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- Курс Дианетического Одитинга (ТЕХ) - Б660403
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo All Orgs Exec Secs Tech Sec All Tech Hats All Qual Hats (Tech Div) (The original issue of this HCO B contained a number of
typographical errors. Please replace your copy with this
corrected issue. The original copies should be returned to
the HCO Area Sec.)


The first requisite of any auditor trainee is to find and run secondaries and engrams on a preclear, preferably a fellow student, and to have secondaries and engrams run on self.

Due to the fantastic speed of results today it is not possible for a student to get enough auditing experience using the standard tech of 0 to VI.

To remedy this we use dolls for model session practice and learning the processes.

But even further training is needed, using live preclears.

The tech used is that of Book I, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, but omitting the countdown and canceller, this not being necessary today and using instead a simple "Start of Session" and "End of Session" and then running the engram.

Do not try to use past track incidents. The preclear may eventually fall into these but try instead for current lifetime.

Try first for secondaries (moments of misemotion) particularly loss. Try to find these on a gradient, first trying for minor losses and eventually locating the death of a loved one.

Certain pcs (Black Vs they used to be called) are not able to run track incidents but try to coax them through incidents of loss on a gradient (small losses first) and then get on with it. They usually will get visio on incidents turned on if this is done.

There is a complete method of running engrams on anyone, developed by me about three years ago whereby the date is found then the duration of the incident. This always permits an incident to be run with visio.

Don't try for sonic.

Get the pc to regress to the moment of the incident.

Don't try to run them conceptually with the pc in present time.

Emphasize getting the pc to start at the beginning and go through to the end several times. Don't be too keen on repeater technique to get phrases. They show up if you get the pc to run through the incident a few times.

When the pc can run secondaries successfully try for actual engrams.

Once again try for light incidents like a pinprick and graduate up to real engrams — moments of real pain and unconsciousness.

Most students shy off actual secondaries and engrams and try to run conceptual blah that could never have affected anyone's life with the pc in PT. This alone is the cause for failure of case gain running secondaries and engrams.

Don't try to pull withholds, etc, or handle present time problems but send the pc who ARC Breaks with the auditor (not with life) to Qual at once for an ARC Break assessment. DON'T CONTINUE TO AUDIT AN ARC BROKEN PC who has ARC Broken with an auditor.

All Ethics data applies — don't audit a Potential Trouble Source. If you encounter an SP (no case gain no matter what you do) send to Ethics. Lack of Ethics facilities and Ethics know-how was the primary reason Dianetics occasionally didn't work. So the new student has to be genned in on:

1. If pc starts chopping auditor send to Qual at once.

2. Suppressives.

3. Potential Trouble Sources.

4. The org pattern showing Tech Div and Qual.

E-Meters must be used and regardless of whether the student knows anything about them or not the pc "must be on the cans". We don't care if the student learns much or little about meters at this stage but a bright student will catch on fast. There is no E-Meter training at this stage.

The texts supplied the student are those which cover 1 to 4 above, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health which he must buy or own and an E-Meter he must buy or borrow but may not be lent by the school.

There is real magic in running secondaries and engrams. I have seen the most fantastic recoveries from running merely a secondary (most spectacular recoveries with secondaries were obtained from running the death of an ally). I have seen severe physical ailments — heart disease, arthritis, malfunction, allergies, impotency, frigidity, lameness, etc, through the catalogue of human ills — vanish or reduce on properly running engrams to erasure. We are not in healing but we have a fantastic success with Dianetics in this activity.

No auditor will ever be worth very much unless he has come in the right way — through Dianetics. The concept of physical and mental difficulty stemming from a mental image picture was a great discovery and the technology of erasing such pictures as developed must not be lost in our trained Scientologists. This very instant I know of 3 cases with whom I am in daily contact whose whole lives would be changed by finding and running the incident necessary to solve the case. I have seen a woman who looked 60 appear 20 after 9 hours of auditing out a single secondary (the recent death of her husband).

When we originally tried to teach this technology (running of secondaries and engrams, 1950-1952) we had no Ethics, we were at that time already drowned with SPs. Auditors weren't duplicating tech. They often couldn't even state the basic definitions of "secondary" or "engram". They steered the pc all over the track or let him wander like a lost soul. They tried to force the pc to run the auditor's aberrations. And it was a jolly old mess! But those few I taught personally and simply had, as any old-timer will tell you, the most fantastic successes with incredibly low effort by the auditor.

It's just a picture, secondary or engram. The whole of the technique is just finding the incident the pc is "in", running the pc through the incident, beginning to end, several times and not letting him digress and letting him come up the tone scale past boredom to enthusiasm by doing so. When I think of the millions of words I have had to speak or write just to get that terrible simplicity across, I see it can be bent as technology in a thousand thousand ways.

The student has today guides he never had in 1950-52. He has the Auditor's Code, the actual responses of the E-Meter, Ethics and the final solution of how to turn on visio even in SPs as per three years ago.

