said was the final solution; they are in possession of SOP-8. SOP-8 is a gunshot safe technique which can be put in the hands of people who are not particularly well trained. The solution of Case V requires much longer assay and will be the subject of PAB No. 2. You will get airmail copies of PAB No. 2, whereas they will go out regular mail to the list of auditors.

This whole thing wound up as simplicity itself. You’re going to hear of Scientology as “the science of certainty.” Anything we consider certain, which is to say the three universes and the multitude of viewpoints of them and the repair and increase of the awareness of these certainties which is awareness itself since certainty itself is knowledge and certainty alone is awareness, are the meat which we underline as Scientology.

Now we take whole-track facsimiles, prenatals, engrams under pain and unconsciousness and anything else there’s ever been a question about — anything on which anybody has any slightest possible maybe — and we call these things para- Scientology. These are the things one can be or cannot be aware of, but the time to judge whether or not they exist or whether they do exist by the individual is when he has a high enough awareness level to observe. If his awareness level isn’t up there, there is no reason why we should try to shove them down his throat. In other words, we’re going off on a complete certainty. A case advances as fast as it is certain.

SOP-8A, which is not released, does nothing but establish certainties and on a gradient scale brings the person up in terms of certainties, higher and higher and higher until he knows. We take no interest in what he finds out when he knows how to know. We’ve given him some hints in the past as to what might lie around for him to find out; we’re only interested in his becoming certain.

With this line of approach I think any and all opposition or questioning we have ever had will simply be wiped out flat. It makes a very simple basic subject which thereafter can become more and more interestingly complicated as one advances into higher levels of certainty. But one never runs for a guess when he can grab a lead-pipe cinch. Right now, we’re going to deal with the science as a lead-pipe cinch. This ought to make it a lead-pipe cinch in terms of salesmanship and getting the job done. I was keeping this shot in the locker. It will be pointed up in 1 6-G. Professional auditors are going to get it and we are ready to hit our stride. I think these techniques all by themselves will override and make silly any opposition we have had. It was my theory originally that this is what would happen and, sure enough, it is happening here. The more simple and the more certain this science gets in England, the better student reaction we are having and the better field reaction.

The keynote of processing Case V (as a little advance notice) is “is here” and “isn’t here.” In other words, the theta-MEST theory, “there is something,” “there is nothing.” This can be run in terms of brackets, it can be run as matched or double terminals and it can be run on any thought or subject. It is best to be applied for a Case V simply by running these two things.

The technique is broadened by “there isn’t anything here,” “there is something here” in any numb or painful part of the body. You simply run these two things alternately over any place in the body that has no feeling or where it does have feeling, and you get rid of chronic somatics so fast that it’s wonderful to behold. This goes additionally into “there isn’t anything there,” “there is something there.”

Now you understand that there is a certainty about “there is something here” and there’s another certainty on “there is nothing here.” These two intermixed become an uncertainty or a maybe. We avoid the maybes. We can even go so far as to run a question occasionally like, “Is there sex?” and then “There is sex” and “There isn’t any sex”; but we avoid, to a large extent, the maybe area. You start running maybes and the case goes downscale; you start running certainties and it goes upscale.

The most certain certainty there is is that “there is something,” “there is nothing.” We don’t care what the something is and we don’t care what is absent to make it nothing. You’ll find out that any maybe on any subject will resolve by running brackets on “There is something,” “There is nothing.” These are certainties. We never deviate from the certainties and we don’t give a damn for the computations of the preclear. We don’t, in other words, ask him what he thinks. We never care what he thinks and we don’t let him think. He’ll figure, figure, figure himself to death if we permit it.

Now it happens that the most certain certainty is blackness and this is the last certainty. So your V turns the last thing on of which he can be certain, which is blackness. There isn’t any lighting shade or shade of lightness which has the same certainty as blackness. Here’s a man who has a terrific amount of certainty. It’s all black. Now, of course, although he has blackness, he has no pictures, so we can run something like “There are pictures,” “There are no pictures.” We can even run it as concepts, although this isn’t as good as positioning it out from somebody. A variation on this is “It is solid,” “It is not solid.” One of the high levels of certainty is solidity. A Case V has engrams packed round him so tight that he’s practically solid.

