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9 MAY 1977
Remimeo Ex Dn Course Ex Dn Spclsts Expanded Dianetics Series 27


“… an Expanded Dianetics auditor has to be very expert in the handling of confessionals.” (LRH, HCOB 24 February 77 Tech Correction Round-Up)

People with Evil Purposes (destructive intentions) towards an area will commit overts on that area in forwarding the Evil Purpose. Where a pc has R/Ses, he will have Evil Purposes and overts. By locating and running out the Evil Purposes with full Ex Dn one can relieve the tendency to continue to commit the overts.

The actions which most often turn on R/Ses or even cause an Evil Purpose to pop into view are confessionals and pulling overts and withholds. Just pulling the overts would not handle fully. One must locate the underlying Evil Purpose and run it with full Ex Dn before an R/S can be considered handled.

Ex Dn uses confessional to help turn on R/Ses in areas where they are suspected and to expose Evil Purposes for running. A really searching confessional can follow right down the trail of a pc’s most basic aberrations to the R/S and underlying Ev Purp.

Caution: That one has overts or EVPs that one has an R/S on does not make one a psychotic.


Confessionals would be part of “right side” handling as it is used to locate R/Ses and Ev Purps. By folder study the C/S establishes areas and terminals where the pc is failing in life or at least having great difficulty. It could be areas or terminals he totally avoids also. It could be areas of anti-social or compulsive behavior, areas which often show up in O/Ws but basically it’s areas of aberration for the pc. From these the C/S or the auditor can propose a confessional to dig into the area, getting off O/Ws and seeing if one can get an R/S to turn on or an Ev Purp to pop up. These confessionals need not be long for each area but must be well-worded and expertly delivered so nothing is missed. A miss on something like this could be quite explosive.

Where an Ev Purp or R/S turns up the exact wording of what is occurring must be clearly noted and circled in red for Ex Dn handling. This includes marking the Ev Purp or R/S clearly on the Folder Summary and Program. The exact data is vital. When the short confessional is completed the Ev Purps or R/Ses are then handled and the cycle is continued until the pc’s areas of major aberration have been checked and handled. Where R/Ses and Ev Purps have already been noted in the folder they are of course handled and any further address to the same area depends on whether the pc is now “sane” on that area.

Confessionals done on R/Ses should be directed at getting overts, W/Hs, evil thoughts, intentions and motives with regard to the subject area. Where the area of a reported or suspected R/S is not yielding something because either the pc “can’t think of anything” or the read has been submerged, the area can be checked over with the buttons “suppress”, “careful of” and “didn’t reveal”.

Already existing confessional lists can be used where applicable and any previous confessional auditing that the pc has received should be carefully checked to see if it was effective and what was uncovered that would give clues to hot areas.

Ex Dn handles the R/Ses and Ev Purps. Confessionals help find the R/Ses and Ev Purps to handle. It’s the Ev Purps and R/Ses we must handle in order to have an Ex Dn Completion of a sane person. That’s all there is to it.

W/O John Eastment
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