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CONTENTS THE Tools Of Cramming Auditors: C/S I/T: Auditor Admin Cramming: Execs And Admin Personnel:
12 JUNE 1973
Issue I
Reissued 1 July 1974 as BTB
Cancels HCO Bulletin of 12 June 1973 Issue I Same Title
Remimeo Cramming Offs C/Ses Qual Secs Cramming Series 12

THE Tools Of Cramming

A number of LRH Cramming cycles on Auditors, C/Ses, Execs and Admin people have been compiled for this Bulletin. They should provide very helpful guidance to the specific approach to individual correction in all spheres by a Cramming Officer.


1. “Auditor’s missed an F/N. Check meter position and general admin habits that would cause this. She must be able to see the meter, Pc and admin in one look. Check eyesight. Also Code and TRs, of course.”

LRH 13 May 72

2. “Worksheets utterly indecipherable. She ‘clarifies’ by over-writing words in blue, instead of correctly printing above in red. Have her practice legible handwriting rapidly until she can.”

LRH 13 May 72

3. “Does not put enough down in a worksheet to make sense. She must learn what to put down, what not to. Things that move TA, Dn step numbers, items that fall on 2wc and overts and withholds. And enough sense so a C/S can use it and see what happened.”

LRH 13 May 72

4. “Commits auditing error, blames Pc. Get off her overts on Pcs. Check her out on Standard Dianetic C/Sing.”

LRH 12 May 72

5. “Missed first item’s F/N on list. L&N laws. Metering. Check it for position during admin.”

LRH 3 June 72

6. “Metering. Placement of meter may have been upset by concentration on admin. Missed a no-read on the Pc. Or isn’t checking. Get metering and admin sorted out as a co-ordination”

LRH 2 June 72

7. “Flubbed ARC Break handling. Look at folder. Get the Mis-U and drill her on ARC Break handling.”

LRH 6 June 72

8. “WCing over out lists, out ruds. M6 on key words of her post. M4 on programming sequences. In clay purpose of a program. In clay purpose of an Auditor.”

LRH 18 July 72

9. “Auditor breaks up when Pcs say something funny by report. Clobbered the F/N. He also assessed an uncleared list and missed Mis-U words and didn’t handle even when it read. TRs the Hard Way.”

LRH 16 April 72

10. “D of P is to do C/S Series 57. A little can be done each day until he has completed it. It must be reported and metered daily for Mis-Us and honestly done.”

LRH 15 June 72

11. “Auditor’s Pc is talking long long long. Clear Invalidation. Then work out in clay what Invalidation is and what it would do to a Pc. Then in clay how a Pc would Itsa overlong on out TR 2. Then TRs.”

LRH 21 May 72

12. “Cleared words on a Sec Check. Couldn’t follow an ARC Break chain down or pull a withhold. Just sat and watched a meter. Didn’t do C/S. No session control. ‘Auditor Rights’ unknown. Retread Academy Levels 0 to IV. TRs.”

LRH 10 Sept 72

C/S I/T:

1. “C/S Series M4. Then Study it. He missed obvious things and doesn’t head Auditors into a dead right correction.”

2. “Get this C/S to do C/S Series 57 as a familiarity action on the HGC. It can be done a bit each day. It must be metered as honestly done.”

LRH 15 June 72

3. “Gave a well done to an Auditor for Word Clearing over an Out List Out Rud Pc. M6 on his post. M4 on C/S Series, about sequence of Out Lists, ruds in programming. In clay on purpose and actions of a C/S in handling cases. In clay on purpose and actions of a C/S in handling Auditors.”

LRH 10 Sept 72

Auditor Admin Cramming:

1. “Violation of HCO PL 21 Nov 62, CSW. C/S opinion requested but no folder, no data. Pack of Dev-T PLs star-rate. CSW in clay and how Dev-T overloads lines.”

LRH 2 Mar 72

2. “Dev-T — challenging a cramming order on a Dev-T folder with more Dev-T.”

LRH 1 Mar 72

3. “Aside from any Out Tech, this Auditor, out of two folders, has in each one left one item on a list unhandled. Causes C/S Dev-T. M4 and star-rate Dev-T pack.”

LRH 12 April 72

Execs And Admin Personnel:

1. “Sent an incomplete program up. Cram her on PL ‘Not Dones, Half Dones and Backlogs’. On Dev-T pack.”

LRH 9 Aug 72

2. “Is flunking on evaluation. Method 7 WC Handle. Method 4 Data Series. Get him to define a Why per Data Series. Have him rattle off all the outpoints until he can, with examples of each.”

