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Via The Office of L. Ron Hubbard
30 Marlborough Place, London N. W. 8
[1953, ca. mid-June]


The anatomy of maybe consists of uncertainties and is resolved by the processing of certainties. It is not resolved by the processing of uncertainties.

Issue 16-G is recommended to you for your processing and your public representation. It contains the anatomy of certainty.

An uncertainty is held in suspense solely because the preclear is holding on so hard to certainties. The basic thing he is holding on to is “I have a solution” “I have no solution.” One of these is positive, the other is negative. A complete positive and a complete negative are alike a certainty. The basic certainty is “There is something” “There is nothing.” A person can be certain there is something; he can be certain there is nothing.

“There is something” “There is nothing” resolves chronic somatics in this order. One gets the preclear to have the center of the somatics say, “There is something here” “There is nothing here.” Then he gets the center of the somatic to say, “There is nothing there” “There is something there.” Then the auditor has the preclear say toward the somatic, “There is something there” “There is nothing there.” And then he gets the preclear to say about himself, “There is something here” “There is nothing here.” This is a very fast resolution of chronic somatics. Quite ordinarily three or four minutes of this will resolve an acute state, and fifteen or twenty minutes of it will resolve a chronic state.

This matter of certainties goes further. It has been determined by my recent investigations that the reason behind what is happening is the desire of a cause to bring about an effect. Something is better than nothing, anything is better than nothing. Any circuit, any effect, any anything, is better than nothing. If you will match terminals in brackets “There is nothing” you will find that a lot of your preclears become very ill. This should be turned around into “There is something.”

The way one does Matched Terminals is to have the preclear facing the preclear or his father facing his father; in other words, two of each of anything, one facing the other. These two things will discharge one into the other, thus running off the difficulty. By bracket we mean, of course, running this with the preclear putting them up as himself to himself; as though they were put up by somebody else, the somebody else facing the somebody else; and the matched terminal again put up by others facing others.

The clue to all this is positive and negative in terms of certainties. The positive plus the negative in conflict make an uncertainty. A great number of combinations of things can be run. Here’s a list of the combinations:

The button behind sex is “I can begin life anew” “I cannot begin life anew,” “I can make life persist” “I cannot make life persist,” “I can stop life” “I cannot stop life,” “I can change life” “I cannot change life,” “I can start life” “I cannot start life.”

A very effective process: “Something wrong with (you, me, they, my mind, communications, various allies)” “Nothing wrong with (you, me, they, my mind, communications, various allies).”

A very basic resolution of the lack of space of an individual is to locate those people and those objects which you’ve been using as anchor points, such as father, mother and so forth, and putting them into matched terminal brackets with this: “There is father” “There is no father,” “There is grandfather” “There is no grandfather.” In the compulsive line this can be changed to “There must be no father” “There must be a father.” One takes all the allies of an individual and runs them in this fashion.

The basic law underneath this is that a person becomes the effect of anything upon which he has had to depend. This would tell you immediately that the sixth dynamic, the MEST universe, is the largest dependency of the individual. This can be run out, but then any dynamic can be run out in this fashion. “There is myself” “There is no self’ and so on up the dynamics. “(Any dynamic) is preventing me from communicating” “(Any dynamic) is not preventing me from communicating” is intensely effective. Any such technique can be varied by applying the sub-zero scale as found in Scientology 8-8008 which is also to be found in an earlier issue of the Journal of Scientology.

One runs any certainty out because he knows that for this certainty there is an opposite negative certainty and that between these lies a maybe, and that the maybe stays in suspense in time. The basic operation of the reactive mind is to solve problems. It is based on uncertainties about observation. Thus one runs out certainties of observation. The most general shotgun technique would have to do with “There is sex” “There is no sex,” “There is force” “There is no force.” This could be run, of course, in terms of matched terminal brackets or even as concepts, but one must not neglect to run the overt act phenomenon, which is to say getting somebody else getting the concept.

The processing out of certainties would then embrace “I have a solution” “There is no solution.” These two opposite ends would take care of any individual who was hung on the track with some solution, for that solution had its opposite. People who have studied medicine begin by being certain that medicine works and end by being certain that medicine doesn’t work. They begin by studying psychology on a supposition that it is the solution, and finish up believing that it is not the solution. This also happens to superficial students of Dianetics and Scientology; thus one should also run “Dianetics is a solution” “Dianetics is not the solution.” This would get one off the maybe on the subject.

