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Via Hubbard Communications Office
4 Marylebone High Street, London W. 1
[1953, ca. mid-August]

Come on and bear a hand with your professional or special membership. Send your $28 or £10, if you haven’t already sent it, to London—4 Marylebone High Street, London W. 1, or to the HAS in Philadelphia—237 North 16th Street. I need your fee to help bear the freight on investigation, PABs and the Journal. You need this data, this service.

Occasionally you may not like what I say but remember that small fault can be found with silence. You may not like what people say I do — remember that all you know for sure about what I do is that I do my job — it being my simple-minded belief that that is the only way for anybody to get anywhere. I want you as a member. There are darned few of us to get this show on the road as it is. So send in your membership fee if you haven’t already. I need it. If you have a better “reason,” charge it up to $28 worth of auditing from Hubbard.

The International Congress of Dianeticists and Scientologists is scheduled September 30, 1953 (Tuesday to Saturday inclusive) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Write to HAS, 237 N. 16th Street, Philadelphia for more data — or just be there if it is in easy reach. The entrance fee will be minor. I’m going to give ten hours of rundown on SOP 8L and auditing and demonstrations. And there will be lots of case reporting. Professional organizations will get under way in earnest for the first time. You may not be aware of it but with 16-G and other material, we are toeing the mark to take over psychotherapy in the U.S. That’s not ambitious, there not being any besides ours. Hope you can make it. If you can’t, a few months later there will be a Western conference in Phoenix.

Somebody may be interested in a personal project of clinical and research training. We have too few top-notch boys and girls in auditing and almost none in investigation. For the six weeks following the Congress I am going to groom a handful personally, picking out the most promising I can. There will be an $800 fee, a guaranteed clearing, and an award of HGA to the successful ones. Needless to say, I only want experienced auditors for material. Also, I will listen if somebody is impatient to have his case cracked by me. I’m cracking occluded ones, even in Spanish and French these days — and I speak darned little of that!

As a personal note, I’m homeward bound by freighter, being shepherd to a couple of racing vehicles. Susie, who knew no Spanish at all but pronto (and all Texans know that), now holds long and involved conversations with the baby’s Spanish nurse, shopkeepers, professors and officials. Confidentially, her accent is very Texan-Spanish with a southern drawl. The baby, of course, isn’t speaking anything even though she understands what I tell or ask her. She’s a real cute kid. All grin and giggle.

About Scientology, the universities in America would be ashamed of themselves if they could see and hear the high repute in which the work is held in Europe. Over here they know something happened in 1950.

Well — to business.


Easy to Learn, Quick to Act

With regard to your own case or any case, be advised that as of this writing of August, 1953, six short easily learned processes exist which, separately or in combination, markedly and simply alter and improve a case. They solve those problems encountered in Dianetics as well as in Scientology. These processes are unlimited. They are not difficult to do. They work fast and they require no more time to learn than it would take to instruct a preclear.

When I step back and look at them I am a little shocked at myself for not developing them 25 years ago instead of this year, and I am more than a little shocked that Man, in 3,500 or 4,500 years of written history, could have remained ignorant of them.

Of course Man, in many cults and systems, borders on these. But make no mistake — if you think you know one of these because you saw it in Mysticism or Capitalism or some other cult, read it again here, for you have missed it. “Taking nothing” is not denial, for denial implies a shunning of something, and “taking nothing” doesn’t even imply a something exists. This, for example, is an all technique. It is a certainty of nothing-in-existence. Hard to do at first, perhaps, but productive. And so it is with other processes. Read well, for the thing may be so simple you will miss it.

Now what are these six wonder-workers? SOP 8? No, but they appear there. Formula H? Takes skill to use that. SOP 8L? No, we aren’t even covering these here. Our six processes have been around for a while and they are given to you as tested, for many auditors have worked with them. And they are given to you as self-processing techniques, for a trained auditor can use them on himself. Any one of these, used alone, would probably effect a theta clear. But that isn’t our goal just now. Many of you have no reality in that. Instead, let us use, one after the other, these six just to become better beings.

In subsequent PABs we will do processes which bring you to know about Life through your own certainty. In this one we will aim toward the goal of getting you to know that you are alive. Oh, you do already? Not, I am afraid, to as great a degree as you could. In this PAB we are going to cover the certainty that something can happen.

Now those of you who exteriorize easily need alter these processes here only to the extent of doing them while exteriorized. These apply to any case, mock-ups, black or what-room.

The processes are, by proper name:

  1. Ten Minutes of Nothing.
  2. Duplication (Step E, Short 8).
  3. Spacation (Step III, SOP 8).
  4. Contact (Step VII, SOP 8).
  5. Self Analysis (Step VI, SOP 8).
  6. The Opposite Pole.

They rank approximately in the above importance and they can be run in the above order.

