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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Method 3 Word Clearing (WCS-31RC) - B811007

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Метод 3 Прояснения Слов (Серия ПрСл 31RC) - Б811007
- Метод 3 Прояснения Слов (Серия ПрСл 31RD) (2) - Б811007R83
- Метод 3 Прояснения Слов (Серия ПрСл 31RD) (3) - Б811007R83
- Метод 3 Прояснения Слов (Серия ПрСл 31RD) - Б811007R83
- Прояснение Слов Методом 3 (Серия ПрСл 31RC) - Б811007R83
- Прояснение Слов Методом 3 (Серия ПрСл 31ПК) - Б811007R83
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
(Cancels BTB 7 Feb 72RB II Word Clearing Series 31RB METHOD 3 WORD CLEARING)
Remimeo All Students All Supervisors All Word Clearers All Cramming Officers Tech Qual Word Clearing Series 31RC


Method 3 is the method of finding a student’s misunderstood word by having him look earlier in the text than where he is having trouble for a word he doesn’t understand. The student simply looks for the word, the word is found, and then cleared using a good dictionary.

Method 3 is routinely used by the supervisor. It is done by twins on each other as needed. And of course the student should use it himself when ever he runs into any trouble.

It is very simple to do. It doesn’t require a meter. But it does require an ability to get in good comm with the student and an understanding of the following theory.



A student who knows his study tech will look up each word he comes across that he doesn’t understand. If he comes to something he doesn’t grasp he will look over it carefully for any misunderstood words and clear these up.

But when a student has cleared all the words and he still can’t understand it or disagrees with it; or when a student bogs down, or becomes dull, or is just not as bright as before, it is be­cause the student has passed a word he didn’t understand before he started having trouble.

This will be very clear to you if you understand that if it is not resolving, the thing the student is apparently having trouble with is not the thing the student is having trouble with otherwise it would resolve, wouldn’t it? The trouble is earlier. If he knew what he didn’t understand he could resolve it himself. So to talk with him about what he thinks he doesn’t understand just gets nowhere.

Good word clearing is a system of backtracking. You have to look earlier than the point the student become dull or confused and you’ll find that there’s a word that he doesn’t understand somewhere before the trouble started. The student will brighten up the moment he spots the word, even before the word is cleared. And if he doesn’t brighten up there will be a misunder­stood word even before that one.


The student is not as bright, or feels dull or disinterested, or is doping off, has bogged down or is going slower; or he just can’t understand something or disagrees with it and has done all the usual actions such as clearing the words in it, but it still won’t resolve.

The student is asked to look earlier in the text for the misunderstood word. There is one always. There are no exceptions. It may be that the misunderstood word is two pages or more back but it is always earlier in the text from where the student is now.

The words found. The student brightens up.

The misunderstood word is looked up in a good dictionary and cleared per HCOB 23 Mar 78RA Word Clearing Series 59RA Clearing Words.

The student reads the text that contains the word that was misunderstood. If the student is not now bright then there is a misunderstood word even earlier in the text that must be found. When the student is bright and cheerful he is told to come forward, restudying the text, to the area of the subject he did not understand.

The difficulty he was having should now resolve. If the difficulty does not resolve then there are still one or more misunderstood words earlier which must be found.

If the word can’t be found with method 3, then it would be permissible to use one or more of the other methods of word clearing to get the word found.


The formula is to find out where the student wasn’t having any trouble and find out where the student is now having trouble and the misunderstood word will be in between. It will be at the tag end of where he wasn’t having trouble. (See Tape 6408C06 SHSBC-34, Study Tape 4, Study — Gradients and Nomenclature and HCO PL 24 Oct 68 IV Supervisor Know-How, Tips in Handling Students.)

The student can also be spot-checked on the words in the area to help him find the word, if necessary. The student is asked for the definitions of various words in the area and any that the student is uncertain of or doesn’t know are looked up.

The end result of doing method 3 is the student is now bright and any difficulty he has had is cleared up.

Method 3 is tremendously effective when done as described herein.

If it were done every time a student hit a bog or slow or every time a student became dull or his study stats dropped your students would gradually get faster and faster and brighter and brighter. Study stats would soar and the Academy would turn out more and more auditors as well as other trained individuals the org could really be proud of.

To get a good reality on it and become expert in its use. Use it to Keep Scientology Working.

Assisted by Research and Technical Compilations Unit, Accepted by the BOARD OF DIRECTORS of the CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY of CALIFORNIA BDCSC:LRH:RTC:bk