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Issue I
Revised 4 December 1974
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Remimeo Auditors Supervisors Students Tech & Qual Basic Auditing Series 1R


From the LRH Tape 6 February 1964, “Comm Cycle in Auditing”

If you look over communication you will find that the magic of communication is about the only thing that makes auditing work.

The Thetan in this universe has begun to consider himself MEST and has begun to consider himself mass and the being that considers himself mass of course responds to the laws of electronics and the Laws of Newton. He is actually incapable of generating very much or as-ising very much.

An individual considers himself mesty or massy and therefore he has to have a second terminal. A second terminal is required to discharge the energy.

Here we have two poles. We have an auditor and a pc and as long as the auditor audits and the pc replies we get an exchange of energy from the pc’s point of view.

Many auditors think they are being a second terminal to the degree that they pick up the somatics and illnesses of the pc. Actually there is no backflow of any kind that hits the auditor but if he is so convinced that he is MEST he will turn on somatics in echo of the pc. Actually nothing hits the auditor, it has to be mocked up or envisioned by him.

You have set up in essence a two pole system and that will bring about an as-ising of mass.

It isn’t burning the mass, it is as-ising the mass and that’s why there is nothing hitting the auditor.

Now that is the essence of the situation. The magic involved in auditing is contained in the communication cycle of auditing. You see now you are handling the smooth interchange between these two poles.

When you look over the difficulties of auditing realize that you are handling simply the difficulties of the communication cycle and when you yourself as the auditor do not permit a smooth flow between you as a terminal and the pc as a terminal, and the pc as a terminal back to you, you get a no as-ising of mass. So you don’t get TA action.

Part of the trick of course is what has to be as-ised and how do you go about it, but that we call technique — (what button has to be pressed). We find, oddly enough, if the auditor is actually capable of making the pc willing to talk to him, he wouldn’t have to hit a button to get tone arm action. (He cannot make the pc get tone arm action basically because a communication cycle doesn’t exist.)

The person who is insisting continuously upon a new technique is neglecting the basic tool of his auditing which is the communication cycle of auditing.

When the communication cycle does not exist in an auditing session we get this horrible compounding of a felony of trying to get a technique to work but the technique cannot be administered because there is no communication cycle to administer it.

Basic auditing is called basic auditing because it goes prior to the technique.

A communication cycle must exist before the technique can exist.

The fundamental entrance to the case is not on a level of the technique but is on a level of the communication cycle.

Communication is simply a familiarization process based on reach and withdraw.

When you speak to a pc you are reaching. When you cease to speak you are withdrawing. When he hears you, he’s at that moment a bit withdrawn but then he reaches toward you with the answer.

You’ll see him go into a withdraw while he thinks it all over. Then he reaches the reason. Now he will reach the auditor with the reason and he will say that was it.

You have made an exchange from the pc to the auditor and will see it reflect on the meter because that exchange now is giving an as-ising of energy.

In the absence of that communication you do not get meter action.

So the fundamental of auditing is the communication cycle. That’s the fundamental of auditing and that is really the great discovery of Dianetics and Scientology.

It’s such a simple discovery but you realize that nobody knew anything about it.