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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Issue II
Remimeo Dianetics Checksheet


The isolated practitioner who hung out his shingle, and sought its work all alone would have to be a “one-man band”.

Let us list the basic essential “hats” he would have to wear.

If successful he would spend about 5 hours a day auditing, 2 hours eating and 8 hours sleeping. This leaves 9 hours in which to do the remaining “hats”.

Of necessity one or more would be neglected. On that point he would tend to cave in as a “one-man band”.

It takes about 2 Admin personnel to keep a tech personnel going.

Even a group of auditors, trying to make lots of money, usually try to do nothing but audit. It is not that they have case failures. It is that they fail to wear the essential hats.

The best auditing results are obtained from teamwork.

A Review Auditor has to be a trained Scientologist. Lack of one means a roughed-up pc has to be sent to the nearest org.

But there is no reason one cannot work as part of a group, even if the others are only part-timers.

The best solution to all this is to form a DIANETIC COUNSELING GROUP and get the essential posts on the org board held. Then the advances and gains the group makes will be advances that are stable.

This group would of course have to have liaison with a competent Medical Doctor or Clinic.

In the United States especially, the COUNSELORS would have to be ministers.

A Dianetic auditor would be able to audit all day even if the whole group only worked evenings.

Let’s face it. The auditor auditing alone will have case failures. He won’t have time to pick them up. He won’t be able to get them to Qual. After a while he will have losses and some failed cases that muddy up his neighborhood just as other professions get.

Psychiatry and psychology failed as single practitioners not only because they had no real tech but because they tried to work alone. This turned them toward governments which then used them only to control populations and there went whatever tech they might have developed.

The single practitioner theory in Dianetics failed badly as an early Dianetics practice. Auditors that made it only attached themselves to the rich. Others became drifters.

The answer, we have found out long since, is the group.

The full hats, organization and activities and how they interrelate are available to Dianetic Counseling Groups. It is a wide area of interesting development all by itself. We had to know org basics to make orgs.

A Dianetic Counseling Group can be enfranchised and made regular and helped. It will tend to stabilize any practice area. And it will MINIMIZE case failures.

The official position of orgs is that they cannot take responsibility for the results obtained by single practitioners.

Auditing is a team activity.

Even if one were a medical doctor or a psychiatrist or psychologist, it would be best to have on hand or on call the rest of the team or at least a Dianetic Counseling Group even if one were not an integral part of it.

The purpose of auditing is healthy sane people.

The largest percentage are very grateful and very happy.

And then there are the few who, through misconducted lives, are quite a handful to say the least.

Realism requires that auditing be a group action.

As such a group can also teach a course, it is not difficult to recruit able people to help.

I recall in particular two pathetic cases of singlism. One was a psychoanalyst who learned how to be an auditor and had to stop using Dianetics as it cleaned up all his practice and he had so much trouble finding “patients”. The other was an auditor who found himself with the whole of a war vessel’s crew as pcs and no help in sight.

In either case forming a Dianetic Counseling Group, getting them checked out on their “hats” and doing their duties even part-time would have solved all.

One stick won’t burn. One auditor cannot in truth live and work alone.