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Through: The Office of L. Ron Hubbard
London 30 Marlborough Place
London N. W. 8, England
[1953, ca. end May]


This newsletter concerns itself with the training and skill of auditors.

I have had considerable experience in training auditors, but I only occasionally check up on auditors who have been trained in the various schools. Ordinarily the results are quite good in these schools, but now and then the results are so sour that I wonder what could have happened. Naturally, under a policy which trains anyone who comes in, one is going to get duds. But if one gets a dud he should certainly let the old man know about it, for sooner or later I get involved in some kind of scramble concerning this dud and some cases messed up.

You would be surprised at the amount of traffic of this character I have had in the last three years. Generally it is based upon just one thing: the dud didn’t even vaguely know what Dianetics or Scientology was. Quite commonly, he had been trained thoroughly in metaphysics, mysticism, psychology, or booja witch doctoring.

When he was trained in whatever school, he received the information with no conviction whatsoever. Occasionally this lack of conviction is traced to a lot of wild rumors about my own character which then disabused him of any idea that he should accept these “opinions.” Training which is done with this color is rather detrimental. I don’t happen to care very much what people think about me, but where it enters into the skill of an auditor, and where it will continue through to mess up a preclear, it becomes quite important.

Germane to this I spent the other evening on the phone — literally that, about two hours-with an auditor who was busily processing a preclear who had suddenly gone into a large maybe about continuing processing. Mentioning no names, this preclear had previously had a mystic master of some note and renown and this mystic master had come to me and had informed me that this neophyte in his cult was being processed by one of my auditors and had informed me that this auditor was paying no attention to the fact that this girl through concussion or some such thing had only half a brain.

This auditor phoned me and, frankly, I have never seen a longer communication lag in anyone. It was from ten to thirty seconds, and the answers he gave me and the data he gave me were all salted down with “maybes.” This auditor, by the way, had not been granted certification but was practicing more or less professionally. His attitude toward me was extremely challenging. He referred to Dianetics and Scientology as “your stuff.” A review of the student record later demonstrated that this man, during the entire training period, had been subjected to considerable marital difficulties and during the training period had missed, day after day. Further investigation revealed he had been trained in mysticism and in psychology. He had proceeded to go through an entire period of training and what had leaked into his head as Dianetics and Scientology, as disclosed in a long and arduous cross-questioning by myself with this communication lag intervening, bore little or no resemblance to anything taught in any training school. He did not know nomenclature, he did not know techniques; he knew how to run an engram, perhaps, but Matched Terminals were called Double Terminals by him; brackets were unknown to him. He claimed he had fished around in “your stuff” and, while he had found that nobody could possibly be “exteriorized” (his own case was never opened and he himself had no interest in opening it) and had evolved a “technique” in which he “fished up” the anchor points of the preclear “just like you said in your stuff’ and then Double Terminalled them (while he was actually only getting two of them up whereas a Double Terminal gets four of them up) and so achieved some effect upon the preclear according to him.

In the first place, he had no idea of what an anchor point was — he thought it was a person; in the second place, he had jumped Standard Operating Procedure “because it was a drill,” even though he had never tested it to find out if he had gotten results by it. He had developed a “sensitive insight into preclears, and was able to evaluate for them their troubles,” and yet was unable to recall ever having been told by an instructor or on a tape that evaluation for a preclear was verboten.

Careful and arduous cross-questioning determined that this individual had processed this woman with Matched Terminals, yet he did not know the difference between a limited technique and an unlimited technique, which was old news in the school where he was being trained. Although it had been said to him probably no less than twenty times, he did not realize that a limited technique was one that you employed until it was proven to be very uncomfortable upon the preclear, at which time you went into an unlimited technique — which is to say a very positive contact with-reality technique — and carried on with the latter until the preclear was upscale enough to carry on again with the limited technique. Expanded GITA, Matched Terminalling, Double Terminalling, running of concepts are all limited techniques, just as the running of engrams will eventually lead into the depths if continued too long. Very, very close questioning against a considerable communication lag elicited the fact that this individual of all things was not sufficiently up on his business to know that the next-to- the-last list in Self Analysis in Scientology (or Dianetics) existed. He had never heard of the technique whereby the individual was asked to remember something that was real to him. Not only that, but it had never occurred to him to apply Standard Operating Procedure to the preclear with half a brain, which would have led him directly into Step VI whereby this was indicated.

