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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Keeping Dianetics Working in an Area - B690520

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Сохранение Действенности Дианетики в Области (ДИАН) (2) - Б690520
- Сохранение Действенности Дианетики в Области (ДИАН) - Б690520
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo Dian Checksheet


In that any Dianetics Course, starting out, has only its Course Supervisor trained, the problems of what is used for Case Supervision and Cramming Supervisor in Qual will arise.

Here more than any other points, alteration can enter.

Altering, doing something else, is a sufficiently serious problem to destroy a Course and all the benefits of Dianetics in a whole area.

Early on, during the development of the Standard Dianetics Course, we were suddenly getting case failures. These were traced by Case Supervision to wild variations from Standard Dianetic procedure. These variations were traced to an examiner who during student checkouts was giving „advice“. As soon as this was handled, case gains immediately resumed.

Over the many years of Dianetic use, I think we must have seen all possible variations of auditing. „New“ phenomena were often discovered and used and eventually the whole subject wandered off into never-never land and ceased to produce uniform results.

What has happened here in Standard Dianetics is that the exact actions that produce results on all cases have been isolated and used as THE procedure.

The procedure is a thin narrow walkway through a huge field of potential alterations.


Built in to the Standard Dianetic procedure are the remedies.

For instance early Dianetics was plagued by several problems:

1. Lack of visio — an inability to see pictures. This was solved by getting date and duration.

2. Perception shut-off. Not required in total now to produce results. Sonic, ability to hear the sound in pictures, is not needed at all. Impression is sufficient.

3. Somatic shut-off. Not now required to be solved but its source (drugs and alcohol) has been discovered.

4. Rough sessions. Solved by TRs.

5. Lack of auditor judgement in diagnosis. Solved by the E-Meter.

In these years of research I have been able to wrap up these and other things.

There have been more cases run on Dianetics than could easily be counted. So the research data is very broad. This is no new subject. It has been close to 39 years under research.

Thus what you are told on the Standard Dianetics Course is the essence of all this work and experience. There are no unsolved problems, there is only varied application where there should not be.

The whole object of the course is to train people to get good RESULTS, and train people to give a course that results in GOOD AUDITORS. That’s the whole thing.

We could also teach over 50,000,000 words about things that don’t get results or train auditors.

The essence of a brilliant subject is a simple subject.

Therefore anything that varies the data of a Standard Dianetics Course can send it out into unworkability.

I’ve seen auditors also use „peyote“ (a drug), CO2 and drugs „to help auditing“. I’ve seen many different meter types used. I’ve looked over a thousand different ways to run a session. And I’ve seen all these things fail.

The four points of greatest potential failure are

1. A Course Supervisor who interprets data and alters it in order to satisfy some student’s offbeat quest.

2. An Examiner who throws curves into data by means of invalidating the right data.

3. A Case Supervisor who does not simply and only put the auditor back onto the main line and who seeks to „solve“ cases by altering data.

4. An Auditor who, not knowing his data in the first place, alters the data and, because in an altered form he fails, starts off on a wilder alteration of data and fails harder.

Under Supervisor come the Course and Cramming Supervisor both.

So you see, that to get real Standard Dianetic results going in an area you have to be very alert to hold the exact data line as contained in the HCO Bs.

Where you begin to find case failures, look to 1 to 4 above and to student failure to just simply study and drill.

For the first time you have an exact subject in the field of the „humanities“. These „humanities“ for all man’s history have been a mass of superstition, bad logic, propaganda, authority and brutality. An exact humanity is so new that it has a bit of a hard time. All the errors and prejudices start to „blow off“ when truth enters in.

Just be sure you don’t lose the subject with the confusion.

Cope, make do, hold the line and you’ll have a successful Dianetic area. It’s worth working toward, worth achieving.

You have only one big stable datum.


To get it working again, find who and what is varying it and get back on the main line.