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hrough: The Office of L. Ron Hubbard
London30 Marlborough Place
London N.W. 8, England
[1953, ca. early May]


Associate, please send me name and address of every HCA you have in your files, including every HDA and B.Scn. I have no roster of auditors and wish to compile a directory of professional auditors. The omission of any name, including your own, may mean its omission in the directory by oversight so please make your list as complete as possible. I am putting all HCAs on a direct mailing basis for my office here in an effort to collect case reports. Volume of releases is the best publicity weapon which we have. If one HCA gets one cure in sinusitis, it makes very little impression, but if 45 HCAs get 45 cures in sinusitis we have cured 45 cases of sinusitis, and I can put it forward as a demonstration of what Scientology is doing. I wish to circulate case report sheets which can be sent to me here and compiled. It is about time that we had a central filing of this now that our processes are at a level where we can assure results.

We must continue to work together as a very close team for very many reasons. We must recruit the HAS and swell its membership ranks as high as possible. There are various kinds of members: early issues tell you about them. Membership in the HAS is membership in an organization which is determined to free Man.

As of a letter of 29th April, Hardin Walsh has been requested to handle mailing to 70 groups with which he is in contact and to furnish those groups with Group Auditors’ Courses. Group Auditors’ Courses are therefore available from Philadelphia and from Los Angeles. Any associate can sell Group Auditors’ Courses (six hours of tapes) to anyone for any price he cares to charge. Because of the complications of manufacture, it is suggested that people requesting courses be referred to Los Angeles, Philadelphia or London, where the tapes are already being manufactured and shipped daily.

The Phoenix office of the HAS has not been closed. The main legal office of the HAS is in Arizona. The HAS can be addressed there c/o R. Ross Lamoreaux, 4248 North 32nd Street, Phoenix, Arizona. R. Ross Lamoreaux is operating the doctorate school in Phoenix. It is running at an advanced level over its former status. It is charging the same price. It is giving the advanced course in one month to those who have recently been certified by associates. Ross credits any associate HCA and reduces his doctorate fee accordingly. Doctorate level schools, then, are located in Phoenix, Philadelphia and London, as before. There is no change in this program, but there has been some change of address.

I am specifically looking to any associate for the management of his area, and even greater than his area. Do not worry about overlapping: there is no dearth of public. Don’t worry about duplication of function: the idea is to get people trained, to get people processed and to keep this information going out.

You have a very stable package of information now. It consists of: Self Analysis in Scientology, in hard cover ordered from the HAS in Philadelphia, $3.00 per volume; the Communications Manual, ordered from Philadelphia, $3.00 per volume; Scientology 8-8008, paper cover, HAS London, $5.00 per volume; the 50 course books, $25.00 per set.

The doctorate schools are giving a B.Scn. ; associates are giving an HCA. Groups may obtain the first 12 lecture tapes from the HAS in Philadelphia and the Group

Auditors’ Course of six hours in tapes. These items listed are all staple commodities.

Outside of the fact that Scientology 8-8008 is being revised at the moment, I do not expect these publications to change for many years. Added to them is Introduction to Scientology by Richard de Mille, procurable from Los Angeles associates. I do not know what discounts he will care to give. Self Analysis in Scientology and How to Live Though an Executive (the Communications Manual) are suitable for bookstore distribution in your area. Where you give an order to the HAS to be shipped to a bookstore, your discount is 50%; your general discount for books is 40%. Remember to allow for and include postage.

You may re-manufacture and distribute at your discretion, providing proper credit is given and no details or data are omitted, SOP-8, its Appendix and The Factors. The HAS will put these out in printed form shortly.

Any associate should constitute himself an office of the Hubbard Association of Scientologists as an organization and should take memberships, form chapters and hold chapter meetings and get the HAS into shape as a local organization.

If you have not sent money for your tapes to London, please do so, for we are shipping straight out without regard to cash and your order is probably already on its way. There were more tapes and the cost was slightly greater than you were informed in an earlier letter.

In case you missed it before, send a notarized statement as to the skill of your HCA applicant signed by the person in charge of the associate office, and a check for

$55.00 to me here in London, and a certificate, properly lettered and signed, will be sent immediately to the home address of the applicant or, if the associate elects, to the associate for his remailing. The applicant will also receive his membership card as a professional member in the HAS.

The first part of this job has been done, but it is only the first part of this job. It was my task to get workable techniques which could be used on more than one individual and techniques which could produce rapidly a high level of effectiveness in Man. We have those techniques.

I do not personally see any reason to go on looking for faster techniques because my experience tells me that they probably do not exist. We are at the roof of this universe. There are hotter techniques, but not for MEST universe. I know three principle data beyond those I have released. It is not likely that I will divulge them, for they are not important so far as the job we have to do is concerned.