Certainty Processing, Formula H, and SOP 8L are to be the subjects of later PABs. The above six serve our purpose here. They serve our purpose so well, these six — that an auditor cannot use them on a preclear without changing markedly the state of the case. In fact, it is my belief that an auditor, after testing these on himself and a preclear, could not honestly go back to using off-brand psychotherapy unless he had something else besides psychotherapy in mind, such as, shall we say, sadism or coercion. For these six by themselves or with Certainty, SOP 8, Short 8, SOP 8L and Formula H, produce any beneficial mental result possible according to my experiments, data and reports. Remember, all these are Scientology, they are not Dianetics. They go on a 180° vector to Dianetics. I developed these in 1953. I carefully point this out in order to unstick a few people on the time track. The phenomena in Dianetics are still there but Dianetics requires too much skill and leaves too wide a margin for unscrupulous auditing. Dianetics isn’t better — it’s just too difficult, and takes too long.

These six are a backbone of Scientology, Science of Certainty. And they give you and your preclears all the certainty of recovery you could desire. They undo travail. They do their job easily without auditor restimulation. And you can self-audit them.

(Read ALL the PAB before Self-Processing.)

To begin the session, if you were here in person I would ask you to double terminal with certainty “I can’t make people well” “I can make people well” in brackets, for it might be standing in your road. You can try it if you like but you don’t need to. We’ll pick up all that when we learn about LIFE in SOP 8L. Or I might have you run “Must reach” “Can’t reach,” “Must withdraw” “Can’t withdraw” on your favorite somatic first. But again, that isn’t necessary.

Let’s go straight to (l) of these processes:

(l) Take Ten Minutes of Nothing. This technique means Oh so literally what it says. It isn’t ten minutes of “relaxation” or “relief” or “rest.” It isn’t ten minutes of you, a body. It isn’t ten minutes of somatics. It means ten minutes of no body, no engrams, no walls, no MEST Universe, no sound, no thought, really nothing. All one’s life he is trying to get, to work, to be, to perceive SOMETHING. Now for Ten Minutes let us have utterly NOTHING. The gettingness of something makes a one-way flow. Also the dwindling spiral. Also, the one thing the analytical mind cannot be, it thinks, yet all it is is nothing, is in MEST terms: Nothing. Mind you, fear of NOTHING is enough to make one’s stomach curl for Nothing is death itself. This is unlimited in running time. It always improves a case in the long run if not instantly, as it often does. The preclear discovers sooner or later he CAN be nothing, that he doesn’t have to strive to be. What a relief! Lao-tse was so right about striving.

The MEST Universe itself is mainly nothing even in the science of physics. In sound, concentrate on the silences between the beats, not the beats, for instance.

You can use NOTHING in Matched Terminal Brackets, you can have Nothing of particular somethings such as dead kinfolk. But the basic technique and the one used here is simply “Ten Minutes of Nothing.”

If you or the preclear get too ill the first time (the illness would abate if the process were kept up and always abates in subsequent periods) use the next-to-the-last list of Self Analysis (something real, etc.).

Now to (2). This is Duplication. This process appears in Short 8 as Step E. But it appears so briefly that its use and variation has not been understood.

Рекомендую привітання з днем народження чоловіка від дівчини тут.

The analytical mind has come to depend entirely for perception upon the body while, it can be demonstrated easily, it is itself capable of vision.

Further, the body has a nasty and uncontrollable trick of duplicating everything it sees. This makes engrams. The body perceives continuously as we learned in Dianetics. Duplication is the action of making mental pictures. Duplication processing brings the mechanism of taking pictures under the aware control of the analytical mind. The body “makes pictures” of everything. It is certain of MEST because it has apparently been punished into agreeing with the solidity of MEST.

The analytical mind is not so “sold” on MEST. Thus, remember this, it doesn’t make clear pictures or “see” well at first. It dubs in a thing of no consequence in theta clearing. The process begins by having the preclear (or yourself) look with the body’s eyes at MEST objects and, one by one, put beside each object selected a mock-up or duplicate of it. This is done rapidly with far more attention to quantity than quality. This is done for a couple of minutes. The second, longer step consists of advising the preclear or yourself to “look” with eyes shut at MEST objects and, eyes still shut, put a duplicate or mock-up beside each object selected, and perceived. One does not at first select the preclear’s body. One selects objects in the room, then outside the house. The last necessitates “seeing through walls.” At no time lead the preclear, if doubtful, to do more than “pretend to see.” But don’t tell him he must only pretend either, for this is invalidation. The certainty comes in on the duplicate. The preclear knows he is duplicating even if he is only pretending to see the actual object. Tell him to see the house next door and duplicate it with a mock-up beside it. Tell him to see a bush and duplicate that. Keep this up for many many objects. The preclear may or may not tell you he feels he is away from his body. If he is, good. Don’t tell him to get back in. Just keep up the process regardless. You are not interested at this stage or with these processes in theta clearing, but it happens anyway.