By matching terminals — that is to say, getting one person facing another person in terms of mock-ups and having each agree on the certainty that something exists and the certainty that nothing exists, and having these things be somebody else putting them up and the preclear putting them up — we resolve an awful lot in an awful hurry.

A remarkable thing about this technique is that it can be audited very easily. The main danger is that the auditor starts going into a lot of things he shouldn’t touch; which is to say, he lets the preclear figure computations, tries to force things on the preclear, tries to get him to run this or that.

Now we come to the entities. The entities are important, they have always been important, but I didn’t have anything that would gunshot them. This “reach” being the basis of uncertainty and being the basis of insanity (can’t reach, can reach, must reach, must be reached, can’t be reached) is a basic resolution of a case, but even in brackets, matched terminals and all other things, it becomes very tough auditing. In fact, it is so tough, I wouldn’t trust it into the hands of a preclear. You can have some preclear who is apparently being audited only during sessions but, believe me, he goes home and starts auditing. He starts running this “reach” all by himself and he’s a gone goose, for it is uncertainty plus, even to the degree of insanity. In fact, you can reproduce the emotion of insanity in any pc merely by having somebody hold something way, way out from him in mock-ups and having him get the feeling that he must reach it.

Now on the matter of entities, we find out that the entities themselves are working against the preclear. They are pretending to be there and pretending not to be there and so forth. We simply run these on “There is something here,” “There isn’t anything here.” The entities will put up pictures of all sorts and descriptions to try to distract the attention of the preclear. The pictures are ignored.

You will find that in a V one-half of the body is darker than the other half. The dark part of the body is pretending it isn’t there. This goes back on down the track to the clam and so forth. Case Levels IV and V on “We are taking care of the reactive mind, we are directly processing the reactive mind.”

The main trouble with most thetans is “they cannot reach away from MEST.” It is very important in this case to give attention, if you were running reaching, to this fact. If they can’t reach away from MEST, they can’t reach away from circuits, and so they go on figure, figure, figuring. Quite incidentally, they can’t get out of their body. A faster way to run this is “There are bodies,” “There aren’t any bodies”; “There is a future,” “There isn’t any future”; “I can create something,” “I can’t create anything.” You will find a person has to hold onto things which he no longer believes himself capable of creating. That actually is the gist of the techniques. More of a rundown is given to them. We run certainties, in other words, and we get places with these cases we have never gotten before.


I am going over to France for the summer because I have an enormous amount of material to write and I have to give a lot of heavy concentration to getting us curriculums and texts very precisely lined up and very simply done and so that I can finish up the summary of discoveries and materials in an understandable way. What I am actually doing is making ammunition. Now there happens to be something like a shortage of cash around here and I am asking you to actively remember what I am up to in these coming months. In the first place I have started a heavy communication line flow, timing it to coincide with hot and fast results for auditors plus ways and means for auditors to make money, plus ways and means to get Scientology on the road. It costs me quite a little money to keep this communication line running — not just these Associate Newsletters: the communication line is much broader than that.

The only reason you had a lot of competition around was because there was a scarcity of information, a scarcity of books, a scarcity of cheap material, a scarcity of results. I have set myself to remedy these scarcities. It is my belief that if results start to be obtained in the field, plus the fact that if auditors start to make money by processing groups and by other modus operandi which I have here at hand and will release from time to time, that more and more people will be trained. The more people who are trained, the more this information is let loose into society, whether those people become practicing auditors or not. Therefore we should never go on the basis of refusing training, except, of course, when a case is so psycho that it’s impossible to keep an orderly class with such a person in it. I have ways and means of obtaining income, but the best method former enemies of this subject used was the denial of income and funds to me. They did this very grandly and, for lack of funds, I have been unable to function as widely as I could. All kinds of rumors, wild stories which hurt my personal reputation and so forth, could go around simply because of this scarcity of communication. As long as this scarcity of communication existed, then, anybody pushing the ball along in Scientology got hurt whether he realized it or not, for he could be fought by E-therapy and Q-therapy and P-therapy. And these things existed because Dianetics was not producing the results that it ought to produce, mostly because it was too hard to train people into a technique which was easy.

