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Through: The Office of L. Ron Hubbard
30 Marlborough Place
London N. W. 8, England
[1953, ca. late July]


Just as a preclear sometimes must be approached with a very quietly deft campaign, so the U.S. has had to be approached organizationally with Scientology. It may seem to you sometimes that there is confoundedly little reason behind all this organizational set-up but the truth of the matter is, organizational patterns for what we are doing did not exist in 1950. The campaign had to be cut from whole cloth. The original planning was completely overridden by one fact — an instant popularity; the staggering effect of this upon the first Foundation was enough to wreck it and wreck as well, in the reaction, the second Foundation. There was a very basic flaw in the entire Foundation type operation: It did not permit individuals to act on their own initiative and it robbed the science of that skill which should evolve in the field of management and it hung the science with poor managers selected politically, one might say; these managers uniformly had the drawback of knowing business but not Scientology; the two don’t mix well. By the way, I got to a point finally where I would almost scream when somebody suggested that what we needed was a “good business man”: these were death and ruin to us primarily because what we do requires a good heart and a desire to help, things remarkably absent in the buffoonery of modern business. There was another flaw in Foundations: they set up a single target of attack. Any time one sets up a single target for the enemy to fire at, trouble will happen and it did happen. The shafts and arrows that come my way are an almost inevitable result of being a single target: Chaucer’s “Ballade of Ye Goode Counsel” was never so true, never so true. Well, what do we have today and why?

We have an organization of sufficient plasticity that it does not require extraordinary methods of financing and which is sufficiently dispersed to immunize it against attacks; its lack of need for finance before it can function makes a future “angel” unnecessary; its lack of corporate interconnection makes a would-be attacker such as the AMA stay its hand in the face of an impossible task, for in order to “stop” Scientology such an attacker would have to sue at least twenty different places and companies in that many different locations and that would cost in legal fees alone a fortune. So the attack never develops and if it starts it vanishes before anything very wide happens, as in Detroit where all is getting quieter and quieter and the interest in Scientology higher and higher. By remaining interconnected in name and purpose and style of training and level of result, our many-faced organization yet presents to some upstart a vested interest of considerable power and our vested interest grows and grows strongly for a change. It is difficult to educate an entire public, for it is actually pretty crazy but, by keeping our general name and style and by staying connected under a goal as well agreed upon as ours, we can and only then can educate the public. We have the benefit now of many skilled managers whose skill would have been and indeed was lost under the Foundation system. We have defense in depth, a broad reach and a future which, by these things, grows stronger and stronger.

We are, in truth, as individuals, getting on our feet, as individual companies and clinics and schools just now getting into the swing of things. Mail by mail one, then another, shows more strongly across the world. Here a new building has just been bought, there an instructor has just decided to retrain a whole class as ‘‘unfit by current standards”, another is well advanced into a campaign to reach industries, and so it goes. I would that you could see yourselves as an entire picture as I see it through these many communication lines. It is getting to be a very, very good view indeed.

Some day those amongst us who worry will see in a very successful fellow associate a distinct asset, not a rival. A good show in Phoenix is worth much to San Francisco. A good clinic in the Middle East will help bring prosperity to one in New Zealand.

We have the cream amongst us of all the auditors trained to date. Those who aren’t “with us” were never with their preclears or their own cases either, so no loss. The best have survived what has been in truth a very bad battle and the best are numbered, every one, amongst our associates and loyal supporters. They are not the best because they are with us, they are the best because they know their Dianetics and Scientology and can solve cases. Bluntly, the “auditors” who aren’t with us can’t solve cases and they can’t because they don’t know their business — I know because I get the kicks from the preclears processed by auditors who also are intensely critical of us and of me.

We have several very strong organizations and they daily grow stronger. Amongst these are the Hubbard Foundation in Camden, Lamoreaux’s in Phoenix, and London and Los Angeles. Any one of these is strong enough in itself to carry the whole burden but, in the absence of help, would be enturbulated on the single-target basis. And naming just these does not mean that there are no others as strong.

