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CONTENTS The Eighteenth A.C.C.
Issue 56 [1957, ca. early October]
The Magazine of
from Washington, D.C.

The Eighteenth A.C.C.

L. Ron Hubbard

Now that the 18th ACC has roared into history, there are a lot of auditors around whose auditing skill is very wonderful.

But more important to us all there are some Scientologists around whose ability to run groups is in the stars.

The 18th ACC people, over half a hundred of them, received gold seals on their certificates. That means they can validate other certificates and it means they can grant a new Hubbard Apprentice Scientologist certificate.

We are looking to the 18th ACC graduates to complete the validation program and to get going groups and more groups.

These 1 8th people are wonderful people. They did well. I saw it and I have said it. They’re fine people.

Let us face the reality of this thing. The world confronts several crises. Man’s inhumanity to Man is gaining monuments daily. The time to bring a chaos under control is before it is well begun. We’re slightly late as it is. Brutally, there is no other organization on Earth that can slow these down. Factually there is no other know-how on Earth that can plumb the problems of Man. So if we don’t want all of us to be sitting amongst the charred embers, we had better get busy.

This is no alarmist statement you know. We are the people who can confront it. Past civilizations have vanished, you see. The Chaldean, Babylonian, Egyptian, Chinese, Hind, Greek, Roman, European — they did vanish. Those little beaten down peasants you see in France were once the proud Romans. Those small brown men who sell their sisters on the streets of Cairo were once the mighty Egyptians. And it was when those societies looked richest that they had already started down. Like this one.

They all failed because they had no know-how about Man. They all dived under from ignorance. Wisdom, real wisdom, could have salvaged any one of them. Wisdom can salvage this one. Wisdom held by the many, not one wise man.

Scientology can smooth the way. It can make intelligent leaders, workable policies. But Scientology hasn’t a chance unless we get groups going. You and these people can do this.

If you want men to be slaves, do nothing. Just sit.

If you want this civilization to become charred embers, do nothing. Just sit.

An empty belly and a dead family aren’t funny. Why wait until they’re a fact to do something.

You say, well what can I do. I’m just a little fellow. I’m just one of billions. That’s a lie. You have to hand the most powerful weapon yet forged on Earth: Scientology. You can talk. You can organize. The unions broke the back of savage management. All men in one union against ignorance can break the back of savage “fate.”

Listen: At the HGC we can selectively increase profiles or IQ. So can other auditors. We are making tomorrow’s leaders. Right now I am working with government contacts to do this.

You can back that up. Get processed. Get trained. Get groups going. It doesn’t matter how expert you are.

We’ve just trained people whose advice you can ask. They’re now all over the country. That’s what we did in the 1 8th ACC.

I’m going to need 5,000 auditors for the Army alone. The 18th ACC was just a springboard to that.

Groups, groups, groups. We can run them now — solvently.

We can make the grade. We can win. How. You don’t have to do the whole job. One man at a time is as fast as anything can be made to travel. Get one man, one woman in. Handle one. Then you’ll get the others — one by one.

I trained the 1 8th ACC to Validate your certificate, or to give you know-how. To show you how to do it. To help you with your Scientology plans. All right, that’s riches. We did a good job on these people. We hope from them will spring a great number of fine, enthusiastic, working groups.

So here’s the 18th ACC.

On one side we’ve only a world, a universe to win. On the other we’ve only tomorrow’s wreckage.

Let’s go!