The startling gains of the exact tech of 0-VII of course overawe the old plodder of 1950. But there is a sting here as far as training goes. No understanding of the mind is complete without a thorough grasp of secondaries and engrams and running them. I have seen a person trained up to a high level who suddenly flopped at V because he had no faintest notion of what he was auditing.

The budding psycho-analyst gets the shock of his life when he sees there IS SOMETHING THERE. Before us, people thought the brain had short circuits in it (psychologists and psychiatrists) or that a beast called a Censor lived in a dungeon in it (Freud), or that evil spirits haunted one (Christianity).

The whole answer to the mind is mental pictures and masses created by the thetan. There is no other source or cause of aberration. Unless a student knows this he will never make a good auditor and Scientologist. The only early way to get a reality on it is to audit secondaries and engrams and be audited through them. One does encounter all this phenomena by the time one is a Grade VII even though not audited on Dianetics. BUT students beginning their training are not Grade VII. And unless they have actually audited or been audited on secondaries and engrams they will never, even though Grade VII, really have a reality on why people act as they do or the complex nature of the bank.

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health was written before whole track was known. It made releases like mad but they were then overrun like mad. It failed only on SPs and PTSs. It was and is the answer to psycho-somatic ills and human aberration.

My results with Dianetics were not often duplicated because:

1. I stopped when the ability of the pc on any one subject was regained.

2. I audited smoothly.

3. I didn't use the subject to invalidate the pc (see Original Thesis on why auditing works).

Many auditors did duplicate my results and made "clears" which we now call releases due to total Clear being so much higher.

That we are today making a TOTAL Clear as well as Operating Thetans is completely out of comparison with what Dianetics was trying to do.

Scientology is the route from human being to total freedom and total beingness. Dianetics was the route from aberrated or aberrated and ill human to capable human. This step had never before been achieved in Man's history.

Oddly, the step from human being to a spirit had been achieved, if rarely, but was not generally credited (Buddhism, other spiritual practices, even Christianity). Scientology really achieves it and for the first time with TOTAL stability, no relapse and invariably one for one. Nevertheless Man had an inkling of the goals of Scientology even though he considered them almost beyond God.

But Man had no inkling whatever of Dianetics. None. This was the bolt from the blue. Man was hacking and sawing and shocking and injecting and teaching and moralizing and counselling and hanging and jailing men with enthusiasm without any idea at all of what caused Man to behave as he did or what made him sick or well.

THE answer was and still is Dianetics.

As we can now go directly toward total freedom on a precise and narrow roadway without any IFs and as it can be done by a human being in about a year minimum time due to my discarding of all non-essentials, by developing the exact steps and techniques of administration, and as the result is so hugely startling grade to grade compared to anything anybody had ever even dreamed of and as the final result was never before known in this universe, we tend to turn up our noses at poor little old Dianetics.

But it was the grandpa, the ancestor, the basic discovery which led to and the reason for Scientology.

AND we have the gigantic problem amongst us that Scientology works too fast in an auditor's hands and forbids him to overrun a result. Therefore HOW CAN HE EVER LEARN TO AUDIT? He can't, running Scientology, as he'll never get enough practice on live pcs.

Dianetics, however, has a virtue we never would have called one in 1950. It is slow. You can grind away on a secondary for hours. You can one by one whittle down a chain of related engrams for days, even weeks. You can audit a pc for a long, long time. And you can get auditing practice.

Now just one change — have the pc sit in a chair in Dianetic sessions. No reason to use a couch. Thus the auditor has the same set-up as in grade auditing. The same approach and patter he will use in his standard Scientology grade auditing MUST be used in this Dianetic auditing or the practice will not train one to do Scientology auditing. (Yes, I know the pcs will roll up in a ball or leap into the air, but this is a hazard of the trade! Put such a pc seated on the floor after one roll off from a chair.)

And one Supervisor caution: Tell such students to watch that tone arm for reading at clear read and watch the needle for a float and if they see the release phenomena occur to gently ease off the session without even one more command "to go on" or any other command. Unless you watch this you will overrun some pc on a release grade. (Also tell him what to do in case of a pc refusing to co-operate or chopping the auditor — send to Qual quick.)

Dianetics is easy to do.

1. You say, "Start of Session. "

2. You locate an incident (an actual past happening).

3. You tell the pc to GO to the beginning of it.

4. When the pc says he's there the auditor tells the pc to go through it to the end and say what is happening as he goes along.

5. When the pc reaches the end of it, the auditor tells the pc to go to the beginning of the same incident.

6. When the pc has, the auditor tells him to GO through it (not "again") and say what is happening.

7. Repeat 5 and 6. Repeat 5 and 6. Repeat 5 and 6.

8. When the pc is up to tone 4.0 (cheerful) on it, repeat 2.

9. On the new incident repeat 3 to 7.

10. When the new incident has come up to tone 4.0, repeat 2.

11. Repeat 3 to 7.

12. When the new incident has come up to tone 4.0, repeat 2.

13. At end of the body of the session tell the pc to spot the environment a few times.

14. End the session by saying, "End of Session. "

That's Dianetic auditing.