If he had used Standard Operating Procedure, he would have discovered in the first 15 minutes of auditing that his preclear was a neurotic; he would have discovered also that this preclear’s case would not have advanced an inch until the next-to-the-last list in Self Analysis had been run. As it was, he had used about 18 hours more or less of processing on a neurotic who had a physiological infirmity and had succeeded in hanging the person up on a maybe.

In addition to this, it was somewhat amusing to note that the auditor’s name, which will go unmentioned, was the kind of a name which lends itself to an engram phrase. An example of this would be (an actual case) where the individual had severe asthma and was named Sneezy and had lost his asthma simply because a professional auditor asked him one day whether or not he was trying to live up to his name. An individual (a thetan) is trying to be something rather than nothing and he will try to be the literal meaning of his own name and try to dramatize it. Well, a thetan can never be. The auditor in this case had a name which lent itself peculiarly to failure and this had never been touched in the school.

Evidently what had happened in this case was that the auditor had absented himself continuously and when present had sat in the back of the room and had never obtruded into the instructor’s notice. He had then failed in his examinations and, instead of continuing on at the school until he could pass the examinations, had simply drifted out into the public and had represented himself as a certified auditor more or less and so had gotten things into a beautiful snarl.

Many auditors, however, who go through schools come out with something less than certainty on the subject of Dianetics and Scientology. They are pounded with whole track and other uncertainties, have no subjective or objective reality of these things and may have sat for weeks clinging hard to the fact that God was good and that all was illusion, and yet might have assembled enough glib information to pass an examination. Such people are liabilities. You can’t avoid them and I can’t avoid them, but we can do all we can to prevent this happening.

It is essential that an auditor leaving the school leave with a certainty that the materials he has been presented with work. He should leave with the certainty that he can produce an effect with the materials he has been taught, and that moreover he can produce an effect with them as they have been taught and as they are represented. It is peculiar that the only failed auditors, the only rebel auditors, we have are those who never learned the techniques with which they were presented.

This poses a peculiar teaching problem. It is first a problem of getting the student into the classroom, not just as a body but as a mind; and it is dependent secondarily but very importantly, upon (and read this twice) processing out of him in terms of Matched Terminal Brackets every certainty he has had in the past that some process of the mind did or did not solve all of his problems. In processing this individual the instructor will put himself very far ahead by making sure that the student’s co-auditor knows that the first duty in a school where an auditor is being trained, is to get rid of the plus certainty and the negative certainty on current lifetime subjects dealing with the human mind or the human body. This is a very simple thing to do.

It is a very easy thing to understand what is wrong with somebody who cannot be trained in Dianetics or Scientology. This somebody has been trained in medicine, in psychotherapy, in psychology, in mysticism and has gone through exactly this cycle. At first, with high hope, he has assumed that the materials being taught to him in medicine or whatever, were absolutely, completely and ultimately the last word and would solve all of his problems. He finished the course or went out into practice with the realization that those things which he had been taught were so much buffoonery. Now between these two positive and negative certainties, that the thing did work and then that it did not work, lies a tremendous maybe. It is this maybe alone which produces first the uncertainty in study and second the tremendous communication lag of such people. This is the reason they cannot be trained easily in Dianetics and Scientology. They have in the past been very certain first that something worked and then have been very certain that it did not work. The resultant maybe impedes all further training.

This is the student who gives the instructor a great deal of trouble, who asks non sequitur and senseless questions, who involves the class in endless arguments which are not germane to the subject, and who spoils the entire atmosphere of a school. This individual has collapsed communication lines. He collapses upon the instructor and utilizes precious minutes in utter balderdash. I repeat, it is because he has first had a certainty on some subject such as medicine or psychology and has then afterwards had another certainty; and the first certainty was that psychology would solve everything and the second certainty was that psychology would solve nothing. This is the anatomy of maybe in terms of intention and concept.

When any student continues to collapse communication lines upon the instructor, which is to say, talks a great deal to him, comes up to him after class, questions and doubts, upsets other students, this is what has happened, and this is what must be processed in the student. The first moment the student shows up with this manifestation, the instructor should know instantly what is wrong with this student, and he should assign to another student the task of “certainty processing” which is nothing more nor less than matching terminals of “I am sure psychology works” “I am sure psychology doesn’t work.” Then somebody else as a matched terminal saying “I am sure psychology works” “I am sure psychology doesn’t work”; and then others saying to others “I am sure psychology works” “I am sure psychology doesn’t work.” By running the certainties only and by never touching the uncertainties, this individual is at length given freedom from the circuit which is generated by these two certainties, for he is holding on to the certainties in the face of all the uncertainties which lie between. (Now read all that again.)

