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Issue 57
[1957, ca. late October]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.


L. Ron Hubbard

Well, I’ve been working now for a lot of years to bring Dianetics and Scientology up to a point of supermagic.

It was easy to get them up to magic. In a world where no results, aside from accidentals, had been the order of things, it was simple to create magic. A cloying illness resolved, a fast heal of a broken limb, a recovery from fixations and obsessions, it was easy to repair these. That was simple magic.

And time and again I’ve told you “this is better” and it’s been true and auditing worked better.

But what were we really looking for?

We knew all of us that we were in a sort of trap called physical universe. And although it was all right to say we’d gotten in ourselves and that it was each man’s fault, it is nevertheless true that it was a trap complicated by innumerable traps.

It was all right to say that it was “natural” for man to kill deer. But that wasn’t making it any easier on the deer.

It was all right to recover enough data to know that dying wasn’t fatal but still

men died and dying often hurts.

By no actual consent of our own we are torn from our friends and possessions and crushed into new lives. But just because we understood it made it no less arbitrary, no less painful. Just because we could better understand the trap made it no less a trap.

I’ve heard people say, “I don’t know what I ever would have done if you hadn’t come along, Ron.” A11 right, why should somebody like me have to come along if all the world is right and the universe an expression of deep love.

We curse at man-made hells. We spot cause in villainies uncountable. Yet, think now, what are we doing in a universe in which hells are possible.

Sure, maybe you even asked to come here. But deep in pain and shock, shadowed by your own forgetting, why puzzle now if this Universe is a good place.

You wouldn’t say a lion’s cage is a good place for a child. Nor would you jeer at and accuse a child who unwittingly stumbled into a lion’s cage. What is the cage doing there in the first place for a child to fall into?

Let’s be sane. We can rationalize this universe, we can explain complaints, we can blame the inmates but is it not true that we came unwitting into it?

What do we really want out of Dianetics and Scientology? What could I really give you that you want?


Is there anything wrong with escape? Is a man mad who seeks to leave a fire that chars him, a mass that crushes him, a world that laughs at his dreams and scolds him for his stupidity?


Why not escape?

Why not let a few others escape. After all, we’re not all only ones. We can feel and we can cry.

Tell me why Christianity won so well. Wasn’t it because of promised escape? Tell me why Buddhism won so sweepingly. Because it promised escape.

Well, why not escape. If the great religions of all time became great on the promise of escape, we must assume that a lot of people want out and that there’s something wrong with in.

This universe is a breaker of bones, a defiler of deeds, a mocker of gallantry and peace. I can say this with equanimity. I don’t have to get emotional or even personal about it.

A spirit seeks to advance, to improve. Each way is blocked. This universe knows only how to decay.

Is there a way out?

Yes there is.

We have it in Scientology now. I have found it and charted it. I know exactly how to open the gate.

For whom. Ah yes, that’s the news. We used to say — ”if your case is in good shape” or “if you really want to.” Of course you want to. But it didn’t require magic to open the gate. It required a supermagic to let our friends go free.

For seven years or less you have believed in me. You saw enough to know two things: (a) that I was sincere and would continue to work on it and (b) that a progress line existed which improved.

All right. What has been done? The auditing skills have been created which led an auditor up to this.

What has been done? In the lower steps of CCH we can rescue the people lowest down, even the unconscious people.

I told the 18th ACC — ”I am through researching south. A11 further HGC researches will consist of going North.” I went North faster than I had thought I would. I have now taught the auditors in Washington and the Academy instructors how to go all the way north.

All the way.

I know why you’re here and the fast way out. I have taught auditing skill to Academy students and the 18th ACC. I’ve taught all the way north to the HGC auditors.

What is the way out? With no excuses, no byroads. Straight out. A11 the way. Without belief or faith or “right conduct” you can go all the way.