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CONTENTS The Adventure of Communication
Issue 51 [1957, ca. late July]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

The Adventure of Communication

L. Ron Hubbard

The success level of a person is his communication level.

One can have only those things with which he can communicate. To have it is necessary to communicate.

One can do only those things with which he can exchange communication.

One can be whatever he feels will assist him to carry out his ideas of communication itself.

It has been three years since we first isolated communication as the dominant corner of the Affinity-Reality-Communication triangle.

Now when one realizes that have and the Reality corner of the triangle are the same and when one understands that control is possible only in the presence of maximal Affinity, one sees in Control-Communication-Havingness theory the working aspects of the Affinity-Reality-Communication theory.

We have always known A-R-C was true. We now know its best-working aspects in the Control- Communication-Havingness theories of processing.

Communication continues its dominance. Affinity gives us the only working mood of Control.

Reality gives us the reward of Communication.

Thus one can BE — one can DO, one can HAVE only as well as one can communicate.

At the intensely successful Freedom Congress, just held, a number of Training drills were presented which have as their goal communication betterment.

Doing these drills betters one’s communication ability.

Thus these drills can be seen as an opening door to better beingness, better doingness, better havingness.

While, as everyone recognized at the Congress, there is no substitute for Academy training in these drills, doing them yourself at home can result in enormous improvement.

We have found the level from which to live successfully — Tone 40. We have found the drills and processes by which to get us there.

High Adventure requires high communication. Could there be anything so brash as to stop us now?