Thus this stream of communication coming from my office and from me at this time is signalizing a shift of emphasis in operation and finds me no longer buried in investigation and out of communication but devoting my time to the improvement of business and public relations and the improvement of general acceptance of Scientology. It has moved as fast as I have worked on it and I am trying to move it rapidly forward now. Please adjust your own viewpoints and those of the people in your area to realization of this.

Please send me the letters you are receiving from people so I can write personal answers to them. I don’t care how long it takes the letters to get here. If you are processing any preclear or have processed any preclears, you will find out that a letter from here enquiring after his health and asking for a report will do much to improve his general attitude and alertness, for it is simply a token of somebody else being interested in him. I don’t much care whether I have to answer these letters or not, or whether I have them for my own viewpoint, but I wish to be of all possible service to associates; and you will find, I am sure, that this will show up in your accounting books on the blue side of the ledger.

If you don’t think we are going places, let’s look at the developments of just the past few weeks. Aside from the American picture, the HAS in Great Britain has come up to a level of financial stability which assures its continuation. The main problem now is adequate quarters. Here in Great Britain every week several schoolteachers are trained to use Self Analysis in their classes, taking the free Group Auditors’ Course at the HAS headquarters. A few weeks ago I addressed the London Head Teachers’ Association (D. O. 9) and the invitation of that body to address it was probably an effort to expose a “charlatan”; and, although some of the bigwigs of the public school system were present with that definitely in mind, at the end of the talk which merely concerned itself with the education of children and bringing them up to present time and the use of their imagination, there was no dissenting voice. On the contrary, there was considerable compliment, and since that time official ripples are nonexistent.

Little by little, then, the public school program of group auditing is moving up into official status and one of these days will be a standard part of the curriculum. That may not happen for some time but it is on the road to happening. All we have to do here is maintain a constancy giving that course every week, making sure people know about it, keeping the books available and simply keeping it rolling. It requires no real effort to keep it rolling, since once it was started, it was bound to continue.

In New Zealand, in Auckland, an associate school is going in to serve the down under area. The personnel is on the way there, the tapes have been made and are on the way, and the manager of that school has completed his training with honors here at the HAS. In other words, the South Pacific has an associate.

The Middle East now has an associate. Owen Nasr, going back to the Lebanon, is establishing an associate quarter there. The tapes are on their way and he is ready to get going. Strangely enough, that area’s educational stratum speaks English, so here is the area of primary knowledge being invaded by Scientology.

Most important, probably, is the fourth doctorate school which is going in in Germany. You can imagine the appeal of Scientology to a country which has had all roads blocked and its reality badly smashed. More important than this is the proximity of that doctorate school to the Russian zone. This doctorate school will be conducted in German and will take in all the Teutonic-tongued nations. The various standard texts are at this time undergoing translation into German.

Aside from these associates and the new doctorate school, which are, of course, something very special, groups are continuing or starting up in many other nations. The amount of enterprise being demonstrated by auditors in areas where the ploughing must be of the most primitive kind, where no great wealth and no high level educational mean exists, rather puts to shame operations existing in wealthy areas where the population almost averages the first year of high school in education which have difficulty in remaining solvent.

Your attention is called to some data concerning what the public wants which does not appear under that heading in the recent material. In SOP-8 on Step IV, Expanded GITA, a workout of wasting and accepting under duress pain demonstrates the sensation hunger which exists in the individual. This technique lays bare for the first time the actual thirst for agony, its receipt and delivery, of homo sapiens. If you have had this run on yourself or if you run it on a case or two, you will be startled to discover an apparent goal and desire on the part of the thetan.

Throwing this over into the general public, one finds then that the general public very aberratedly will patronize those places and those techniques which will deliver pain. Those techniques are preferable which deliver pain in good quantity without permanent damage. The protest of the general public against people delivering pain is actually a protest against other people getting pain and the protester receiving no pain. Pain is a precious commodity. If you were to tell people that

these techniques were extremely and intensely painful, but that they left no permanent damage, and brought the person up to a level where he could obtain more livingness and beingness than before, you would find an immediate response, according to what I have worked out here in terms of preclears. I have not made this experiment but it seems indicated in the light of what turns up with Expanded GITA on the subject of pain.

The psychiatrist will continue to be supported, the surgeon will continue to be supported so long as they can be hired to waste pain at a price. People are trying to waste pain although they really want pain. This is a rather strange outlook. However, it is true that an individual up the scale is cured of this obsession for pain. Individuals who appear quite sane to you or me are actually too low on the tone scale to demonstrate this desire for pain. As you bring them up the tone scale they pass through a wide band of desire for pain. When they get up above this, for the first time they begin to appreciate what sanity is. Anything which is scarce becomes valuable. Thus pain, if it becomes very scarce and is prohibited, becomes automatically valuable and is desired. The prohibitions in use against having pain, against touching hot stoves, get an idea into the head of the preclear that pain is valuable, that he can’t have it and it is therefore desirable. Institutions such as war, hangings, psychiatry, will continue in any society so long as this desire for pain exists.