Now we have a super-simple technique and if we get heavy on the communication lines — buying advertisements in national magazines of a very conservative nature and so forth — we will find ourselves relatively unopposed. I am depending to a large degree upon the Associates to produce sufficient income in this direction to keep up a communication line flowing in that direction. I am assembling master mailing lists and doing other expensive things, and I daresay it will cost me about $2,500 a month to keep the ball rolling and to keep new publications coming up, for I now have the job of standardizing this whole work across the field. This means I have to go through everything, recodify it; that means the books have got to get into print, and that means, too, that we have to publish those books and sell them cheaply. So your role in the commercial side of this is not a light one, and I am depending heavily upon it.

Over in France living is not very expensive, and I am not apt to be very bothered in this highly concentrated effort. I would very much like to travel round the

U.S. and give talks at various Associate addresses, but I do not believe it would be economical at this time. Let’s make sure we have all the powder properly prepared and the ammunition ready to go, have everything sleeked down and nailed down, and then I will give talks anywhere and everywhere. I figure it will take me about a year to get everything written that should be written and everything put together the way it should be put together for rapid teaching and rapid use. So it will be about a year from now that I will be able to come around and say hello. I mention this at this time because I have had several offers from you to give a series of lectures and this will tell you when those offers are being accepted. They are accepted at a slightly extended date. If we work hard, and if everything goes well, we will be talking to thousands where we would only be talking to hundreds now.

My own frame of mind these days, if anyone is interested, is incredibly relaxed. I am getting an enormous amount of work done; and yet, at the same time, I am getting in an enormous amount of leisure. I didn’t know before that one could work like mad and loaf all the time at the same time: this is a new experience.

I write this in the throes of getting visas, shipping papers for my motorbikes and racing car and amidst the mounds of paper which Great Britain and Europe consider absolutely necessary for any move from one room into another. The paper is far more important than the person.

It is astonishing that Scientology is doing so well in Great Britain. It is traveling slowly, but with good security as it goes. However, the general public is hardly aware that it exists and I have just made probably the most disastrous lecture in terms of attendance in the city of Birmingham up in the middle of England. There were 100 people present, and every one of them was deeply interested in the subject and well advised about it. They probably constituted all the people in that area who had even heard of it and they were well informed of it, but as far as general public attendance or any curiosity audience is concerned, it didn’t exist. In view of the fact that the lecture was given in the Town Hall which seats anything up to 2,500 or 3,000 people, this 100 made about the emptiest looking hall you ever wanted to stare at from a lecture platform. Any talks I’ve given in Great Britain have found the audience small, well informed in Dianetics and Scientology, very intense and with the typical British slow burn on all jokes told. It’s almost as if the Dianetic population of Great Britain was static, yet it increases; but as it increases, it gains entirely conquered territory. One of the most interesting facts in Great Britain is the personal courtesy I am shown and the almost complete lack of enturbulence and wildcat activities. You never saw such a calm vista; it would drive any of you mad because it just doesn’t seem to expand. Yet it does expand. Now with the new ideas about groups, however, this expansion should be more rapid. I will soon modify group processing on reports as I get them in, for experience is bound to bring about some changes. The question is simply “How much processing can a person take as a part of a group?” The answer is, evidently, “quite a lot,” but I am approaching it cautiously.

I want to thank those of you who are writing me quite regularly and point out that there are a couple who don’t. I need to know what’s happening with you and, to be frank, I need and like the communications.

You’re going to see a change of curriculum very shortly with some additional material, but this has nothing to do with the tapes you have on hand. It is mainly in the field of what an auditor does to become a Doctor of Scientology. The training in the doctorate level schools is going to be rather different — not in terms of how it’s administered, but in subject matter — from the HCA schools. It will fall upon the shoulders of the HCA school to teach all there is to know on the subject of Scientology. It will fall upon the shoulders of the doctorate schools to cram into people the additional knowledge and presence to make expert psychotherapists. Thus you can teach in the HCA schools a great many people who will not become auditors even

though they are certified. Auditors who have been around for a long time will get a crack at this new material.