Organizationally speaking we have first the HAS itself. What is it actually? It is several companies in different places, each one autonomous. It would be almost impossible legally to penetrate these concerns by suing one to obtain the rights of others. Each one of these companies has in itself certain rights and copyrights. One and another have different membership responsibilities. The function of the HAS is very simple: it is — they are — publishing and dissemination firms for data for one thing. The Pennsylvania HAS is solely a publishing company. It publishes the Journal of Scientology and several other books. The Arizona HAS has certain rights. It has as well in itself the founding members. The British HAS has its own charter, professional and founding members and again, does publishing on its own.

Each associate has a contract with me personally which calls for a percentage of the gross training income of that associate in return for service, good will, support and advertising. These contracts are assigned to one or another of the various HAS companies. They are, however, not cancelable by anyone but myself for I have contracts with the HAS to that effect. The income sent to me is devoted to the various functions in Scientology. The associate sees that income again in terms of books in people’s hands, disseminates material and solved cases.

Each and every part of each HAS company is solvent and, in view of the small overheads and apportionment of work, is not likely to be otherwise from here on out. They have small staffs, small overheads and a good financial history. Every HAS company pays its bills.

Amongst the various operations the one I have just been in most continuous contact with, London, is one of the finest we have. It is managed by Reg Gould. Its chief instructor is one of the best in Scientology — Denis O’Connell. This organization has increased its number of groups from seven to forty-two in about three months. George Wichelow, an outstanding auditor and public performer, is now going about the country pulling in people by their ears with extremely well-organized enterprise.

Another major operation is the HUBBARD FOUNDATION in Camden where Helen O’Brien keeps the lions very precisely lined up, if sometimes snarling, and where Dr. John Noyga, with a deftly convincing but offhand way is getting upper level Scientology across. Helen is also the “big wheel” in the Philadelphia HAS, although the Hubbard Foundation and the Philly HAS are not in any way connected.

Probably the most succumb-proof personality we have, Dr. Ross Lamoreaux, who is also one of Scientology’s most skilled auditors and instructors is bringing the Phoenix Scientology Institute into higher and higher levels of beingness. This organization, under Ross, has the skill of making itself heard in very far places and, lately in particular, has been taking scalps from the HAS-nots, as one might call those who oppose the HAS.

In Los Angeles Hardin and Joanna Walsh do a very excellent job of matching the area with the argument. You might not suspect it, but it takes REAL genius to do anything at all in Los Angeles — imagine every student you get being an ex-authority on Slinkism, imagine every technique of Scientology you release tonight turning up tomorrow in the hands of some crackpot as Scoism. To have a good operation in Los Angeles is incredible and yet the Walshes have achieved it. They have with them my good friend Richard de Mille, the world’s greatest 1.5 in addition to his abilities in Scientology. As Los Angeles has always more or less handled groups since Remi Stone’s time, Joanna of course handles groups for the U.S. They also dabble a bit into Latin America.

In Detroit the Catastrophe is getting to be history as I suspected it would when the cops got next to what they really had by the tail. The cops got bit in the form of an increased interest in Michigan like you never saw before. So Refa Postel and Earl Cunard are surviving and doing well again and will soon do better. It ought to be a moral to us all that all a court can do is wave sheets of paper around and deprive a body of locomotion for a while.

In San Francisco, George Seidler, assisted by my friend John Farrell, has been running a very good organization. It’s getting sounder and sounder. George got a note the other day “cancelling his associateship” which gave him a bad shock as it should have since he’s doing fine. I don’t know who sent it to him but I didn’t. I haven’t cancelled any associateships and don’t intend to. If you want to know how well George is doing you need only know how bad that area was before he put his lariat on it: it even had a company in it called, I think, Sickness and Sadness and the streets were thick all over with stuff from Cherry Papdelaine. A sad bunch of auditors, trained (God help them) in the first days of L. A. , were trying to act in some direction or other. So George has done quite a job.

Doris Colbury Graffam in Houston, Texas, is doing a good job on Texas. She keeps right on coming along and I’m real proud of her.

