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Via Hubbard Communications Office
163 Holland Park Avenue, London W. 11
[1954, ca. early March]

The following is a report as submitted giving some idea of what can occasionally happen in running Certainty Processing.

I am publishing this report mainly because it demonstrates the essential ingredient of a successful auditor — nerve. An auditor who doesn’t have nerve — the clean, cold courage necessary to plough through and blast a case to ribbons when it starts to run that way, and bring the preclear up all in one piece — has no business auditing.


July 11th, 12th and 13th, 1953

Preclear — Student, aged 24

Auditor — Eileen Hibberson HPA, of “Magic Casements”

Auditor’s postulate “to take a shortcut across the case” by deliberately finding the buttons and working on the fundamental certainties, and with the preclear’s agreement and co-operation the techniques to be intensified, i.e. to work preferably on double terminals instead of matched terminals.

Saturday, the 11th July. Tone scale first on auditor (on double terminals) then tone scale on himself — in each case changing colors of mockups — gradient scale from apathy up tone scale to clear theta clear.

Ran certainty on double terminals “I am in my body” (positive and negative in brackets). Maybe’s and breaking down of ridges indicated on E-Meter. Needle seemed to be making sudden rising jerky thrusts on the upper end on the tone scale. Session completed by anchor points, Spacation, Geographical and then ARC list, followed by tone scale as commencement of session.

Second session same day. Tone scale gradient scale on double terminals. Certainty

“Mother is there” (positive and negative in brackets). At one time preclear got a swift facsimile of a distant past life. Ended with anchor points and tone scale gradient scale on auditor and preclear ARC list.

Sunday, the 12th July. Tone scale gradient scale to clear theta clear auditor and preclear — double terminals. Anchor points.

CERTAINTIES: Double terminals all way through.

“I can begin life anew” (positive and negative in brackets)—slight shivers, coldness, some yawning. Little somatic. Probably some prenatals suggested by restless side-to-side head movements. This also turned up earlier on “Mother is there” (positive and negative in brackets).

“I can make life persist” (positive and negative in brackets). This bounced preclear straight into violent electronic discharges all over the body and convulsions. Tone dropped, in all 5 dials, and later rose steadily. At one break preclear’s hands and arms were completely paralyzed and anaesthetic. “Shrinking” of flesh observed by auditor. This was run out on double terminals “Can’t let go” (positive and negative in brackets) and preclear holding hands opposite each other to aid discharge. It took 3/4 hour for complete recovery of movement and sense of touch. The “can’t let go” postulate came out with sudden violence as the auditor switched 9-V meter on after unsticking the jammed needle after the violent swinging; and after the meter was switched off again the cans still stuck to the hands which were open wide and rigid, and had to be pulled off by the auditor. A red patch was observed on the right side of the forehead; this came and went twice. During the paralyzed state, balance and co- ordination were gone also (probably the cerebellum knocked out) and hands showed athetoid movements (extrapyramidal system).

Visio:Black screen — preclear had the concepts perched on the corners of it. Sensation of terrific torrent of high frequency waves coming from behind screen striking the three FAC 1 points and spreading all over the body.

Auditor had impression once during this of sperm track incident.

This CERTAINTY was run for three consecutive sessions with breaks for rest and warm drinks between, and tablets of concentrated B1. At the finish of these three sessions, the preclear could hold the positive and negative certainties at high tone level, with no reactions.

During the running the emotional curves were “WILD” (LRH). The preclear’s eyes seemed to be focussed in centre of the forehead upturned and bloodshot — especially after the first session.

The 9-V switch — on during the run, sent the preclear nearly up to the ceiling, head jerking forward onto the knees.

Total running time of this CERTAINTY was 3 hours.

Same day — early evening: Certainty double terminals “I can stop life”

(positive and negative in brackets) brought evidence of electronic shocks in a much milder form, yawns and shivers and coldness of body. After a fall on the E-Meter, there were constant steady rises.

Later same evening:Ran Certainties: “I can change life,” “I can start life” (positive and negative in brackets).

Preclear was completely bored all through and there were gradual rises indicated on the meter with occasional “flicks.” Auditor’s impressions to say the least were terrific when preclear got up from the settee. Preclear just “oozed” high-toned vitality from his body and eyes were shining from an inside source.


  1. The energies of (Electric shock (Nerve (Pins and needles (Cramp gradient scales (Sex (Electronic implants [e.g. funny-bone] are identical
  2. The five Dynamic 2 Certainties will send preclear straight into electronics — connection of D2 and implants as above, provided preclear is at a sufficiently high enough level of the tone scale and can get a strong enough certainty.
  3. Once started these electronics should be run right out (therefore plenty of time is required).
  4. Be aware of the tone of the preclear. A preclear with high selfdeterminism will detach himself and plunge through (auditor’s free theta will help).
    A low-toned preclear will either pull out analytically and won’t face it, or go unconscious — reactive escape (this latter might require hours of ARC work).
  5. Don’t switch on E-Meter when preclear is holding the cans when preclear is highly charged; he probably discharges through the meter rather than the reverse.
  6. Don’t run violent physical stuff (electronic convulsions) or any chance of it on a full stomach. This is a good principle broadly for all processing.

Monday, the 13th July, 1953. Tone scale on double terminals gradient scale, auditor and preclear up to clear theta clear. Head front somatic turned on.

Certainties:“I can survive” (positive and negative in brackets) double terminals, turned on the same effects, only mildly and was soon run out.

(Preclear recalled that during group processing “I’m their mock-up” [positive and negative in brackets] gave similar mild effects.)

