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CONTENTS Off the Time Track
::T H E J O U R N A L O F
Issue 18-G [1953, ca. late July]
Published by
The Hubbard Association of Scientologists, Inc.
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Off the Time Track

lecturing, June 1952

“Free theta is attention units free enough to be directed of your own volition.... An unreduced facsimile is one that still has the capability of absorbing your attention unit output.... At 1.8 you will find real pain.... A human being behaves like an attention unit. This is factual.... The concept of aloneness was installed as a control mechanism

.... The aesthetic band is practically a disintegrating band. For instance, you can generate music and practically own people.... You become to some extent that with which you agree.... Somebody thought this universe up — literally — that’s why you can disintegrate engrams.... You can place on your future track facsimiles of future high level beingness.... Unawareness of your present time body is good health.... The more heavy facsimiles you pick up, the less active you are — for example, an athlete.... Bring two free energies together and you get matter.... Invalidation occurs at cancellation of any thought, emotion or effort by any thought, emotion or effort.... Regret is trying to make time run backwards.... The only way you can control people is to lie to them.... Decision is sanity. The degree he’s capable of decision determines his sanity.... Sex is a harmonic of aesthetics and pain.... Theoretically, if you were high enough on the tone scale, you could run matter as an engram and disintegrate it.... MEST is motion in super apathy.... Give a psychotic time and space.... Care of the body is the worst obsession we have. It’s like taking care of a baby by painting his toys.... Only the very aberrated love their eccentricities.... The preclear will tell you everything wrong with his case in the first session, but he’ll usually give you the wrong side of it.... Moses was so good he could probably enter into a cave and cause it to bite people.... The degradation of Man is primarily on the fourth dynamic. Every time a man does something dishonorable or unethical he has the feeling that the whole race is degraded.... On the seventh dynamic, look for overt acts against aesthetics.... If you could look at a man’s facsimiles, it would look like an alarm clock some kid had taken apart.... This business of requiring photons for sight is a major aberration.... Run all the times a preclear tried to keep someone from knowing.... The mind is very good at approximating, at setting up symbols.... Data which is socially unacceptable is almost always aberrative.... You can probably process the main body of theta with technique 80.... You don’t need a MEST body to run engrams.... You identify people as their MEST body and they identify you as your MEST body. Straight wire back to the first time you identified somebody by their MEST body.... As you go up tone scale, you reach new levels of ARC with your own kind.... At the level where you don’t feel the need to arm-yourself-against, where you trust, that is the level of true brotherhood....”