Chicago is held down by the Mazureks and I hear quite a bit from their clientele. Spokane and a lot of country around there is in the hands of Walter Hanan. Ray van Wyck up across the border has just completed an entire year of training on one group of students and infers that their quality is pretty high above the standard trainee as of course it should be — if these people know they know. Hubbard Associates of Puget Sound are settling down after the usual shifts and tumults.

Ernest (Jester) Kish has just taken on, for a fight to the finish, the State of Ohio. I am expecting Washington, D.C. , to be taken over one of these days — it’s always been a rough spot.

And all the others are doing well.

There is some interesting data about the above organizations which I give you on a sort of I-told-you-so basis. The most stable and prosperous of them haven’t deviated from techniques as handed out one milli-inch. The least stable get snarled up on technique maybes and perhaps this has something to do with their financial upsets. The public is buying increasingly and ever increasingly exactly what the HAS is selling and isn’t buying dilutions. I have some almost frantic appeals for help here from nonauthorized “foundations” who started for glory on “converted procedure” and wound up in the strange state of mind that I should now bail them out.

As for publications, the fifty Course Books remain standard. The axioms haven’t changed and won’t — but will be added to with several pre-logics and axioms which simplify the rest but don’t change them. And with “THIS IS SCIENTOLOGY” you are into a stretch of simplicity we can all use. What a heck of a time we had with data — but how much richer we are that that data isn’t a Big Mystery when we encounter it now.

The Journal is getting an increasing number of subscribers every week, is getting out wider and wider.

And what of the “opposition”? I guess under that heading you could group the whole of prior vested interest in keeping things scarce. But there is no real opposition. It’s dwindled down to a pathetic campaign over “communication networks.” I’ve tapped several and honest, they must make friends for us like mad. “They” have gone down so low now that they condemn us for being “only data sources.” That’s like saying the sun’s no good because it gives light. A fellow from Los Angeles wrote the other day that what I take to mean the usual source of entheta was about to invest “over a quarter of a million dollars in litigation in the next few years” and that I ought to make some kind of offer. He doesn’t know that I have made, to date, about a dozen offers, all very reasonable and that every one has been turned down without an invitation to any discussion; a few people still think that certain people really want to get Dianetics going even though those same people have yet to do anything, so far as I can see, but harm it and make things tough for me. The fact that a suit was served on me EVERY time I gave a lecture series finally convinced a lot of people that the entire effort there was to stop me from teaching people Dianetics. For the suits came to nothing and coincided every time with a lecture series and so did not seem very coincidental. So by August first, so far as I can predict, there won’t be any real opposition within the science that I can place.

And what of techniques? Well, I up and solved it as I told you a little while back. I’ve been rationing it now against digestion. Don’t want to shock people too hard. You see, what I solved was exactly how pictures are made, by what and why. So the rest was simplicity itself. A person starts resisting the MEST Universe with “flitter” and, of course, starts taking pictures by sheer mechanical fact of wave vs. wave. His resistance distance is the distance away from him that he is taking the picture. When that is close, you get the “wide-open” case. When he won’t take pictures, you get the occluded case. It’s totally a problem in flitter (that gold stuff the thetan puts out) and a conflict between the body taking pictures and the thetan taking pictures and the amount of MEST Universe action present which causes one to resist (and so take pictures). The basic circuit for the GE is “There is (is not) something behind it, under the surface, below it, above it” for the picture is of the surface only but gravity demonstrates an unseen but felt greater mass. For the thetan the basic circuit is “There must be something to start it” when, of course, there is NOTHING at the start, the start being boundaries for nothingness. So circuits, so pictures.

Old Survive comes in strong again with “Life cannot (can) persist,” “Life is important (not important),” “Life is scarce (abundant),” “Life is worth (not worth) living,” etc. etc. This is run very workably with an incredibly summated summarized process: White terminals of people, matched, in brackets, with the effort to reach, not reach, withdraw, not withdraw, with hordes of people below admiring all this. In other words, if you can do it, you can shoot the works with everything from effort processing forwarded all in one chunk. This is done on MEST objects, not people. When one fails, he gets the ambition to be the valence that won, whether it is a tooth, a fist, a piece of paper. Ambition is trying to become what has whipped one. And that’s evolution. One runs a process like this on the lines of Short 8 and we get Short 8A wherein we use the above and steps like it in between each of the unlimited steps of Short 8.

