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9 May 1977
Issue IV
Remimeo Ex Dn Auditors Ex Dn C/Ses Expanded Dianetics Series 30


Expanded Dianetics when fully applied can work miracles on the toughest cases you would ever want to find, but like any piece of tech it does not handle areas which it was never addressed. And that is where auditors and C/Ses who know the difference between quickie and fully complete provide a vital ingredient to the success of Ex Dn.

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Ex Dn does not consist of looking in a pc’s folder, pulling out the one R/S recorded and calling it completion. Rather it is a thorough workmanlike handling of the pc’s contra-survival intentions in all aspects of life and living, that truly accomplishes changes for the better in behavior, outlook, social presence and conduct. The top auditors and C/Ses can be counted on to put in the time and effort necessary to make a real product.


While a thorough folder study and culling of all R/Ses Ev Purps, Ethics Whys and computations as well as areas of repeating overts and areas which BD heavily will give you a great deal of ammunition for handling a case, you have no guarantee that you have hit all the areas of aberration that may be hidden away and never touched or brought up in auditing.

An example would be the case that is fixated on the 2D. The folders are full of R/Ses, Ev Purps, BDs on 2D. It’s all he wants handled. And so you handle it with full Ex Dn to some big cognitions and changes and he goes off happy about his 2D but still has trouble in life. Then you find out he’s had 5 jobs in the last year, spends more than he makes and breaks everything he owns. And none of this ever came up in his past auditing because his sessions were always about the 2D. Or it has been an area he has never wanted to bring up because it’s embarrassing or degrading or some such. The net result is a change for the better in one area but not a product.

The handling is simple. Some broad assessments across the dynamics are needed to ensure charged areas do not get missed because they never came up in previous sessions.

The original Ex Dn Case Histories contain examples of this. There are Left Side handlings which include assessment of buttons for various dynamics or areas that the pc should have charge on and then AEIs on the reading items. Even R1C was used to go across the dynamics. Ex Dn Tape 1 covers the idea of finding any and all areas of charge to bleed off the case with various assessments.

Another way to do it would be by confessionals on each dynamic or on reading items from a broad assessment. It may even be possible to observe the pc’s behavior out of session compared to the columns of the Chart of Human Evaluation to pick up areas the pc may not even be aware of. In this way charged areas do not get missed.


The whole idea is to get a product who isn’t about to fall on his head because some major aberration was not addressed in his Ex Dn due to it never coming up in his pc folder in the past. There is no substitute for a thorough and well done job and that is all that is ever expected from Ex Dn C/Ses and auditors.

W/O John Eastment, CS-4/5
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