The instructor is continually being subjected to the uncertainty of students. Thus the instructor has to enter into a convincing attitude. He has to start convincing students of the existence of engrams, of the existence of this, the existence of that, against all these doubts. He has to continue a convincing attitude. This is not good for the instructor, but it is not particularly harmful. His first step should be to get rid of via the above processing the students who require all this convincing. The next thing he should do is to run the Certainty Processing on himself to the effect of “Dianetics is the solution” “Dianetics is not the solution,” “Scientology is the solution” “Scientology is not the solution.” He should also run “There are engrams” “There are no engrams,” “There is whole track” “There is no whole track,” “Hubbard is right” “Hubbard is wrong,” each in matched terminals, which is to say the idea or the person with the idea facing the same person with the same idea in brackets until he himself is free. The instructor might also do well to run “I need processing” “I don’t need any processing,” “There is something wrong with me” “There is nothing wrong with me,” again in matched terminal brackets, and each time anything is run in Certainty Processing it is run with the feeling of certainty, and in matched terminals, that the opinion is correct.

In the case of the student whose case will not move it will be found that the student is under the compulsion not to let anything happen, and this is resolved by “I must not let it happen” “I cannot prevent it from happening” and “I must maintain control” “I must lose control,” for this is a compulsive case. A little lower on the tone scale the student will be found to respond to “They are preventing things from happening” “Nobody can prevent things from happening.” The general subject comes under the heading of “Things happen” and “Nothing happens,” which last is, of course, the gunshot on the case; the others are the compulsive and inhibitive factors.

Training is essentially picking up the communication speed of the individual by utilizing techniques which break up old communications systems. If in training auditors these things are followed, we will find that we will have less trouble in the field with preclears. Further, we will find that we have less rebellion, for we have a condition in many people whereby they must produce any effect as better than no effect. The foremost reason behind life is to cause an effect. A person gets too far down the tone scale, and he becomes desperate about causing an effect. Hence you get your very rebellious auditor who is unwilling to utilize knowledge of somebody else to produce an effect, but must design something to produce any kind of an effect. The result of this, due to the lack of training of the “originator,” can be very harmful to our general forward motion.

In addition to all this, it is extremely important — I repeat, extremely important that the auditor knows, and knows that he knows, how to do all those techniques listed as effective procedures in the Appendix of SOP-8. He should know these things backwards and forwards and in his sleep. If he gets out of a school without learning them, then you have an opponent, and I have an opponent, and that opponent is uncertainty. The public perceives this man, this woman, as having gone through a school. They do not perceive any result except rebellion, upset, a low-toned case, and we are damaged accordingly.

With existing procedures, there is no real excuse to let a student go through school in a very low-toned state, and there is certainly no excuse to recommend certification for such a student. One should be pretty tough on a student concerning his knowledge of fundamentals. What we call fundamentals are those things which are listed as effective procedures in SOP-8. If an auditor can do these things, he will produce effects; if he can produce effects, the society will alert; if society alerts, our goals of sanity for man can be accomplished.

Alert particularly to this manifestation of collapsed communication lines. Collapsed communication lines simply denote a complete lack of admiration in the life of the preclear. Admiration Processing will get the person who has severely collapsed lines into trouble, but nevertheless Certainty Processing on the subject “There is admiration” “There is no admiration,” “There is applause” “There is no applause” can do wonders for such a case. This is the case that is giving us a bad time; an instructor should be hard-boiled enough to turn around to a student and say, “Look here, if you want to get your certification, I have a task for you, and that’s to uncollapse these collapsed terminals on this student.”

The entire process of auditing has to do with withdrawing communications from individuals. This is based upon the idea that communications are harmful and that the body cannot handle communications. It is an excellent technique that “The body can handle communications” “The body cannot handle communications” in matched terminal brackets. The frailty of the body is almost a cult in this society; if any cult exists, this is it. By communication we mean anything from talk, through letters, through sex tactile, to bullets. This process of withdrawing communication finds the auditor going downscale if the auditor has not had resolved in his case reach and withdraw: the two primary actions of putting out and bringing in anchor points. This is resolved by “I can reach (an any dynamic)” “I cannot reach (an any dynamic)” and “I can withdraw (an any dynamic)” “I cannot withdraw (an any dynamic).”

By the Auditor’s Code, if he follows it, he is inhibited from reaching into the preclear with a communication but must withdraw communications from the preclear. We already know how much this can do for a case. Let’s consider the auditor’s case and realize that students will become auditors. Thus in students the entire category of reach and withdraw, as above, including desire, enforcement and inhibition of reaching and withdrawing, should be resolved in the GE; otherwise the GE is going to grab hold of the thetan; and the auditor, one day, even if he is a theta clear, will not again be able to get out of his body.