We are essentially processing communications systems. The entire process of auditing is concentrated upon withdrawing communications from the preclear as predicated on the basis of the body and that the preclear cannot handle communications. Thus “The preclear can handle communications” “The preclear cannot handle communications” is a shotgun technique which resolves maybes about his communications.

An intensely interesting aspect of Certainty Processing is that it shows up intimately where the preclear is aberrated. Here is the overall basic technique. One runs “There is—” “There is not—” the following: communication, talk, letters, love, agreement, sex, pain, work, bodies, minds, curiosity, control, enforcement, compulsion, inhibition, food, money, people, ability, beauty, ugliness, presents, and both the top and bottom of the Chart of Attitudes, positive and negative in each one.

Basic in all this is the urge of the preclear to produce an effect, so one can run “I can produce an effect upon mama” “I cannot produce an effect upon mama,” and so forth for all allies, and one will resolve the fixations of attention on the part of the preclear. Thus fixations of attention are resolved by Certainty Processing, processing out the production of effect.

One can occasionally, if he so desires, process the direct center of the maybe, which is to say doubt itself, in terms of Matched Terminals. This, however, is risky for it throws the preclear into a general state of doubt.

The key to any such processing is the recovery of viewpoints. “I can have grandfather’s viewpoint” “I cannot have grandfather’s viewpoint” and so on, particularly with sexual partners, will prove intensely interesting on a case. “There are viewpoints” “There are no viewpoints,” “I have a viewpoint” “I don’t have a viewpoint,” “Blank has a viewpoint” “Blank has no viewpoint” resolves problems.

One should also realize that when one is processing facsimiles, he is processing at one time energy, sensation and aesthetics. The facsimile is a picture. The preclear is being affected by pictures mainly, and so “There are no pictures” “There are pictures” forwards the case toward handling pictures, which is to say facsimiles.

A person tends to ally himself with somebody whom he considers capable of producing greater effects than himself, so “(I, she, he, it) can create greater effects” “(I, she, he, it) can create no effect” is quite effective.

When one is processing, he is trying to withdraw communications. Reach and Withdraw are the two fundamentals in the action of theta. Must Reach and Can’t Reach, Must Withdraw and Can’t Withdraw are compulsions which, when run in combination, produce the manifestation of insanity in a preclear.

“I can reach” “I can’t reach,” “I can withdraw” “I can’t withdraw” open up into the fact that remembering and forgetting are dependent upon the ability to reach and withdraw. You will find that a preclear will respond to “You must” or “You can,” “You must not” “You cannot,” “There is” “There is not” forgetting and remembering.

The only reason a person is hanging on to a body or facsimile is that he has lost his belief in his ability to create. The rehabilitation of this ability to create is resolved, for instance, in a person who has had an ambition to write, with “I can write” “I cannot write”—and so forth. The loss of this creative ability made the person hang on to what he had. The fact that a preclear has forgotten how to or no longer can himself generate force makes him hold on to stores of force. These are very often mistaken by the auditor for facsimiles. The preclear doesn’t care for the facsimile, he simply cares for the force contained in the facsimile because he knows he doesn’t have any force any more.

It should be kept in mind that Reaching and Withdrawing are intensely productive of reaction in a preclear. But that preclear who does not respond to Reaching and Withdrawing and Certainty thereon, is hung up in a very special condition: he is trying to prevent something from happening, he is trying to maintain control. If he prevents something from happening, he also prevents auditing from happening. He has lost allies, he has had accidents, and he’s hung up at all those points on the track where he feels he should have prevented something from happening. This is resolved by running “I must prevent it from happening” “I cannot prevent it from happening,” “I must retain control” “I must lose all control.”

Blackness is the desire to be an effect and the inability to be cause.

“I can create grandfather (or ally)” “I cannot create grandfather (or ally)” solves scarcity of allies. “I want to be aware” “I want no awareness” is a technique which is basic in attitudes. Run this as others, in matched terminal brackets or in Expanded GITA.

Certainty there is a past, certainty there is no past; certainty there is a future, certainty there is no future; certainty it means something else, certainty it does not mean anything else; certainty there is space, certainty there is no space; certainty there is energy, certainty there is no energy; certainty there are objects, certainty there are no objects.

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