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P. A. B. No. 5
Via The Office of L. Ron Hubbard
30 Marlborough Place, London N.W.8

[1953, ca. mid-July]


The response in terms of letters to the Professional Auditor’s Bulletin is very heartening. Some have called it “the first auditor’s newscast since Book I.” Reports of cases which had long “hung fire” breaking under the onslaught of the data in the PABs puts a “long continuation” on the service.

The Professional Auditor’s Bulletin was inaugurated to be timed with the simplicity of data as contained in the Journal of Scientology Issue “THIS IS SCIENTOLOGY, Science of Certainty.” Here begins an era lacking in doubt and complexities for we gaze now at a solved problem, the human mind and human behavior. Many other problems may be solved as well but we KNOW and we are CERTAIN that change can be effected in any preclear in a reasonable length of time. And we have as well, various group techniques which are many times as effective as the individual techniques of ‘50-’52.

It was entirely necessary to pass through and to release data about many things which can be found in people and we are fortunate in having this data. But it is no longer necessary to answer challenges about the “authenticity” of things which have been mysterious these thousands of years. Like recent medical society releases (Time Magazine, June 8, 1953) demonstrate a growing alertness as to the actuality of “birth” and “prenatals” as described in Book One, someday perhaps all these other matters such as “whole track” will likewise receive widespread agreement.

This is beside the point. The point is that the engram can be solved in quantity lots irrespective of content and a man can be made free to his desired limits of freedom. This is all we have tried to do, make Man happier and better in a sometimes unkind universe. Perhaps the basic difference between “investigation” and “research” is that the investigator should seek truth, and “research” all too often seeks only agreement from the crowd. I find what I do and do what I do either because it is, to my way of thinking, the best thing to do or is the only thing I can do at the moment when confronted by many difficult obstacles; I have been too long in the “professions of applause” to care much for applause; my goal is the simplicity of getting a job done. And the job of making Man well is the job I have had the temerity to assume, not because I thought it would enrich anyone and certainly not for that odious thing called fame — for it is rather amusing that my name is not Hubbard and the fame, if it ever came, would go only to a legal trademark, a thing without body or spirit. Little men with great fears have often made the task hard; but it is being done and its results are being reported in the Professional Auditor’s Bulletin.