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Via The Office of L. Ron Hubbard
30 Marlborough Place, London N. W. 8
[1953, ca. end June]


The reason behind beingness is the drama of cause and effect. It has been isolated that the total reason for activity which explains all other activities is “to produce an effect.” In this we have a dimensionless CAUSE ambitious only to produce an EFFECT and to handle effects which are produced on it.

BEINGNESS is the modus operandi of effects. The thetan would rather have less than more identity and becomes only when he cannot otherwise produce an effect.

The one thing a thetan is afraid of being is what he is in terms of this universe: nothing. Thus it is better to be anything than nothing. So it is better to handle, produce or have any effect than to handle, produce and have no effect. Thus the service facsimile, thus the conduct of the preclear.

Awareness on high scale is aware of producing effects and of effects without proof via energy. Awareness lower on the scale requires the proof of perception and thus energy and force.

As one moves from pure CAUSE into beingness one becomes involved with his own developed energy and the energy of others. Living is the battle of effects. Dying is the final dramatic effect one who has a body can always produce.

The thetan is never otherwise concerned than with effects. The problem of awareness and of effects in general is communication. Communication, not affinity or reality, is the monitor of any processing.

The phenomenon of facsimiles is produced by the thetan to prove to himself what he has done. He knows without facsimiles. He is already low in tone when he starts dealing with them. Energy, force, responsibility and perception are the same order of problem and thing.

Occlusion is the loss of viewpoint of effects. When one has lost a viewpoint with which to perceive effects and upon which he depended for all perception of effect he is very occluded. Viewpoint and evaluation are, aberratedly, synonyms. Thus a law: a person takes the viewpoint of that person who has most evaluated for him. If that person then dies, the result is the apparent loss of that other’s viewpoint which brings about loss in general. This is solved by remedying the need of the now dead viewpoint.

Communication is defined as any RITUAL by which effects can be produced and perceived. Thus a letter, a bullet, the output of theta “flitter” are all, to us, communication. Men communicate with women with difficulty mainly because they have found that women cannot handle their communications: force and sexual particles. But men communicate even more poorly with men for there is no particle adequate. Women communicate poorly with men because they have found danger in the receipt of any male communication. Hence the breakdown of interpersonal relations. Women find it all but impossible, for instance, to communicate with women; there is no particle.

Awareness is the first requisite of a communication system. If one is TOO aware, he is hurt. If one is not aware enough, he is hurt. A bad communication is a sudden impact. Gentle communications are seldom remembered.

Any certainty can be classified as knowledge. Certainties exist in three universes from many viewpoints. Awareness of a heavy flood of energy becomes a certainty.

Any certainty, just as any effect, is better than no certainty. Thus we find the preclear suspended on the track anywhere he has had a high certainty. Thus his suspension in electronics and such. A certainty is positive or negative — that something exists, that something does not exist. Run, as though it speaks, “There is something here” and “There is nothing here” in any numb or painful body area, and then the pc the same as though he speaks to it, and the somatic will abate or the numbness vanish. This can be applied to the outer areas around the preclear as well.

Matched or Double Terminals in brackets is a fast and effective technique. It is run on certainties. One runs only those things of which the pc is certain. They alone create a “maybe” and a “maybe” alone aberrates. A high level process is Matched or Double Terminals in brackets: “I want more awareness” with the emotion of certainty; “I want less awareness” with an emotion of certainty. “I want no awareness” “I want some awareness.” This pin knocks a case that is hanging fire into a willingness to perceive and, hence, communicate better. One resolves also the problem of lost viewpoints with brackets on “I have my (mother’s) viewpoint” and “I do not have my (mother’s) viewpoint” and on all persons who saw or evaluated for the preclear. Also in brackets “(Any dynamic) can handle communications” “(Any dynamic) cannot handle communications.

The key theta actions are “REACH” and “WITHDRAW.” The auditor is trying to withdraw communications from the preclear. This restimulates in the auditor trying to withdraw or wait for communications in his own past. An auditor must match- terminal “I must (must not) withdraw the communication” on himself to get into good shape to audit.

My best to you.