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RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Средства Исправления для Прошлой Жизни - Б750116
- Средства Исправления для Прошлой Жизни - Б750116R78
- Средства от Прошлой Жизни - Б750116R78
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Remimeo Dn & Ex DN C/Ses IV and VI C/Ses Class VIII C/S Dn C/S Course (Revisions in this type style)
(Ellipsis indicates deletion)


(Note: This Bulletin has been revised to align with theNew Era Dianetics Series Bulletins Series 1-18.)

There are many remedies and considerable tech developed over the years on the subject of pcs unable to go earlier than this life. There was no full coverage bulletin which gave the full story on this.

The earliest was getting the pc to locate and run imaginary incidents. This is fully covered in Science of Survival, especially Book Two, Chapter Nine, “Imaginary Incidents”. The auditor clears the idea of imaginary incidents and running them, then persuades the pc to run them without forcing him.

Delusion tends to run off but the real incidents move into view as well. These imaginary incidents can be run R3RA Narrative Quad. Full preassessment procedure (per New Era Dianetics Series tech) of the somatics, emotions, etc., of the imaginary incident, can be incorporated in the Past Life Remedy as part of the action of grooving in the pc. (See: HCOB 18 June 78, New Era Dianetics Series 4, Assessment And How To Get The Item, and HCOB 28 June 78, New Era Dianetics Series 7, R3RA Commands, for Narrative and R3RA Quad Commands.)

Another Past Life Remedy would be for the auditor to assess the following list on the pc:

earlier existences abandoned pictures
previous existences past life experiences
past lives memory
earlier lives amnesia
unreal pictures forgetting
other times leaving bodies
past deaths past bodies
going backtrack new bodies
imaginary incidents lost possessions
invalidated pictures forgotten pictures
other identities death
imaginary beingnesses losing a body
pretended injuries forgotten memories
pretended illnesses invalidated memories
disgusting pictures painful pictures
painful memories ignored pictures
enforced pictures fading pictures
fearful incidents fearful pictures
sad pictures forgotten times
invalidated track pretended incidents
only one lifetime unbelievable pictures
unknown incidents forgotten families
lost friends between body experiences
degraded experiences unreal experiences
deja vu forgotten beingness
forgotten lives abandoned deaths
not-ised existence not-ised existences
invalidated pictures invalidated memories
invalidated imagination not-ised imagination
invalidated perception abandoned perceptions
things you don’t want to find out about

Any item can be added to the above by the pc.

You then take the largest reading item found in the above and ask the pc to describe it briefly. Ask him “In your own words briefly describe (item that read).”

Use the exact wording the pc gave you. Treat that wording as an original item exactly as though it had been obtained on the Original Assessment List, New Era Dianetics Series 5.

Handle the items the pc gives you exactly as you would handle any original item or items in New Era Dianetics Series 4 (preassessment, etc.)

Exhaust all reading items in the above prepared list.

Reassess the prepared list and do each of the above steps.

When the pc is able to go earlier than this life with good reality then the remedy is complete.


Often the pc won’t go backtrack because he’s a druggie.

What has happened here is that he restimulated past lives with drugs, got into frightening pictures that he didn’t understand and now backs off from any bank content except drugs. That is handled with a full Drug RD, including a full battery of Objectives and all reading items run including “no interest” items. The standard approach on any pc is to get full drug handling done first. (See: HCOB 27 June 78, New Era Dianetics Series 9, Drug Handling.)


Another reason could be the pc is in recent shock of having died. Such a case is overburdened and is destimulated with general auditing and then gets a Past Life Remedy if he hasn’t gone backtrack. You could even do a Prior Assessment to this life.

The subject of invalidation of past lives and people talking about them out of session or claiming to be famous people invalidates past lives for a pc and is actually related to suppression and PTS phenomena. If you suspect this you could ask “Has anyone been talking to you about past lives or famous people?” From this question possible suppression in the environment can be located and used in a PTS RD, HCOB 9 Dec 71R, Revised 21 Oct 74.


Children are usually very burdened cases and can be hard to C/S on Dianetics if it hits this life only which will leave the pc wide open to key-in and at the age of 20 be found all keyed-in “with all grades run.”

I find they are jammed into fiction stories, education, books and movies and run these like engrams. These children speak of “remembering” all the time. They say they can’t go backtrack “because they don’t remember.” They don’t seem to take it from pictures. Contrary to psychology theories and popular belief I find children in very rough case shape, nervous, frightened, griefy, etc. They get stuck in the books and movies they see.

I have handled this in various ways. The easiest way to unburden cases is by Objectives (contact processes) and Recall (ARC S/W, Self Analysis). That is the general approach. You can list for mental image pictures pc has seen in life, in movies or books, take the best reading one and do full preassessment procedure on it, handling the running item obtained with R3RA Quad. Then repeat the preassessment steps until you get no reads on the Preassessment List you have assessed for that original item. Return to the mental image pictures list, take the next largest reading item and do full preassessment, etc. Follow HCOB 18 June 1978, Assessment And How To Get The Item (New Era Dianetics Series 4) exactly.

Preassessment can also be done on unwanted attitudes, emotions, pains, etc. (the Preassessment List) one had as a child. These would then be fully handled as above to unburden the case.

A direct approach is to ask “What book or movie were you particularly interested in?” You’ll usually find that the person had a stuck picture on it. Then ask “Did you ever have anything to do with that sort of thing?” Then they go into it because you’re asking for an E/S. You could then run out the earlier incident Narrative R3RA Quad and you’d be away.

Where the pc is stuck in upsetting incidents from movies or books you can list for “Bad incidents you’ve seen or read about,” take the best reading one with pc interest and run it out R3RA Narrative Quad. Then handle with preassessment procedure, per above. Be sure to accept stories, TV, movies or books as these are fully valid to run.


A Scientology review action that can be done is to assess

Then prepcheck in order of reads, reassess and prepcheck. This is a valuable action to do before ARC S/W Triple and often by itself will handle those unable to go past track.

A further Scientology approach would be to assess the past, memory pictures, past lives and prepcheck in order of reads. Then L&N “Who or what would have no future?” then L&N “Who or what would it have been awful to have been?” These items can be checked and used in a PTS RD or can have their intentions listed and run as part of Ex Dn handling.


The technology on past lives is important for a C/S to know, especially the Dianetics C/S.

The subject usually resolves with a Drug RD and general auditing but when it doesn’t you have these remedies to use.

Use them well.