We are about to do a terrible thing to the general morale of psychotherapists in America. I have just gotten through a complete review of Freudian psychoanalysis, and I find out, Lord knows how he did it, that Sigmund Freud was hitting some very hot buttons. He was not hitting the button and he was not hitting buttons which had any therapy value with any technique he could possibly have invented. I don’t know how psychoanalysis has survived as long as it has, but the techniques with which he was fooling around and the computations on which he was working were so wide apart that it is a wonder that he didn’t produce complete raving insanity on the part of about 80% of his people. Any and every diagnostic conclusion drawn by Sigmund Freud can be found to have validity and can be processed in the preclear. This is not the fastest way to clear preclears, but it certainly is the fastest way to get into the sordid depths of the reactive mind and stir it around. Running reaching and suppression with all the Freudian diagnostic labels converted into Scientology finds us capable of resolving any problem in psychoanalysis. We can do a two years’ psychoanalysis and do it properly and correctly in any small number of hours. Now, if you’re very bright, you can figure out from that what we are about to do. This is extra-curricular and in addition, but it certainly does suddenly monopolize psychotherapy. Freud’s books certainly are doing well out there on the bookstores.

The additional training, aside from a brush-up for the individual in the doctorate school, will include, according to my present plans here, a fast review of Freudian psychoanalysis to the end of obtaining a fast and certain command of diagnosis and definition as outlined by Sigmund Freud. Next a command of philosophy as represented in the books of Will Durant which give a fast and accurate review. Next, a fast glance through of general semantics, although it looks at this time as though I will have to write a short enough book as none of the books now existing are sufficiently comprehensive to be susceptible to easy teaching. Further, we have made certain changes in the subject. Next, a history of psychotherapy. Next, an outline of psychology, experimental psychology and psychiatry as practiced. Next, a short look at a study of giant brains of the electronic type.

Naturally a person could not possibly assimilate that in a short time. Therefore what we are going to do is give him once-over-lightly, make sure he’s absolutely on the beam with this additional subject matter, give him some extended training in Scientology itself, and then, with his work assigned, direct him after he leaves the doctorate school in a long course of study which may continue at least a year. At the end of that time he must have produced various results, have case histories to submit, have applied Scientology in some specific illness or field, and be able to pass examinations on the subjects I’ve just listed. In this way, we will get a trained expert in the field of the humanities. And we will, furthermore, be able to point to our doctors as people who, although very intensively trained for a short period, did long and arduous work in the actual field under our supervision. And we’ll be able to claim that with their professional formal training and their field work, we are the best trained people in the world on the subject of the humanities. In other words, from the poorest trained, we intend very thoroughly to graduate into the best trained. An HCA, for instance, could undertake a study of the work as outlined after he leaves an associate school, take his doctorate training at any time in the future from then on. It would be necessary for him to go to a doctorate school, but it doesn’t matter whether he goes to it in the first part of his year or in the last part. The point is that there is just so much information he will have to soak up, and just so many hours he will have to put in in a classroom. Therefore it is up to the Associate to turn out a good, solid, accurate auditor who, by rote if necessary, can resolve any and all kinds of cases, and who is capable of understanding and applying the goals of Scientology. This is the HCA by definition.

Although I hadn’t particularly counted upon it, all the above work I have outlined in the doctorate school depends to a large degree upon my burning the midnight oil and boiling it down into acceptable material, so that people can be trained on it. Actually, the amount of actual data involved in the above subject is slight. It is our

purpose to teach what data was or is on that subject, not to teach what somebody’s concept of that subject was, but to teach what was basically considered to be that subject. No brief, accurate textbook exists on any of those subjects, and this writing is quite in addition to the writing I mentioned earlier, which is getting Scientology straightened around; so you can see I will be quite busy. Turning out a synthesis of a subject when you have Scientology to orient that subject is, however, quite simple; although the experts in those subjects would faint when you said that. You could state Freudian psychoanalysis from beginning to end in 5,000 words.

I hope you are aware of the fact that the Axioms as such have not suffered any damage in later work and are as valid today as they were. There are a couple of higher level Axioms and there are more Axioms just ahead of the first Axioms, but these do not sweep aside or knock out any of the later Axioms. Thus, I hope you include training in the Axioms along with your regular curriculum. I have found out that auditors who knew the Axioms did a tremendous job of auditing and auditors who didn’t know the Axioms sooner or later wandered off to practicing Indian swamp ritual or some other offbeat practice.

You can find data in these Newsletters for working preclears and data to add to your training and perhaps be tipped off way in advance before anything happens, thus bringing you up to a better level of security about what’s going on.

L. Ron Hubbard