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9 MAY 1977
Issue III
Remimeo Ex Dn Course Ex Dn Auditors Ex Dn C/Ses Expanded Dianetics Series 28


Case Histories have been compiled for the Hubbard Expanded Dianetics Course.

There are two categories of case history. First the Psychosis Research Case Histories which cover LRH research in 1970 to early 1972. Then the Expanded Dianetics Case Histories covering the cases LRH C/Sed in 1972 after giving the Expanded Dianetics Lectures.


The purpose of the case histories is fourfold

1. To give the student the technical data contained in the LRH programs and C/Ses.

2. To give the student an understanding of the development of the subject.

3. To give the student a better understanding of the psychotic case and psychosis.

4. To show some of the results obtainable with Expanded Dianetics.


The session actions and procedures and the non-LRH C/Ses and programs are not to be used for technical reference or cramming. They are included to give a picture of what was done, how the pc ran and the case condition of the pc. When looking for how something is supposed to be run or when cramming an auditor use only the LRH C/Ses, notes or programs and other bulletins.

In some cases the LRH C/Sed actions may be different than a later C/S under similar circumstances or be in conflict with a later issue on how the action is done. Recognize that this was research and the later C/Ses and issues were advancements over the earlier ones.

The Psychosis Research Case Histories are classified as confidential and are to be treated as such. The statements and actions by the pcs in these histories at times could be quite enturbulating to someone not trained in the subject. Do not discuss the cases. Treat them as you would any pc’s case.

The Expanded Dianetics Case Histories began with the idea of applying, the newly developed tech to the handling of chronic sickies as covered on the lectures. The objective was to make a well person. As the research progressed the Ex Dn procedure quickly was adapted to handle more than just the chronic sickies as being chronically ill proved to be an indicator of something more basic and psychosis, neurosis and evil intentions entered the scope of Ex Dn. The Expanded Dianetics Case Histories show the progress of cases to being well and in some cases later handlings are included which brought the case to full Ex Dn Completion. These case histories are not classified as confidential however they too should be treated as one would treat any pc’s case.


“Expanded Dianetics is very specifically adjusted to the pc.” (HCOB 15 Apr 1972)

In studying these case histories note how LRH does this job as C/S. Demo how it applies to other cases. Plot where the cases would fall on the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation from the data at hand and note when a case changes regarding one or more of the columns or, the chart. Demo each of the new actions or rundowns not included on the Expanded Dianetics Lectures when they occur in Ex Dn case histories.

Ex Dn auditing, and C/Sing is quite simple when one has a full grasp of the data, an understanding of cases and is well drilled in the skills of auditing. Get these in and the wins of completed Ex Dn pcs will be yours.

Richard Sheehy
FMO 1709 I/C
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