Finally have the preclear view and mock up beside it his own body and parts of his body from various angles. This process resolves scarcity of engrams and viewpoints and is intensely useful and valuable.

1. Spacation is Step III of SOP 8. This is a specialized version of nothingness. It is very murderous to aberration. Its first phase is to have the preclear, with his eyes closed, “reach” up and find the two corners of the room behind him and get interested in them and NOT THINK. You can do this for hours. No matter how bad you feel or from what, you can always improve with this one. This puts the preclear in present time. And as circuits are never in present time, they key out. This process resolves all your out-of-present-time Dianetic problems.

The preclear is holding on to both sides of the engram bank, taking responsibility for one side only — thus he is an effect. This is “Spacation with MEST.” Your preclear, I am sorry to say, will eventually exteriorize whether he knows about it or not.

A total spacation is completed by having the preclear put eight anchor points of his own out, ignoring MEST, to make and use his own space. There are many uses for this process. All ills are basically lack of one’s own space. This Step III is basically a nothingness process. People who are afraid of nothingness can’t make space.

2. Contact is Step VII of SOP 8. More data is needed here. Auditors have been writing me frantically telling me that their “sane” preclears get big tone rises on this and that this is not limited to psychotics. The process consists of having the preclear see, feel or otherwise sense objects in the room, reach for them with hands and then withdraw from them. It can be repeated theta-wise.

3. Self Analysis (Step VI of SOP 8) is, of course, the total of Self Analysis in Scientology, published by the HAS in Philadelphia.

It is mock-up processing. It

(a) creates space,

(b) takes attention off engrams,

(c) recovers the use of energy,

(d) improves aesthetics, and several other things.

The next-to-the-last list in the book is still excellent-Recall a time when something was real to you, when you were in good communication, when you knew some affinity was present. This can be supplemented by having the preclear mock up an entirely fictitious series of past and future incidents- for TRUTH when it means MEST Universe is Total Agreement with the past; and that is death, that is MEST.

4. Opposite Pole processing is new to you but it is a logical follow-through on three universes. We have here more than adequate to make one sure of his own universe, enough to make one sure of the MEST Universe, but not enough to make the preclear certain of the “other fellow’s universe.” (See Issue 16-G of the Journal of Scientology, “This is Scientology,” [page 378].) Certainty on three universes is necessary.

The Opposite Pole is, as I will cover in later PABs, quite important. Here I will give the rudimentary process:

There are two phases. The first is allied to Certainty Processing. The second is a resolution of valences. Its name is “Wearing Heads.”

In the first, one puts an imaginary point before, behind, above, below, to each side of him, one place at a time, and has this point think “I am going to destroy you”; also have the points saying “I will betray you” and “I won’t reply” and then the preclear thinks at the point “Nothing there.” This is a simple form. The point can think all sorts of threatening or cowardly things, and also “Nothing there” meaning all manner of things at the point. But the primary phase of having the point think “I am going to destroy you,” “I will betray you” and “I won’t reply” and having the preclear think “Nothing there” and varying the position of the point will suffice when Opposite Pole is used with the remaining five processes.

“Wearing Heads” is the second phase of Opposite Pole. One has the preclear, or himself, make a list of early allies, pets, enemies, current associates, the wife or husband and objects and then, one after another, put on the head (mocked up over his own head or around him if exteriorized) of the other person or thing. One does this rapidly. The preclear gets some insight into the 3rd Universe. “Wearing Heads” is quite effective. If there are some heads he won’t wear or if he gets one “stuck on” and “can’t get it off,” recall that this process is the last on the list and one goes from it to “Take Ten Minutes of Nothing” and around we go again.

Now if you really are serious about your own case or about getting results on your preclear, you will sit down or lie down for half an hour or an hour or so a day for the next two weeks and go through each one of these six, giving each a few minutes and then going on to the next. I won’t tell you you’ll be a clear in two weeks. You will have to have an insight of some depth into life to be a stable clear and you get that by getting audited on or auditing yourself on Certainty, Formula H and SOP 8L on the routine to be given in future PABs. But if you use these six steps as given here and don’t wander and don’t let your circuits get you into “mazes of philosophy” and don’t get fascinated by engrams, you’ll be a passable release after a while. You may even find out you’re alive! Breathing and everything!

Here’s the routine:

  1. Ten Minutes of Nothing.
  2. Duplication.
  3. Spacation.
  4. Contact.
  5. Self Analysis.
  6. Opposite Pole.

Do each not longer than ten minutes at a time. Do all in one session. Use for any case, for auditing or self-auditing.

Send in for your membership so I can see you next fortnight.