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CONTENTS Learning How to “Clear”
Issue 77 [1958, ca. late June]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

Learning How to “Clear”

L. Ron Hubbard

In December of 1957 the first Clear was made by another than myself. This was the gain. This was the fruit of the years.

Now we can have many clears. We can have thousands of clears. And if we can have that, we can have a civilization.

So this was the bottleneck — other auditors couldn’t really clear people. And this bottleneck is splintered to diamond bits.

Other people can clear others. And so we’re on our way.

However, it wasn’t so much the technique that counted — it was knowing how to apply it — knowing fundamentals, knowing procedures.


It won’t be picked up out of books. It won’t be taught by word of mouth. It will be taught where Scientology teaching itself was evolved — the Academy.

The procedure of teaching to clear is as much part of clearing as the techniques of clearing. We must face that fact. And there’s no real text on it because the text would be too long.

There are very few people who know this teaching procedure. But brighter than that, there is at least one place where the combined know-how can accomplish the fact — and that place is Washington, D.C.

So now that we’ve got clearing and clear people, we also have a course, enrolling every Monday, that teaches clearing and only teaches clearing.

That course is the Academy course leading to the grade of HUBBARD CLEARING SCIENTOLOGIST.

This is the old BScn Course and replaces the grade of Hubbard Advanced Auditor, which certificate while still valid, will not be issued again at this time.

The Hubbard Clearing Scientologist Course is five weeks in length. It is taught by L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. It is taught only at the Academy of Scientology. It will continue to be taught.

The prerequisites of the course are Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist and Hubbard Certified Auditor certificates.

The cost is $285.00 unless taken consecutively with an HCA Course where there is a discount.

The grade of Hubbard Clearing Scientologist will be the only validation stamp grade below the ACC Course.

We have found that an aspiring auditor does better in school if he first has a Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist Course, preferably under a validated field auditor, of which there are many. However, this course is taught at the Academy as well. This is a two-week course at the Academy.

We have found that an auditor goes nowhere if he does not know his basic Scientology and the fundamental activities and procedures of an auditor. These are taught in the Hubbard Certified Auditor Course. How to analyze problems, handle preclears, apply Scientology to life, give assists, do spiritual healing, handle the mind and a multitude of skills are all basic in this HCA Course. It is the Key Scientology course.

It lasts eight weeks and contains 575 hours of personalized instruction. This is the course that really makes a Scientologist. It is a requisite to the Clearing Course.

The Hubbard Certified Auditor Course is constructed as a wholly practical course, more on the order of a laboratory than a lecture series, in which every important aspect of livingness is taken up part by part and demonstrated with simplicity and clarity. Until such a thing has been done with a person, his attempt to clear others would meet with failure. But, even more importantly, successful living would be questionable without a modern HCA Course.

The new Hubbard Clearing Scientologist Course follows a long tradition. Called the BScn Course and later the HAA Course, it has always taught clearing in one form or another. Earlier courses stressed exteriorization and other routes. Dr. L. Ron Hubbard, Jr. and Dr. Richard F. Steves have been the principal instructors in the past. The length and schedules have not been varied greatly from its earliest beginnings. The only things new about it are the title of the certificate and the actual, precise, welded in- place, embedded-in-concrete stable data and procedures surrounding the new fact of clearing.

People who complete this course will be able to clear people and that’s all there is to it. The possibility of clearing somebody without such a course is, on the average, not very probable since clearing is a new reality. That doesn’t mean people shouldn’t try. A person attempting to clear will do more for a preclear than he’s been able to do before, but to really reach the ultimate fact of clear with a pc would be quite a feat indeed without the auditor being specially trained.

We want people who can routinely clear people — and fast. We want no false prophets who, unable to really clear, degrade the definition or results of Clear. We want clearing auditors. We’ve made them in the HGC, I made them in the ACC, so we can make them in a five-week course — if they are good HCAs already.

The public will buy Clearing from an auditor. Even the dullest seem to understand what you mean when you describe “Clear.” So an auditor selling clearing had better be sure he can. And we can make him sure — not only of the fact of clear but his own ability to clear.

In an Advanced Clinical Course after 1958 I am going to teach only Operating Thetan technology. The goals of an Advanced Clinical Course are to clear the students who aren’t and teach all the students how to audit toward Operating Thetan.

Thus, as you can see, the ladder of courses we have developed have evolved into their natural places following the natural evolution of people and can stay that way. To develop this ladder we had to have technology about teaching and developed what we needed over these eight years. And we had to have the actual facts toward which to train. And so we obtain the following courses and goals, all of them logical and practical:

1. Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist. — Two weeks of day training. Teaches people how to communicate and handle people. Field or Academy trained.

2. Hubbard Certified Auditor. — Eight weeks of day training. Teaches people the practical parts of life and the fundamentals of handling it, as well as the procedures of auditing. Taught by Academy only.

3. Hubbard Clearing Scientologist. — Five weeks of day training. Teaches auditors to clear people. Taught by Academy only.

4. Hubbard Graduate Scientologist. — (Advanced Clinical Course — ACC.) Six weeks of night and day training. Teaches auditors how to audit toward Operating Thetan. Taught by LRH only.

Those are the grades which have evolved. We see no reason to change the arrangement or the certificates for the next thousand years. There will be other special courses, of course, but these are the basics.

You might ask why all these certificates beginning with the word “Hubbard” — auditors in 1950 and again in 1954 voted it that way, overthrowing my plea to take it easy, and so that’s the way it is. They want it that way. Doctor of Scientology still exists, too, you know.

I am very happy to make this announcement of courses. I haven’t liked the changing around, either. But any Hubbard Dianetic Auditor can have a Hubbard Certified Auditor certificate just by writing in and paying the small cost of preparation and any HDA or Hubbard Advanced Auditor certificate is still valid.

What a long, hard struggle it has been to stabilize the know-how and goals of training. We’ve done it just in time. Not too far off we’ll need to hire a thousand auditors at high pay to take care of something special. So we haven’t missed by much. Preference will be given, of course, to Hubbard Clearing Scientologists — and the training, no matter how many we hire, will have to continue to be at the auditor’s expense — as is true of every staff auditor we have. We, the auditors, built all this ourselves out of our own pockets and so we own it. That won’t change.

A hundred thousand clears would change for the better all the civilizations of Earth.

Say — do you know we’re already doing it?

The Scientologist is today’s Cause point in an embattled world. We’ll win.