You might make a test of this by telling people that these techniques were productive of far greater pain and agony than any other technique ever invented but that they leave no permanent damage on the individual. Just make the test and let me know how it comes out. You understand, of course, that above this band and into the realm of sanity this desire for pain does not exist. This is merely a comment on the fact that homo sapiens is actually below the level of sadism and masochism.

As an additional comment on techniques you will find SOP-8 resolving a lot of things which we have found it difficult to touch before. It is fantastic that the craving for work disclosed by running Expanded GITA is so strong in the individual. The very lazy person who won’t work, won’t work simply because work is so scarce that he can’t have it. Running Expanded GITA remedies this. It is remarkable to see people going into action after a very few minutes of this process. Those people who complain how hard work is are simply complaining so that other people will be driven off the work they are doing. Those people who complain about how hard work is are actually unproductive because work is already quite scarce to them and although it’s lying right in front of them, they know that they don’t dare touch it; they want to drive people off from it, but they themselves can’t have it. This is remedied very easily. Run wasting work and such people come well up very rapidly.

This aspect of work is very pleasant to contemplate, for it means that people processed are going to see immediate reaction and that people who are around those people are going to observe a change in them. There is no change as desirable in the society at large as seeing a lazy man become ambitious. I recommend this process very strongly (Step IV, Expanded GITA) to auditors who can’t find preclears. If they will waste preclears for a while and waste working on preclears for a while, they will find themselves capable of procuring far more people to process than they ever have before. An auditor should waste processing. He will find it is so scarce that he himself can’t have processing. Then immediately after that he finds that it is so valuable that only he can have processing. Then on the next step up he realizes that it is quite plentiful and so he can give it to people.

Wasting anchor points is right up there with the more important things of Expanded GITA. In order to perceive this universe at all, somebody must have had to convince the individual that he had anchor points out there someplace. The thetan has to have anchor points in space which he uses to see anything; if a thetan can’t see anything it means that he doesn’t think he has any anchor points out there, or, if he has had anchor points, that he has now lost them. Thus rehabilitation of the visio depends upon wasting anchor points for a while: having other people take them away or break them. Naturally, there should be anchor points clear out to the various limits of the MEST universe which one had once — or thinks one had — and has now lost. By far

the most important single button in this whole line is healthy bodies and sound minds. You will find that preclears will waste these for a long time before they can have anything like a healthy body or a healthy part of the body. You will also find sex playing a remarkably strong role and remaining unsolved until eating is run. Eating is that thing of which sex itself is a symbol.

I am totally revising Scientology 8-8008 as the professional course textbook and putting into it SOP-8. The copy for this probably won’t be available for another five or six weeks. A surprisingly small amount of change is necessary to bring this book up to date. Nothing is being deleted from this volume. What is getting stressed is communication: it is found that communication is terribly important; communication outranks by far affinity and reality. Processing space, beingness and communication is the road through to fast clearing. Any kind of communication, even painful communication, is more desirable than no communication; just as the thetan would rather be anything than nothing.

Speaking of communication, the Journal of Scientology is taking a pretty long while getting settled down as might be expected. The Children’s Issue is probably in the mails as this is written. This edition probably more or less makes up for the delay, for it is a twelve-page issue devoted to group processing and children. Immediately following this issue is an issue called “This Is Scientology.” Copies of this issue will be available for 50 cents per copy. This is actually a textbook and will be another twelve-page issue. It will contain a simplified rundown of the whole procedure, including The Factors, and is actually a breakdown of The Factors into a book.

This is the third Associate Newsletter although you are probably not aware of the fact that a news service has begun here. In fact, I have not been aware of it myself until I realized that with a raised communication level, I had quite a bit of information here which should start going out. Having pretty well completed this job and having techniques which are doing well in auditors’ hands, I am giving more attention to getting the information out. I will continue to send you these newsletters, for I think they are a needed communication line. The data contained in them is probably more intimate than would be circulatable to professional auditors and certainly far more intimate than that which could run in the Journal of Scientology. In addition to this newsletter I am contemplating a paper to go out every week to professional auditors. This would be the professional newsletter and would carry case data, case reports and so forth. It is for this professional auditors’ communication line that I want the names and addresses of all the HDAs of whom you have any knowledge. I have no list of HDAs and only a limited list of HCAs.

I have a small Gestetner mimeographing machine and either myself or the secretary here cuts the stencils and Susie and I then run them on this Gestetner. They are then mailed by my secretary, so you can see that this is a sort of informal communication line. However, data keeps piling up here and organizational matters keep cropping up. You send in letters to me and then I answer them, but the information is of service to other associates and would be useful to professional auditors.

