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CONTENTS What About Validation?
Issue 49 [1957, ca. late June]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

What About Validation?

L. Ron Hubbard

Almost at once we are going to have a Congress.

We are calling it the Freedom Congress because it starts July 4, 1957 and because it is all about freedom from human confusion.

But there’s something we’ll have to take up at this Congress beyond Freedom, and that’s Validation.

It isn’t good sense that I try to handle this Validation Program without knowing how you feel about it. And so I am asking you to help me.

Here’s the situation current:

We have come to a plateau of training and technology. I do not say we are at any peak of peaks. But we are on a very high plateau.

We can do these things:

We can accurately and predictably process a day-old baby, a person in a coma, a catatonic schitz, a no-reality case or a person in very good shape. Of course that’s news, but it also changes several things.

We can also train well and thoroughly any person of good will in a few weeks of arduous drill. We arrived at a plateau of results and at the same time arrived at a plateau of training skills.

Without these skills learned in heavy training, the processing results do not occur.

Better than 50’ YO of the result depends upon the skill of the auditor.

If this is Scientology today, then it had better be Scientology everywhere, not just here in Washington or amongst recent Academy graduates.

Rumor has probably told you already much misinformation about levels of Indoc and CCH. The truth is I’m just now finding time to hand-train enough people in these two things to make them get a reality on them. You might say the real thing wasn’t released until I went to London in April and, in the U.S., until I returned in May.

Truth is, these things are man-killers. An auditor not well schooled in all levels of Indoc cannot get results of any consequence with CCH (actually CDCCtH *C for Control, D for Duplication, C for Communication, Ct for Control of thought = H for Havingness, See also P.A.B. 122, “The Five Levels of Indoctrination and Procedure CCH.” ). No older auditor credits this until he faces it in a training room. But an old auditor does better with older processes — those released up to December 31, 1956. Those were pretty hot, too, remember.

The present situation, then, is as follows: We have many good auditors who can get fine results with pre-57 processes. We have some less able auditors who get poor results with pre-57 processes. We have a series of training skills and processes which would permit both to get much finer, faster results.

The past situation, beginning in 1950, was this: We had a vision of what could be done. We saw it done by some. We were trying to learn how so that all could do it. To learn we had to train and process. Our results were better than Man had ever experienced before but here and there the results did not match the hopes of some — to put it mildly. Therefore, I considered it was up to us to better the processes and to better training so that people could do the processes developed.

Well, I miscalculated. For certain, those processes which could tear a case apart and make a clear fast, would also tear a homo sapiens auditor apart. And so it has transpired. Full-scale CDCCtH tears up auditors fast.

Thus I had to recapitulate and find a new route to make a new man. That route is loosely called Indoctrination but it isn’t at full dress parade what you’ve seen. It’s 13 levels of skill, each one more advanced, which wind up with a clear-acting auditor.

These levels of training make, when thoroughly administered, a synthetic clear without proofing a person against being audited to clear all the way.

Now in 1950 I did a lot of talking and made a lot of promises. And in 1957, seven years of study and work later, only now can they all be kept. To reach our present plateau I had to get a lot of people trained. Every one of those has coming to him a full realization of ability to help and handle others.

All right. That’s the project. It’s big enough. Thousands of auditors should now have everything that’s been learned and developed about auditing.

If they get that to which they’re entitled, no force on Earth can stop Scientology. So what do we do about it?

There’s the old HDA, there’s the person who was trained in L.A. or Wichita or Elizabeth. Maybe he’s auditing now, maybe not. But he’s entitled to his ability to clear his fellow man. These were people of great heart, great willingness to serve. I did all I could for them — it was always, until 1957, not enough. But a wider look bade me learn how to train and then to speak.

I have learned. I am speaking.

Further, I am asking for help in solving this great problem. How do we bring up to ability every auditor ever trained by a central organization?

How do we find some of these people? We’re not now interested in no-comm lists or other nonsense. The battle for knowledge is won. And unlike in so many battles, all can share in the victory.

How do we finance such a project? Do these people pay for retraining (or, actually for training in full, not retraining)? How do we handle people lately trained (1956) in this wise? How can we do this without invalidating the real ability of many auditors and without upsetting too many people?

Your help is needed in assisting me to answer such questions.

They wanted to be clear. They wanted to help their fellow man. All I know now is how to do the clearing and the training on a major scale.

I have some proposals on this. I am going to give the right to coach other auditors to every successful graduate of the 18th ACC — with high standards for successful graduation. To do this I’ll have to work the 18th ACC people through July and into mid-August harder than anybody has been worked yet. But they can take it.

I can validate recent graduates partly trained on this but I don’t think it would be entirely fair.

Well, there it is. It’s the Validation Program. But what is it? It’s what you and I decide it will be at the July 4th Congress.

Would you please bring your thoughts on it and your proposals to the Congress or send them to me here.

Validation U.S. means a lot. But it can’t be done at all until I know how you feel it should be done.

1. Should it be done at all.

2. If so, how should it be done. Could I have your help?