Refined, one can handle "bouncers" or "denyers", etc. But frankly, I found the pc would only reach to these when he was in over his head and the gradient of incident selected had not been followed. If you choose incidents IN THE PC'S CONSCIOUS RECALL not by flash answer or meter the refinements aren't necessary. You just do 1 to 12.

The ORIGINAL version of Dianetic auditing was all done on a gradient. One searched nothing out by meters or trick questions or tests or flash answers. One got what the pc could comfortably face and audited it. If the auditing was smoothly done, the next incident was tougher but the pc was comfortable in facing it. In that way the incidents (secondaries or engrams) become progressively more horrifying but the pc is quite comfortable facing each one in turn. This is what is meant by "gradient" — it is a steepening or an increasing from the slight to the heavy. But you see the pc smoothly audited is gaining ability and confidence all the time and so can face more and more violence in his past. It's all there in pictures. Blackness is either his unwillingness to face things or his basic bank. It cures (vanishes) if you do it by gradients. And the pc soon can see pictures very well.

Therefore IF your student is becoming a good auditor all you need to do is look at his pc. If the pc is more confident and cheerful, then the auditor is learning and doing well. If the pc isn't, the auditor has a rough spot and should go to cramming. If this doesn't work, training being good, then the auditor is probably an SP who has no idea of helping the pc at all but is using "auditing" to bust somebody up.

Dianetics is too easy, really, for the student to conceive that his minimum mild actions will produce such fabulous results. So the auditor feels called upon to add. Additives are what checked Dianetic results in the vast majority of cases that were checked.

The pc who wants to "psycho-analyze" (talk) by the hour isn't getting audited and isn't going to get any better. This pc simply isn't under auditor control so the auditor's control and TRs are at fault. (Pcs explain this sometimes by saying they're "cogniting" whereas a cognition is rather quick, not an hour's maundering.)

The pc has to be told what is expected of him. "We're going to find an incident in your life of which you have an exact record. Then by sending you through it at the moment it happened several times we're going to erase it. Just do what I tell you and all will be well. Do you have any questions about that?" That exact quote must be made to the pc who has not been Dianetically audited (which includes many Scientology pcs too) and the pc must understand it and be satisfied he does before locating and running incidents.

Very bad off pcs jump about on the "time track" and really need only grade auditing. Such pcs should be rejected for the purposes of this Dianetic auditing and sent to any Hubbard Guidance Centre.

Some pcs just won't get the idea and just won't run incidents. Simply reject for these purposes and send to the HGC.

Some pcs are so snarly and choppy even before meeting the auditor, they have to be sent to Qual and afterwards only to the HGC as they're no good for this. They'll make it, but are not easy enough to afford any training to a student.

Some pcs are simply Ethics cases (SPs and PTS) and these too should be rejected for this purpose. The PTS is known by "roller coastering" (Coney Island fast up and down quarter-mile of aerial railway). They slump. So they're Ethics cases.

If a pc ARC Breaks suddenly or seems very sad after auditing it's an ARC Break with the auditor and needs Qual attention — and the student auditor should be looked over very carefully as a possible Ethics case.

Engrams are hard to run in a room full of auditing teams. So if possible one should assign the auditing to be done after class hours in their lodgings.

The way to fit this programme of Dianetic auditing into training in general must be worked out and is left to the Org Exec Sec WW who may from time to time issue, through the Org Executive Secretary's Communicator for Tech, Sec Eds covering its arrangements and materials to study (check sheets). In the absence of such Sec Eds an Academy may make up its own. It is possible to make it a whole new course with an equivalent of the old Hubbard Dianetic Auditor certificate. And one recalls that a course not even vaguely as good as this one can be was the course on which all others have been based since 1954. The course outlined herein is a smoothed version of the course I personally taught in 1950 to thousands.

"Secondary" in its original use meant "a moment of loss" and incidents should be chosen on that basis.

A secondary derives all its power from an underlying engram (containing real pain and unconsciousness).

Therefore many, many secondaries (which bury engrams) must be taken off the case first and the job thoroughly done before engrams should be approached in auditing. Secondaries may again be approached when engrams seem to have been "all cleaned up".

This alternation of:

1. Take off a lot of secondaries

2. Take off a lot of engrams — should be followed one after the other.

Past life incidents are handled just like any other secondaries and engrams. A "past life" and memory of it is buried under the terrific loss of possessions and body and natural recall can be restored by just general Dianetic auditing as given in this HCOB. No special attention is required.

Do not run prenatal or birth engrams unless they come up naturally. The pc must run only consciously recalled incidents. He need not recall the details consciously. Only that the incident happened.

The state of release attained by Dianetic auditing is probably below Grade 0 and should be regarded as such and is declared by Qual as "Dianetic Release" — no grade number being given.