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CONTENTS Man’s Contest with the Machine Age
Issue 67 [1958, ca. mid-February]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

Man’s Contest with the Machine Age

L. Ron Hubbard

The humanities, until now, have been defeated by the raging chatter and disinfected order of the Machine Age.

Man as a creation has been overwhelmed by his own creations, the drill press, the typewriter, the superbomb and the moon-carrying missiles. Bewildered, he knows the octanes in his fuel, the calories in his stomach and the wavelength of Radio Rome, but he does not know his own thoughts, his intentions, the source of his fears or the reason for the decay of his discipline. He can fire a bomb half around the world and yet like a hand closing in a death throe, the boundaries of his empire draw inward. From his chromium-banded car he gazes out at throngs of his fellows going where they do not know or why.

The Anglo-American peoples have launched upon the world a technology bound by perfection to win against and across all other cultures, but they have not launched with it a technology of the mind or a code of behavior adequate to guarantee the conquest.

Borrowing from a Russian, already a slave to the Anglo-American machine age, all they know or use of insanity, the authors of our industrial age have found boundaries and limits to their own conquest in “human humiliation.” Human inability has placed a ceiling on the height Man can go into space, upon the amount of technology that can be absorbed by a savage race and, less romantically but far more practically, upon the efficiency of a business office.

Man is in trouble. He has invented himself into a dead end. The more efficient his machinery, the clumsier become his mind and behavior.

It is our business to match the forward advance of the machine sciences with a comparable advance in the humanities. We have done so in Scientology.

With Scientology we can restore the freedom of the individual, the discipline of the group, the pride of accomplishment and the understanding necessary to use the Machine Age before it itself uses Man entirely.

We recover here our miracle and ability to do and to live or we perish in the howl of an upsurging wave of savages or of a down-coming bomb.

We did not civilize the native. We overwhelmed and equipped him for revolt. We did not advance our clerks and executives as we advanced their equipment and their duties.

We have the only workable new civilization and technology since Rome fell. We have not given it the philosophy and know-how that will permit it to win.

In the midst of everything material we need, we live in a vacuum of pride and courage and so we can fail.

Scientology adds to the Anglo-American potential that philosophy of humanness necessary to our winning. Without it our peoples will continue to crumble and break before the savageness of the machine and its remorseless toll of our hope, our courage and our will to do. We can still win — with an adequate philosophy to know and to do.

We have it in Scientology. A Clear is above all this.