This is the beginning of a new cycle. You may or may not realize how thoroughly I meant what I said in the early Fall of 1950 and, indeed, you are probably not aware that I said it at all; but I made a forthright declaration that at that moment I cut loose from any and all managerial organization and activities, for I had discovered that I could not even vaguely continue in a managerial capacity and conduct my researches and write material and give lectures as necessary.

I had become aware of the fact, and become convinced of it by September of 1950, that I had evidently done with preclears many odds and ends and extra flourishes which I did not know enough about to communicate to auditors and that the subject was too difficult to teach, and I left organizational activities because, having become aware of this fact, I knew I would have to get up and dust to finish the subject off and bring it to a conclusion so that it was workable in the hands of the many. We didn’t want a specialized expert subject. The only excuse I had for putting it out at all

was that it was much, much better than anything which had existed prior to it, and the reason I continued to put out the techniques I developed was that they were much better than techniques we had had before.

Auditors have a tendency to overlook the fact that each one of these techniques made man the owner of a better psychotherapy. Auditors are not aware of this and don’t understand this mostly because they don’t understand the general lack of psychotherapy and its absence in man’s knowledge prior to 1950. If an auditor knew and had worked in the field of psychoanalysis or psychology prior to 1950, he would know-oh, so well — that the techniques of Dianetics put a real weapon in his hands.

I have been criticized for being optimistic about each process as it came out. That’s very true: I have been, mostly because it was a good process when used properly and partially because I considered that, having fired the first shot, it was up to me to keep people encouraged toward the final goal. Maybe I overdid this; I don’t much care whether I did or not: the point is, the decision to leave management alone in September of 1950 was evidently a sound one, for here, in the Spring of 1953, we have a SOP-8, a technique which, while it might not lift the dead out of their graves, yet solves anything we want solved in this universe. Of course, it can be improved, but, my experience here is telling me, not very much.

Most of the criticism of my management capacity was levelled at me from September onwards of 1950. The criticisms should have been couched, “Ron won’t take any part in management,” for it was my opinion that it was much sounder, even if things went completely to hell in the Foundations (which they did), to keep on with investigation, knowing that the organizations would eventually be as sound as the subject and no sounder. You will see this work out.

A sound, simple, uncontrovertible subject delivers into our hands the best basis I know of for a smooth-running organization. The public coming to us and going away satisfied is all we need; they’re not just satisfied here in England, they’re hysterical. They come back a couple of days after a session walking two feet off the pavement. This is all we needed and we’ve got it, so here you find me back in management.

Hello !


Theoretically, anything an associate wants to know is also desired information by other associates and the doctorate schools. Thus much that is contained in the Associate Newsletter is in response to some inquiry whether or not that is so stated. Thus I may omit a direct answer to your letter and answer your letter instead in this bulletin.

The Associate Newsletter has limited circulation. It goes to the doctorate schools, to associates and to centers. It is not intended for HCAs, groups or the general public. However, students may be interested in many of these items. But the student is more properly and directly addressed by the professional auditor’s publication. I am at this time putting out news as follows: The Associate Newsletter, The Professional Auditor’s Bulletin, The Journal of Scientology and personal correspondence. Additionally, papers such as SOP-8 and The Factors are to be circulated. The news is intimate to the general operation in the order of The Associate Newsletter — business and promotion; The Professional Auditor’s Bulletin — technical and promotional on a professional auditor and professional student level; The Journal of Scientology— broadly of interest, general members.

The Associate Newsletter will come out fairly often. The Professional Auditor’s Bulletin will come out every couple of weeks. The Journal remains on a twice-a-month level. One has to be an associate or a center to get the Newsletter, one has to be a professional auditor or student to get the Bulletin. The Journal is sent to subscribers.

PUSH THESE BOOKS: Self Analysis in Scientology, The Communications Manual, full sets of Course Books. You get 40% discount. Push Journal of Scientology subscriptions: you get 40% discount on every one you send in: you collect $3.50; you send in, on your stationery, the subscriber’s name and $2.10 cash. Post a notice to this effect.

Send all cash for books and subscriptions and tapes you buy (from Philly only) to Philly. Send all certification fees and data and tape cash (for London mfg. only) to me at 30 Marlborough Place, N. W. 8—London.

IF YOU WANT BUSINESS, ONE NIGHT EVERY WEEK GIVE FREE PROCESSING USING SHORT 8A to groups of people in your place. Advertise it in the papers that you are processing groups of professional and working people to make the able more able. SHORT 8 and SHORT 8A (better) will give them, on only two hours a week, miracles. You will get professional processing and students from such a group. Start it and it will grow. This and giving the GROUP AUDITORS’ COURSE free will, in a very short time, swamp you with business. Professional auditors will be asked, as well, to start such groups. This is how we can begin to clear Man. We’ve got the process.