I’m just giving you advance notice of this. You can play the organ with all the stops open if you want. Effort to reach, not reach, withdraw, not withdraw, in matched terminals, in brackets, admired by mobs from below. Wow! It isn’t the easiest technique to work.

Another technique is “transferring.” One swaps matched terminaled people into himself, himself into them, back and forth, back and forth, and then a matched terminaled self (in brackets) into objects and objects into self (particularly working tools). And we get the mechanisms of sympathy. Giving sympathy is turning one’s self into others (letting them eat one) and obtaining sympathy is turning others into self (eating them). This runs out the mechanism of the winning valence. And then we change matched nothingness into matched somethingness and vice versa.

Beingness processing is a process, like the last paragraph, but done straight wire. One discovers what the pc is trying to be in terms of names, MEST objects. The goal of the pc will be to become a person or a MEST object. As the thetan can only approximate conditions of beingness and cannot himself be, the pc is, of course, pretty well shifted out of himself. Find the first time he failed in this life and “transfer” him into what made him fail and back again if you like. Or by straight wire. And there you have it. Of course, by the brackets you get as well all the overt acts.

If you don’t catch all the above rapidly, it’s because so much of it is old stuff packaged up to work like fury.

Wasting things, by the way, is a very superior technique but on a lot of cases you have to run admiration or they just don’t move.

The whole cycle of wasting is as follows: Get the pc to waste, get him to get others to waste, get him to keep others from having the item, get him to get others to keep him from having the item, get him enforcing the item on others, others enforcing the item on him, get him desiring, others desiring, being curious about, others being curious about the item, get it in GITA in abundance and it is really RUN. BUT it is not necessary to do all this or work any one item long. I give it about ten minutes or less per item and simply get the pc to skim along, thus getting him to some hot buttons faster and not getting him bogged. Run expanded GITA like a swallow flies and you’ve got it. Labor it too hard and it tends to get the pc.

The button “You are self-determined” “not self-determined” is fascinating when run in matched terminaled brackets.

You see, all this sort of thing boils down to MECHANICAL interchange between “flitter” and the actions of the MEST Universe which include gravity, vacuums, and various kinds of energy. Theta “flitter” can react against MEST. The first fatal step of the thetan is to RESIST. The moment he uses “flitter” to resist incoming MEST waves, he first gets pictures of the SURFACE of the MEST, then (because these pictures contain all aspects of MEST) all the energy actions of MEST such as gravity. He is “pulled down” and “condensed” by MEST. Gravity will not let him withdraw. And so he is in a terrible state at last. The contest is between FORCE and ADMIRATION (sensation). Admiration dissolves force, force cancels admiration. Forbid the use of force, restrict the use of admiration and a thetan becomes powerless. A collapsed track is gravity working on masses of theta energy which has actual mass. The remedy is either breaking the mass up with admiration (a long but effective process) or restraining the thetan to use his force not to resist MEST waves but to make new objects of his own design (STEP VI, SOP-8). Agreeing with MEST, using flows, lots of other things simply pin him deeper into this problem. Automaticity is this fact of taking pictures automatically simply by putting out “flitter.” A confusion about time is this condensation of old energy by gravity. Time is also the basic on LOSS. Every moment is LOST. A major loss then keys in this continuous loss, energy condenses, gravity acts on the thetan’s facsimiles and the thetan refuses to take any more pictures (mechanically, he can’t) and so finds himself in the “past” and entirely lost.

The above with rapidity, but there so you won’t be caught off guard when it appears much later in PABs. It actually needs a lot of explanation.

THE FACSIMILE, ITS ORIGIN, BEHAVIOR AND SOLUTION will be the next big Journal Book Issue.

THE LOGS AND AXIOMS will be the next big issue after that.

