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CONTENTS Cramming Heavy Hussar HANDLING FOR A BADLY BOGGED TECH PERSONNEL OR STAFF MEMBER THE METHOD What to do with the staff member who has never been crammed in the first place?
12 JUNE 1973RA
Issue II
Revised & Reissued 25 July 1974 as BTB
Revised 4 December 1974
(Revision in this type style)
Cancels BTB of 12 June 1973R Issue II Same Title
Remimeo Cramming Officers Cramming Series 13RA


There comes a time in every Cramming Officer’s life when he has to face the situation of de-bugging a badly bogged tech personnel or staff member.

This is caused by these factors:

A. Staff member refuses to do the Cramming Orders through post overwhelm or incorrect Cramming Orders not corrected by the Cramming Officer, thus violation of Qual Senior Datum.

B. Staff member has done the Cramming Orders to apparent GIs and F/N but has not been fully honest in Cramming, thus causing by-passed Whys and post inefficiency. This person is glib and lacks confront.

C. Staff member was never Crammed in the first place.

There is a way out which can unlock the situation, enable the real data to be located, so the Why or Whys can be found and handled.


This method works in Tech and Admin Cramming quite efficiently, if thoroughly and honestly done.

1. Tell the person what you are going to do. Get his agreement to proceed and be assured of his participation.

2. Get the person to write up a full list of all done or not done Cramming Orders, with exact specifics, and all outnesses listed separately. Details may have to be obtained from the Cramming Log Book. Every time something is repeated, put a slash alongside the item.

3. Now ask the person to write up any other Off Policy or Out Tech actions being done or not done on post which have not been picked up.

4. Add these to the original list, putting a slash every time an item is repeated.

5. Now work with the staff member to group the outnesses together by subject area, level or basic.

A. Tech personnel outnesses will sort out into training levels or into basics of auditing, course or case supervision, as applicable.

B. Admin staff outnesses will sort out into staff member basics, key hat duties, Scn basics and other categories listed in BTB 7 June 73 RA, “Admin Cramming”*See Cramming Series 3, 8 Mar 75 II .

6. Add up all the slashes of the combined items. This will locate the Major Situation, as the one with the greatest number of slashes, and the Minor Situations, the remainder in order of number of slashes.

7. Take up the Major Situation and indicate this to the staff member. This should bring in VGIs. If not, go back and redo the above steps, adding any missed data, until you do get VGIs.

8. Now find the Why for the Major Situation. This must bring in VGIs. The Why Finding is done on the Meter.

9. Work out a Handling for the Why which will handle the hell out of it.

10. Get the Handling done immediately.

11. When the Handling has been completed, send the staff member to the Pc Examiner. If no F/N VGIs, find the right Why and complete the Handling indicated by the right Why.

12. End off the Handling of the Major Situation to F/N VGIs.

13. Now take up the Minor Situations in order of greatest number of slashes, and find each Why and handle separately.

14. There can be an EP to this action. The person has a tremendous resurgence of post efficiency, stats and morale and he is doing well again. End off the Cramming at that point, but see that remaining Situations and Whys are handled either in Interne or staff training.

This action can be done on an old-time Auditor who is anxious to return to auditing, in order to clean up the past major areas of failure. An old HPA/HCA could get this action done in Cramming, for a fee, of course, prior to doing an Academy Retrain.

The Cramming Officer must be familiar with all the tools he has at his disposal for the handling: HC List, Slow Eval Assessment, C/S 78 Wrong Why Finding Correction, Word Clearing, TRs, Admin TRs, Reach and Withdraw, 3 May 72 PL, C/S 53RI, PTS Tech, confront of MEST and work areas, various study and staff correction lists, Pre-PCRD assessment, disagreement checks, Integrity Processing, writing drill, plus the entirety of the Technology and Policy and Books of Dianetics and Scientology.

In working with lists which contain training and auditing correction actions, the relevant training correction actions are done in Qual and the Assessment form is routed to the Pc folder for the auditing actions needed to be done and Staff C/S advised.

Do not buy case reasons as Whys for staff member post flubs. There are always post or staff reasons for flubs. However, if the Cramming Officer finds that staff on his lines are mis-audited or not audited, he should chit the D of P and Staff Training Officer for failure to take responsibility for seeing that staff get regular Intensives on a rotational basis, and that staff members in trouble do have their folders checked for Out Tech and do get corrected.

When it is found that the staff member never studied or checked out on key data or post hat material in the first place, the correct Cramming handling is to cram in the key material so the person can now function, and see that a post training program is written up by Pers Programmer and done in staff training.

The one to five steps in the method above do not take more than a half to one hour at the most.

Do not hesitate to use TRs and drills on staff members in Admin Cramming. They need TRs and drilling as much as Tech personnel.

What to do with the staff member who has never been crammed in the first place?

As Admin Cramming starts being used more regularly in Orgs, Cramming Officers will find themselves with bogged staff who have never had any Cramming. He will then be handling an actual backlog situation which is unexpressed.

In this case, he should get a write-up from the Div Head involved of exactly how this person has been operating and the outnesses observed. The Cramming Officer should then get the person himself to write up what he considers that he has been or has not been doing, plus a write-up of exactly what post training the person has had. The Cramming Off goes over the data with the person and they sort out and group the outnesses as found, thus locating the key outness to be handled. For this person, the handling will be what will rapidly handle the Why found and enable the person to function on post. This action must be followed by an immediate post program by the Personnel Programmer and completed in staff training.

The Cramming Off must report Div Heads who won’t cram their staff to the Qual Sec for Cramming correction orders on the Div Heads themselves.

The steps of this Bulletin are remarkably efficient in locating major hidden areas of outness in order to be able to handle them. The hardest part in handling a person who is badly bogged is just where do you start? These steps give an exact sequence to do this and are incredibly easy to do.

Ens. Judy Ziff, CS-5
Reissued as BTB
by Flag Mission 1234
I/C: CPO Andrea Lewis
2nd: Molly Harlow
Authorized by AVU
for the
of the