Perhaps it requires a lot of auditing to get an individual over the idea that he cannot withdraw from MEST, but this is dependent upon the fact that the preclear is dependent upon MEST. Those things upon which the individual is depending are those things which have a command value over him. This would include father and mother, and it would also include, more importantly, the MEST universe. That thing upon which the individual most depends is that thing upon which the individual has the greatest amount of aberration. That person who has most evaluated for the individual is that person whose viewpoint the individual is liable to have. We used to call this valence shifting. We can still call it that, but it’s actually an enforcement of viewpoint.

We have, then, as primary aberration: the curiosity about, desire for, enforcement of and inhibition of, viewpoint. And we mean by viewpoint not the opinions but the actual perceptions of the individual.

In passing here now, let me mention the genus of facsimiles. Facsimiles are a compulsive duplicating of the MEST universe. The fact that one must duplicate the MEST universe is represented in facsimiles and accounts to us for the first time for why the low tone exists on the wide-open case. Eidetic memory is not desirable, for memory is not of this category. This is quite a wide departure from Book I, but these things which an individual re-perceives in his memory are not necessary to his memory, for we have gone way above anything like this at 4.0. The occluded case has eventually rebelled against the idea that he had to duplicate everything in the MEST universe.

In the training of students it is desirable not that the student knows so much nomenclature, but that the techniques, if he performs them, work. He cannot know this if his ears are closed, his eyes shut, and his point in time stopped on a maybe when he was 22 and had just finished becoming a Doctor of Philosophy.


I am going over to the Continent of Europe. My purpose in going is to stir up some interest in Scientology. I will be stopping at the various spas and have an idea of entering this little hot bomb of a racing car I have in a few of the all-outs in Europe. The car has a 2 1/2-litre souped-up Jaguar engine. It is built of hollow steel tubing and aluminum and weighs nothing. Its brakes sometimes work but its throttle never fails. I have also a British motorcycle which might do well in some of these scrambles. Motion has gotten altogether too slow. I think by spreading a few miracles around the spas, I will be able to elicit considerable interest in Scientology. This should come back in terms of students to the British HAS, but more importantly it might serve to do something active in the matter of war.

In Great Britain, auditors who have been trained in SOP-8 are doing excellently well and two notable cases which had hung fire have resolved on Certainty Processing.

In view of the fact that foreign exchange is what it is, my tour of the spas and the production of, if possible, a few miracles amongst the lame, halt and blind, falls directly upon American shoulders. The HAS in Philadelphia is breaking exactly even. The British HAS, due to the inability to export funds, cannot contribute to this activity, but has contributed markedly to research and investigation these last many months and should have a breather. Certification funds, therefore, are what are counted upon to effect whatever is effected in Europe. The new doctorate school in Germany will not be functioning actively for almost a year. I may have a few light moments which have to do with speed, but the truth of the matter is I sail pretty close to the wind on finance. The bulk of the money I receive goes out immediately upon testing techniques, the PAB newsletter and other services, and when I find myself with any excess cash, I generally finance some operation that happens to be limping. I was looking at my account books the other day and I find out that the money I have invested out of my own writing in Scientology is quite great. Very little of this has ever been realized back and, if one were dealing on a profit and loss sheet, one might wonder why I had ever indulged in such a level of research and investigation; but I am afraid that there are a lot of us who feel that, but who feel as well the game is worth more than the economic profit. I wish all of us felt like that.

The point is I am going around to the various spas and in the process of this I am going to get together summaries of the various things necessary to the doctorate course and make tapes and write books to summarize this data, for as far as I am concerned, cases are cracking up far too rapidly under existing processes, which includes Certainty Processing, to cause anyone much concern. I have done what I set out to do many years ago, which is to say, develop a technique. Now it is going to take me years to get this down into workable form in terms of public interest.

You see one of the examples of that in Issue 1 6-G, the copy for which has already been mailed to Philadelphia. 1 6-G is an entire book. The funds which you send away in this direction for certification and in percentage are entirely the funds on which I am operating. With these funds, I am trying to get into a highly acceptable public form the technologies which have been involved and the experience we have gained. For instance, I have to boil down and put on tape the entire subject of Freudian psychoanalysis. It doesn’t exist unfortunately in a native and fundamental form. Likewise I have to get together all co-related material where Scientology applies to the society at large. It’s going to take me twenty years to knock together everything that is to be known and which I have found out.

