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Issue 26-G [1954, ca. late March]
Published by
The Hubbard Association of Scientologists, Inc.
Phoenix, Arizona

The Road Up

L. Ron Hubbard

Scientology today is doing exactly what it is supposed to do — work! It is the only valid and fully tested mental process which Man has.

In view of those facts, both of them very easy to establish, why isn’t Scientology cutting a large swath through the world? It is attracting a great deal of attention as the growing ranks of the HAS show. But why isn’t it bowling through each and every doubt and opposition everywhere?

There are several answers. The first is the widespread advertising of that “nonadvertising” group, the medical profession. Magazine articles are counted upon by the a.m. A. to sufficiently advertise medicine without the a.m. A. having to buy space. The a.m. A. and its practitioners sell hope for a billion or two annually. They have established a monopoly on health (or, one should say, bad health). This monopoly and the constant parade of articles in all leading periodicals tend to lull the public into the false belief that Man’s major problems of mental and physical health have already been solved. The a.m. A. today depends, actually, upon the remedies prepared for biochemists to keep the medical doctor from being disgraced.

There will always be a role for the medical doctor. But his role is not as broad as a.m. A. advertising would like us to believe. The doctor is a handyman desperately valuable in the specific fields of emergency surgery and repair (as needed after accidents), in obstetrics, in orthopedics and as epidemic police. Further he ceases to be valuable. Almost any chemical engineer can administer antibiotics with better results than can a doctor. Any civil engineer knows more about sanitation. Almost all operations as in the field of surgery are needless. And in problems of psychosomatic medicine the doctor has been and is a rather miserable flop — and psychosomatic medicine comprises better than seventy percent of Man’s ills!

The medical profession has prepared its own retreat into the fields where it belongs for it has openly fought original research into the problems it itself could not solve. It has continued to accept money from the public to remedy ills it cannot help. It has therefore forfeited to a large extent the good will of all research people and, as any poll would show, the affection of the public as well.

Any organization unnaturally pretending to cure all when it cannot nurtures the seeds of its own destruction. Any organization which pretends to developments which it at first fought at length becomes laughable. That the medical profession is now advertising, as in the Ladies’ Home Journal, that it is now nicely accepting the prenatal theory of Dianetics without credit to Dianetics does not escape any ridicule or give us any real responsibility in helping the a.m. A. to continue.

The auditor does not belong in the accident emergency ward until the arteries are re-assembled. The auditor does not belong on the cause end of a drug needle. The auditor does not pretend he can set bones (despite Life’s article to the effect that auditors do).

But the medical doctor believes with a very touching faith that he belongs in a consultation room for the neurotic and insane. He believes he is a high authority on shock and trauma and rushes quickly into his favorite advertising media (the magazine article) to air his views on mental states — when as a matter of fact the opinion of the local grocer is probably more reliable.

The medical doctor affirms his right to pass upon mental therapies, to advise his patients about them. Why doesn’t he give advice on radio receiving sets too? It’s a subject just as far from his forte as mental science is.

The public is daily sold on the idea that psychosomatic medicine is in the province of the medical doctor. Legislatures believe that only medical doctors should “treat the insane.” Everybody is standing around pretending the problem of mental health is solved. And that is one of the most dangerous assumptions any culture could make. The people of the culture believing that today are shocked and surgeried into permanent insanities by medicos who know no more about the mind than an auditor does about broken bones.

The complacence of the a.m. A. in the teeth of this very dangerous assumption should be very alarming, particularly to the a.m. A.

Routinely and regularly Scientologists are now solving all branches of psychosomatic ills and all problems of shock and insanity save in those cases where physical impediments to communication are impossible. Since 1947 every effort has been made to put this data into the hands of the medical profession. The Original Thesis was written for and distributed to the major organizations who control healing in the United States. Yet each shrugged off any responsibility in the matter. The direction to go, then, was not down simply because those “in charge of healing” could not find value in Dianetics. The direction to go was out and up. Dianetics was broadly released to the general public.

The great mouthpieces of medicine such as Morris Fishbein in Newsweek have devoted pages and pages to a desperate effort to stop Dianetics. The raving and frothing done upon the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology by otherwise responsible men in Life, Time, and Look, in Liberty and cheaper publications has no real precedent in this century. Every piece of scandal that could be scraped up was hurled by medicine to stop Dianetics in its tracks.

That was a heavy push for a young, struggling science to have to face. Well, Dianetics and Scientology have faced it. This counter-effort has slowed markedly the speed of advance. But that was not unexpected. And the counter-effort is now almost entirely spent.

It cost a lot of money to slow Dianetics and Scientology down. But it was worth a very great deal to these sciences to be slowed down. For it made it necessary for me to work much, much harder and make them much, much better and the time that took was the same time that it required for the attack to wear itself out. Today we are very rich in knowledge. We can do things quickly which, yesterday, were all but impossible.

The ridge of resistance is still there. But it is not a very solid ridge. For we didn’t fight back. Now that we are ready to march, it is rather like walking on the backs of an enemy which has slain itself.

Now what are we going to do to make OUR attack good? Well, we have to do several things.

The first of these is to discover in every one of us a level of performance and ability which in itself will set an excellent example. That one is “in” Dianetics and Scientology should be a synonym for being quick and able.

This one we had better remedy rapidly. And the answer to that is posed in the HAS program in Phoenix where for very, very little any auditor can have his case pushed right on up to the top.

The second of these several things has to do with ability in Scientology and with Scientology. This is being remedied by better training schedules in associate schools and in particular by our Advanced Clinical Course in Phoenix. (For they don’t get out of HERE without knowing how!)

The third of these is to compel into the public knowledge the fact that LOW COST therapy now exists. That answer is the group answer. We have tapes here now which, if played to a group of strangers, would produce clears.

A fourth answer to our problems is with you. All you have to do is stop asking for agreement from your area and start to ACT with what you know and Scientology will go across wherever you are like a startled rocket. Who cares who agrees with you? A medical doctor never explains the remedy. He just uses it. Well, why don’t you just USE Scientology and stop explaining it?

The main problem which faces us now is WHAT are we going to do to SAVE the medical doctor? He has all but ruined himself. We need bone and baby mechanics. We need somebody to sew up the maimed and mauled. We MUST be careful not to attack medicine. We MUST remember to be patient and gentle. Otherwise you and I in a few years will have to sew them up and deliver them and that’s too much to ask.

Scientology is advancing just exactly the way it was intended to advance. Now let’s all of us get able enough to make the able much more able and get this show on the road.