LRH 11 July 72

3. “There is something adrift here. Possibly confront or people or getting people to work. She operates as an HCO Expediter. She is perfectly willing to work personally and does a good job. However, her actions here tell us why her Org fell apart with her as Org Officer. Instead of organizing — org boarding people, recruiting, training, hatting, putting in Ethics, etc — she clears up backlogs as an HCO Expediter. She does not get people to get the work done but does the work. Establish the fact — (2) Can she handle People? (2) Can she recruit? (3) Can she train? (4) Can she compile packs? (5) Does she know theory of org board and posting? (6) Does she know Ethics, including Investigation? (7) Does she believe she can get people to work? Or is it ‘faster to do it yourself’? Straighten out what is found.”

LRH 22 Jan 72

4. “Did not follow orders. (1) Meter check for Mis-Us related to orders, key post terms. Clear up. (2) Check up on his attitude to his post. (3) Find the bug on reasonableness on post.”

LRH 10 Feb 72

5. “Posting with a gap in Qual. No formal coverage of Interne Super functions while Interne Super on leave, thus overloading the QEO with Interne Super. HAS-HCO Cope Off Hat M4. In clay, posting an org board from the top down to cover all lower functions and why one does, shown in clay.”

LRH 12 Mar 72

6. “Let her area collapse. (1) Check WC1. (2) Check managing by stats PLs for Mis-Us. (3) WC4 Data Series. (4) Have her do evals that don’t blame wrong targets.”

LRH 27 Jan 72

7. “Cut a comm line. Messed up an evening schedule by saying she ‘didn’t know’. Is wholly unaware of an existing scene. Attention fixed on something, easily upset, withholdy. M4 on ‘Policy’. M4 on post. Dev-T pack star-rate.”

LRH 5 Mar 72

8. “Blames other activities for own stats and failures instead of policing and handling own area. Does not know a Why by definition is something you can use to improve a scene. (1) Check WC1 for errors. (2) WC4 on Data Series. Get her to do numerous evals that have Whys you can handle (that don’t put it on God or other Divs).”

LRH 27 Jan 72

9. “Data Series M4 and in clay. Gave me an eval lacking in Consistency (Why on one subject area — program on another). Did not locate the right Why.”

LRH 9 Mar 72

10. “She is to be crammed on (1) What files are. (2) What the uses of files are. (3) What her products are.”

LRH 15 Mar 72

11. “Is not being a Product Off for his Div. Stats way down. Out Admin and Out Ethics in Div. Find out why he can’t get production or quality. Cram.”

LRH 22 Mar 72

These are just a few examples of LRH Cramming cycles to give Cramming Officers more real data on how to use the tools of Qual to get his product of a corrected individual who can now function in his area.

In all cases, when the basic outnesses were corrected, one or more of the three major stable data of Cramming were present: (1) the person had not read or studied the materials, or (2) he had misunderstoods in the materials, or (3) he had not drilled the actions or sequences of actions to a point of competence.

In all cases, also, all tech personnel had their TRs corrected and improved while in Cramming.

All the tools of Tech Cramming are applicable into Admin Cramming, as can be seen by the above examples. Admin Cramming is vital to pick up, revitalize and get a floundering Division, area or Org on its feet and operating.

Word Clearing plays a key role in Cramming, so there must always be a minimum of two Word Clearers in any Org. If an enterprising Qual Sec wants to get some Word Clearers, his best action would be to word clear the HAS and all HCO staff on their posts and duties until they get the message on the value of Word Clearing. Any Qual Sec who has no Word Clearers or Word Clearing being done in his Div should be ordered to extensive Word Clearing by his CO or ED, and then crammed in his own Qual on his hat.

Cramming is not an area for weaklings or persons with no confront. It is probably one of the single most versatile posts in an Org. He has all types of staff with all types of flubs and outnesses to handle. He must use every skill he has, every piece of knowledge about Scientology and Dianetics, every piece of Policy, to handle his everyday work cycles. Any piece of tech by LRH, if a relevant handling for the situation, is grist for the mill of a Cramming Officer.

A good Cramming Officer, who uses all the tools of Qual to get his product, is worth his weight in gold. He is highly valued.

Ens. Judy Ziff, CS-5
Reissued as BTB by
Flag Mission 1234
I/C: CPO Andrea Lewis
2nd: Molly Harlow
Authorized by AVU
for the
of the