The remaining three Dyn. 2 Certainties buttons, stop start and change life which were run again to see if all reaction was cleared, were boring and shewed only a few flicks on the meter.

The black patch which came up between the four terminals when running “I can make life persist” the previous day was put up again by the preclear running the Certainty “There is something there” (positive and negative in brackets). This was run for two consecutive sessions, with somatics, shudders and mild convulsions, when suddenly it burst into blazing white light. Immediately got preclear to mock up his head four times facing four squares of bright light with the same certainty (working on the previous week-end’s finding that when preclear was twelve years old had measles and each day suffered extreme discomfort when the sun poured in at a window slantwise. It was after this when it was found he had defective vision). This white patch persisted until the final bracket when it turned black.

It was at this point of processing the preclear reported that his terminals had changed from four to eight (i.e. three dimensions).

(Auditor’s question to LRH. “Is this to be the next step for faster and more intensive techniques?”)

CERTAINTY “Woman there” (positive and negative in brackets) and the meter indicated what appeared to be ridge explosions, sudden and violent with increasing rise in tone.

Over the three days, the sessions leading up to “Electronics” and making certain that nothing of a restimulative nature was left behind, the time spent in actual processing was approximately ten-and-a-half hours.

After a break of seven days before further sessions, it was decided to run some of the foregoing Certainties again together with other fundamental certainties, and it was found there was no tendency towards dramatization of the “Electronics,” with little power of restimulation left behind. Flows, although rapidly downward after first contacting the Certainty, made very quick uprises and the preclear during them had quick “shock” movements swiftly at one point of the body after another. Therapy there afterwards moved very swiftly.

Preclear reported an uprise of confidence maintained ever since as he had never had before. Also a sense of detachment from everything — no sense of exteriorization — but from the inside of his head.

Observations: Preclear found it of immense help to do the tone scale on double terminals especially in clarifying ideas and concepts of theta clear and clear theta clear. Had the feeling of easily getting to the upper theta levels.

Auditor’s conclusions on this were:

  1. It helped to release any charges of emotion accumulated during the day by preclear, probably dissipating worries, etc., to a great extent.
  2. It “attacks” emotional charges and aberrative material in connection with the eight dynamics.
  3. There is the freeing of emotion at all levels thus making preclear more “fluid.”
  4. It exercises “thetan” in higher level concepts of knowingness, beingness and “clears,” etc.
    Although preclear may not at first get these higher level concepts, it has been noticed that after a few sessions with this gradient scale, preclear has had sudden awareness of higher attitudes, knowingness and goals to aim for.
  5. It also helps to keep ARC between preclear and auditor at the very highest level and improves mutual co-operation.

This processing of Certainties reveals a whole field of speculation, research to be made, and since that week-end of processing masses of data have come tumbling in both from the minds of the preclear and the auditor, also from outside sources.

There was a rather interesting piece of confirmatory data regarding the advisability of running “electronics” completely out when contacted by “Certainty” processing. A fellow auditor was called in on an epileptic case, and during running contacted the “halver” with electronic convulsions. After a long session where the preclear came up tone scale and could exteriorize, use beams on fingers pulling them up etc., went back to her home in a very excellent condition. The same night took part in a home social evening, during which a friend of the family tried to force unwelcome attention on her, with the result that during the night she had three very violent fits. The point here I wish to make is that once the charge of electronic force is “started” and not thoroughly run out through lack of time and opportunity, there will be the risk of attracting the opposite poles of force and thereby leave the preclear “open” to undesirable experiences at the sexual level.

The electronic implant most definitely was meant to degrade the thetan and GE, e.g. people’s change of physical appearance during epilepsy.

End of Report.

I call to your attention the fact that even when people are not trained to expect electronics they are encountered. One noted incident of this character came about when a preclear being run by an auditor who “didn’t believe in electronics” had such a fac explode with sufficient violence to burn a hole through the preclear’s hand and through the cans of the E-Meter itself. In several other cases, E-Meters have been blown out.

Ridges, as differentiated from electronics, very often themselves explode and send the preclear rapidly from the top of the tone scale, where he might be, down to the very bottom depths of apathy. A little more auditing and handling of the ridges is all that is necessary to bring the tone on up again. I have seen a green auditor become so frightened at the explosion of a ridge that he left the preclear in apathy, and as auditor Hibberson reports, failure to run out an incident properly can result in an easier restimulation of it.

In a covering letter auditor Hibberson says of this report: “When we first touched this ‘thing’ and came up for a ‘breather,’ we both said that Ron is wrong, it is not sex that these certainties are the push buttons for. The second plunge into it, however, soon indicated what Ron had meant — crude primitive stuff with full impact, as even I felt it in the lower abdomen and base of spine, and then culminating in the chest of each of us like a psycho-physical hysteria. At that point I said to myself, ‘Get out of this, be apart from it,’ and after that I was able to observe in a quite detached way. Incidentally, quite by ‘accident,’ my little ginger cat jumped up on my knee during a session and I found him to be a perfect terminal. I can see now why witches had cats as their ‘familiars. ’ The preclear at some point during this second jump found himself viewing everything in a very detached manner and was quite certain that it was from the centre of his head

.... When things were going at their ‘hottest,’ a remark of Ron’s just dropped into my mind to the effect that ‘Ron did say that despite what you are seeing, we never did have a dead preclear on our hands,’ also ‘Never to leave a technique half-run.“

I am reproducing this report in this PAB not simply as an example of nerve, although that is a thing which I find most wanting in auditors before their cases are in good shape, but because it is just a plain, good, down-to-earth job of excellent auditing.