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CONTENTS The Attainment of “Clears”
Issue 66 [1958, ca. early February]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

The Attainment of “Clears”

L. Ron Hubbard

A CLEAR. A person at willing and knowing cause over his own life, his body and his surroundings and without a reactive or subconscious mind.

I have been receiving congratulations the last few weeks for having developed techniques which make it possible for auditors other than myself to clear people.

It has taken more than eight years to cross this bridge. I made the first Clears in 1947-49. Then I wrote a book about it — Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. I honestly thought people could clear people with that book. But all it really did was make people able to heal people, not clear them.

People got better when audited by others. They did not get clear except in rare cases.

So the past eight years has been occupied in the making of a bridge so that others could clear others. Now it appears it has been done.

First I had to find out what I was doing. Then I had to find language to describe it. Then it was necessary to develop a discipline which could do it.

Well, apparently we’ve won. It has taken eight years. But it is done. We are making “Book I” Clears in the Hubbard Guidance Center. We are making them in ACCs. We are making the grade in staff co-auditing.

For much more than 2,500 years, Man has dreamed of this goal. When Gautama Siddhartha (623 B.C.) rose in the East as a Buddha, he could bring about the state of Bodhi in a man. Nearly all of his teachings concerned the attainment of this goal. The state of Bodhi is evidently our “Clear.” (It is accidental that the goals compare.) But from this action of a few reaching “Bodhi,” more than half the civilized world was changed.

It was forecast at that time that some day in the West someone would make it possible for this to occur in one lifetime and for many. Regardless of the prophecy, it is evident that we are now able to bring about a state higher and more acceptable than Man has believed possible. And it is very important that many people can accomplish the state in others.

Further, it is now possible to train a person to create the state in others with a few months of work at the Academy. And it is possible to bring about the state of Clear in from 30 to 275 hours of professional auditing at the Hubbard Guidance Center.

So an eight-year bridge-building program draws to a close and I find myself engaged in communicating the data and researching toward an even higher state, one not even embraced by earlier literature — ”Operating Thetan.”

The staff attitude here concerning Clears is interesting. Only within the last few weeks has the staff as a whole become aware of some of the magnitude of all this. It required about five Clears around the organization headquarters, one after the other, for people to wake up to what has happened. And then more days to realize that these Clears had been brought about by auditors not yet clear. And finally more days to realize that Clears were being made by somebody other than myself. And finally, that:

  1. At the Academy we teach all the skills necessary to clear people.
  2. At the Hubbard Guidance Center, staff auditors are using only techniques to clear people.

In other words, the staff woke up to find that they were doing it and that they now were doing nothing else.

In the 19th Advanced Clinical Course, clearing began to occur with routine student auditing.

And in the broad field of the public an awareness of this seems to be coming about. We have some advertisements running in magazines that simply invite people to come in and get clear and people we’ve never heard of before are arriving with no preamble and signing up and sitting down to get cleared — just like that.

What an enormous amount of data has been covered in 25 years! I’ve combed into almost anything and everything for the answers. The answers were not as simple as one would expect. But they were simple enough to get the job done.

An old-time Dianeticist came in during the 19th ACC, looked at the students and what was happening and was the first to put it in words — ”Thanks for making it so others can do it.”

Well, that’s what’s happened.

The practical aspects of this are apparent in such things as a new Board of Trustees order to the effect that charters in the future would be given only to Clears, by an order to worldwide staff to be clear in six months, by a co-auditing clearing project for professional auditors here in D.C., at no cost.

You could say that we’ve been marking time as an organization waiting for this day. The day has arrived. We need mark time no longer. In the teeth of a worsening world, we’ve made it, no matter what happens on Earth.

Quod erat demonstrandum. It can be done for you.