These funds also serve to keep auditors happy in the field. I am making it my business to try to give them a successful business. This is a new departure in policy on my part, but only because I have found it necessary. The auditor, ordinarily, lacks imagination enough to establish himself. He’s like a fellow with ten-dollar gold pieces who doesn’t know what to do with them. Thus I am continuing to service the auditors you graduate and continuing to spread the word throughout America and the rest of the world, but particularly America, on the subject of what we’re trying to do. Thus, keep the ink in your pen because I am depending on you to put in on checks to me so that we can get this show on the road.

Germane to funds, I am recently in receipt of material from George Seidler suggesting an alternative in certifications and carrying with it the news that Sequoia University would like to authorize associates to give certain courses. With all due respect to Sequoia University and the project, I have to hand legal opinion that this protection will not stay the heavy threat when levelled. I think we have a better idea and I think Sequoia University has its role and will eventually be woven through the woof and warp of what we are doing. It happens that I have under preparation summaries of psychology, psychoanalysis and so forth which your certification fees are going to finance. Now just why a large portion of these certification fees should go to Sequoia University, I am not quite sure. I do know that if a large portion of them do go to Sequoia University, I will be strapped down financially in the preparation of this material and, believe me, material costs money. I estimate that the tapes you play cost about $800 an hour. That might be a shock to you, but it is a sober fact. It isn’t because I spend money like water, it’s because those tapes are made only after a great deal of outlay in terms of testing and in terms of organization and material; and, even then, it is very cheap investigation. If this condensation of general semantics, psychoanalysis, psychology, electronic brains, etc. were being done by Sequoia University, I could see some point in this.

Issue 16-G will very soon be in your hands. It is 50 cents per copy and I am sure that continuing copies of it will be published. It contains the second issue of The Factors, an entire breakdown of Scientology, SOP-8 and Short 8. I don’t see it changing for a long time to come and in addition to existing course booklets which are still quite vital, I recommend to you that you train out of this issue as the court of appeals, for students reading it before they enroll will be disappointed if they find anything less than this level of certainty in the school. This issue has an enormous number of advance orders already. The issue was late simply because I was waiting for the test reports on the techniques and mailed the copy only when I had those. Issue 16- G is actually a complete book. It is also necessary for the student to have Scientology 8-8008, Self Analysis in Scientology (or Dianetics) and the Professional Course Booklets. Without all this material he would be lost. The first and second books of Dianetics. The Modern Science of Mental Health and, what do you know, old 8-80 has come up for a further look, for it dealt with communications within the body. The Axioms were never as valid as they are today, just as they appear in the Handbook for Preclears. Thus you can shove a lot of material at a student.

Ross, by reports, is doing very well with his doctorate school. Detroit is recovering and Ann Arbor, in the same state, is dealing with an influx of activity, possibly stimulated by the adverse publicity. According to my reports here, we have quite a large enrollment throughout the various associate areas and this enrollment, with the certainty of Certainty Processing, and the materials in its hands, can make a very large dent in America.

To repeat, I remind you that certification fees should be sent to 30 Marlborough Place, London N. W. 8, until further notice. There will be immediately returned, first a letter stating that the student whose application has been received has been certified and next the certificate of that student. Letter and certificate will be sent to the address designated by the associate, either to himself or to the student directly.

Your attention is called to the fact that man does not want to get well. He wants to produce an effect. Low on the tone scale the only effect he can produce is destruction and pain. It is also called to your attention that according to Evans Farber, a disciple at one time of Howard Scott’s, money is the attention unit of a social group, and that as much money comes in to any part of that social group as it attracts attention. Your success depends upon the production of an effect, your finance depends upon attracting interest. If you find finance faltering, you will discover immediately why if you realize that the financial system is a communications system and that communications systems are the background of what you are doing. A person who is trying to prevent communications from occurring will try to prevent money from being received. If a person finds himself diffident about money, he need only run “I can have money” “I cannot have money” and, in addition to that, the negative and positive on accepting and delivering communications. Money is not a sordid subject, it is the measure of the amount of attention you are attracting. If you are trying to prevent observation from viewpoints, you will not make money.

Things are looking up. The fears which are being voiced have been voiced for three years without materializing. The solidarity of our team, frail as it may appear sometimes, has never been better.

Three associates have written me suggesting that financial arrangements between myself and associates be changed from a flat rate for every certificate, and that a percentage of training fees be forwarded to me on the entire training incom