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Through: Hubbard Communications Office
Seville, Spain
4 Marylebone High Street
London W. 1, England
[1953, ca. late August]


The big news is the International Congress of Dianeticists and Scientologists scheduled for October 1, 1953 by the HAS, 237 North 16th Street in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Congress will last five days, beginning Wednesday and closing Sunday night. The new material will be given and demonstrated by myself. Professional organization will be stressed business-wise. Case reports on current data will be given. Group Processing will be undertaken and demonstrated by myself and others.

I am, by present plan, homeward bound in September after an absence from the

U.S. of one year. During that year I believe I have achieved a great deal — a strong and successful operation in England and internationally. And I have brought the science to a point of simplicity which works excellently even in poorly taught hands and upon groups.

I have one more process which I am saving for the Congress, a process which makes the preclear, no matter how unhappy, quickly satisfied that something is happening for the better and which strikes down even the extreme cases of “I don’t want to get well.” This is 8L and is a final answer to engrams and what life is about. It has not been detailed in any paper. It is pro-auditor and self-processing.

We have now university backing of magnitude in Europe and also university arrangements in the U.S. And I think the amount of trouble I can expect is slight, although I am informed that some fellow in the Middle West urged in Denver a “police force to keep auditors from using Hubbard’s techniques.” I have booby-trapped the line on this guy. He will, of course, as he has in any series of lectures I have given, launch some petty suit at me to annoy me. This lets me sue back in the East. I think he will be very unhappy, I hope. I’m not looking for trouble but today I have the funds, the science and the time to get real nasty on these squirrels. Always before I had first to think of investigation, second to think of business. The boys took ample advantage of my preoccupation with trying to get to where we could really help people easily. I am ashamed for them but that won’t stay action from me.

Now following the Congress in Philly, I am going to take on personally for training some few top crust HDAs or HCAs. This is the start of the doctorate routine. It looks like the pattern will go this way:

The Road to Doctorate:

  1. HCA from an associate or doctorate school.
  2. B.Scn. from a doctorate school.
  3. Correspondence Courses on various subjects such as philosophy, psychology.
  4. Special training by myself.

Three and four above may be changed at times so that they finish with my prepping before they finish their correspondence courses.

The people I will undertake to train immediately after October 5 will be advanced people. The course will be clinical in nature and will last six weeks. Its fee is $500. If you can see your way clear, send me somebody real good so we can have some carefully coached auditors around.

According to plans we will have, I believe (but not for certain), a Western Congress in late December at Phoenix.

In Philly I hope to get the HAS a bit more active and solvent, a thing I always work on anyway, so don’t be concerned for the moment on the non-receipt of books.

There will be conference tapes, about 10 hours at $10 per hour. Order through HAS, Philly.

The Journal will now be catching up on its issues. The big drawback here has been its lack of copy from me. I have been pretty busy and for some time without a dictaphone. Its earlier punctuality was due in some part to my having good facilities and getting the copy there on time. Also to Hart’s heavy newspaper indoctrination. Poor ole Green Eyeshade will have to get unoccluded now on 8L.

Hardin and Sequoia have received a go-ahead on a four-year training program which includes some “residence training.” We are now seeking to work out a schedule whereby he can use the Sequoia Correspondence Courses in various subjects to supplement associate training through the associate. These are apparently good courses Sequoia has. I have asked Ross to look into using the purely correspondence material on philosophy, etc. in a general program for associates. This doesn’t, by the way, put anybody under Sequoia. The reason for this study in old subjects lies in my observation that most auditors lack knowledge of Man’s struggle with knowledge. They cannot, with this lack, recognize first the value of their own work, second, cope with cultured if incompetent academic psychologists, and third, they appear ignorant to preclears who, if their trouble is severe, are quite often extreme experts on psychology and philosophy. This is part of raising the cultural level of auditors as a whole.

As a side comment, isn’t that Ghost of Scientology raising hell with people! Delightful.

As another comment, people process and act in Spanish according to the rules and tone scale.

Still another, my God is it hot in Seville!

NOTE: Run Certainty on “Can (Cannot) make people (self) well.” Be surprised how this changes an auditor.