In between there will be a lot of filler issues, good dope, comments, etc.

SOP-8A I am going to release slightly differently than forecast, as already mentioned above. It uses every trick I know about to get a low-step case and includes much of the above, interlarding the process with material which rebalances the case.

I am also writing up a book on the subject of Freudian Self-analysis. It will be published in the Journal. The reason for this is very plain. The Freudians and psychoanalysts all agree more or less on a lot of hogwash about the second dynamic (utterly missing the brutal sixth). Sure enough, solving the second dynamic is fairly important in a case. This lean towards Freud is to show that those things on which people in psychiatry etc. have agreed are solved with sudden finality by Scientology. That makes up the agreement continuation of all psychotherapy and gives us legal standing. It also gives us the impact of all Freudian lay following which isn’t slight. So bear with me on this Freud excursion. We’re not okaying Freud and saying Sex is all. We simply say we solve Freud too.

ITEM: At the Hubbard Foundation we are issuing a small gold key to the ace graduates with the word “SCIO” on it.

BECAUSE IT IS GOING TO TAKE TWO YEARS AND MORE to make competent doctors under the present planning, we are bridging the gap as we can in order to designate our very best auditors. At the doctorate schools a very few of these gold keys will suffice. In the field in general we are going to issue, on recommendation, the certificate of H. G. A. which says, “HUBBARD GRADUATE AUDITOR — we know this auditor is honest and trustworthy and can solve your case.”

Only a few will be issued. WOULD YOU PLEASE SEND ME THE NAMES AND ADDRESSES OF AUDITORS YOU FEEL REALLY DESERVE THIS. We are not now going to charge for it (changing the last bulletin) in any way except, of course, if the auditor doesn’t happen to be a member of the HAS and decides to become one, a thing which is incidental. Some auditors are astonishingly better than others and we ought to recognize the fact.

My wider reaction to the 15% is very good. I think it is a good idea as it gives the associate all the books for the student, gets material around better and makes bookkeeping much simpler in my office. It does not change any contract I have with you. It simply permits, by the payment of an extra 5% when the 10% is paid to secure the books the student should have. I hope all associates decide to standardize on this at this time. It is 155’o of all training fees, the HAS then providing the associate with a prepackaged set of books for each student enrolled in an HCA Course.

Went to a bullfight yesterday. It’s all stacked against the poor bull. He comes snorting and pawing into the arena, looks around for something to take revenge upon for all his indignity. He never gets a chance to see the fences. People start waving capes and off goes this mountain of strength to get his man. But he doesn’t see the man, he is distracted by the cape and charges it. Of course, there’s nothing behind the cape so he keeps charging into nothingness. Every time he gets himself all set to ruin a toreador, the cape is there to distract. After running himself weary after capes, he is suddenly encouraged to find a picador confronting him. The picador is mounted on a horse and the bull for once can get his strength and horns into this horse and he proceeds to do so, BUT, the picador leans in with a long pike and every time the bull gets a good thrust at the horse, spikes go into his back inches deep with plenty of force behind them. This cures the bull of butting very hard — a nice, big engram. Then men start sailing at him at fast speed on foot to plant bandilleros (spiked sticks!) in his back. He’s got the engram now so he doesn’t try hard to get them even though they are right in front of him.

The bull now knows. He knows he is going to die. That is the first time this has occurred to him and the shock is severe. He stands there sick at his stomach, guts heaving, covered with his own blood, getting weaker and weaker. And then comes the matador and makes him dip and lunge a few more times at a red cape. It’s all over. The bull knows it. But he still reacts enough to make his lunges. And the matador, with a pretty dance, slides a long rapier from in front and into the hump and down into the heart. The bull still tries to make it but there are the capes again to make him turn around and around and so make him pump enough blood to kill himself. And down he goes and they sink an axe in his skull and he’s dead. And the pretty little horses come out and hook to his horns and sail away dragging him to the tune of jingling bells. And they sweep it all up and sprinkle new sand and let in another bull.

MEST Universe, what would happen if the bull ever charged the fence?

Best regards, Ron