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Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Issue X
HCO PL of 1 July 1965 Issue II
Reissued verbatim as
Basic Auditing Series 9 Remimeo Auditors Supervisors Students Tech & Qual


There are no additives permitted on the Auditing Comm Cycle.

Example: Getting the pc to state the problem after the pc has said what the problem is.

Example: Asking a pc if that is the answer.

Example: Telling pc “it didn’t react” on the meter.

Example: Querying the answer.

This is the worst kind of auditing.

Processes run best muzzled. By muzzled is meant using only TR 0, 1, 2, 3 and 4 by the text. A pc’s results will go to hell on an additive comm cycle.

There are a hundred thousand tricks that could be added to the Auditing Comm Cycle. every one of them is a goof. The only time you ever ask for a repeat is when you couldn’t hear it.

Since 1950, I’ve known that all auditors talk too much in a session. The maximum talk is the standard model session and the TR 0 to 4 Auditing Comm Cycle only.

It is a serious matter to get a pc to “clarify his answer”. It is in fact an Ethics matter and if done habitually is a Suppressive Act, for it will wipe out all gains.

There are mannerism additives also.

Example: Waiting for the pc to look at you before you give the next command. (Pcs who won’t look at you are ARC Broken. You don’t then twist this to mean the pc has to look at you before you give the next command.)

Example: A lifted eyebrow at an answer.

Example: A questioning sort of ack.

The Whole Message is good auditing occurs when the comm cycle alone is used and is muzzled.

Additives on the Auditing Comm Cycle are any action, statement, question or expression given in addition to TRs 0-4.

They are Gross Auditing Errors.

And should be regarded as such.

Auditors who add to the Auditing Comm Cycle never make Releases.

So, that’s Suppressive.

Don’t do it!