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RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Метод 5 (Серия ПрСл 38) (2) - Б720621-1
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- Метод 5 (Серия ПрСл 38) - Б720621-1
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- Метод 6 (Серия ПрСл 39) - Б720621-2
- Метод 7 (Серия ПрСл 40) - Б720621-3
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Issue IV
Remimeo Word Clearing Series 41


(If a student has trouble with this Method he should do Method 7 first. Method One should also be done.)

Method 8 is an action used in the “Primary Rundown” where one is studying Study Tech or where one is seeking a full grasp of a subject. Its End Product is Super-Literacy.

The steps are these:

Usually an alphabetical list of every word or term in the text of a paper, a chapter or a recorded tape is available or provided.

1. The person looks up each word on the alphabetical list and uses each in sentences until he has the meaning conceptually.

The words are looked up in a big dictionary.

The grammatical words or small words are looked up in a simple grammar. If the person has too much trouble with grammar he should do the whole simple grammar text before going on.

Any technical terms not in the dictionary are looked up in a technical dictionary or glossary or in bulletins on the materials, i.e. a photographic dictionary.

This is not done for the whole subject, it is done for a paper or a chapter or one tape of a series.

2. One then reads or listens to the paper, chapter or tape for its sense or general meaning.

3. Method 4 is then done on the person to find any misunderstoods.

4. These are cleared up per Method 4 procedure.

5. The person reads or listens to the material again.

6. The person is again checked for any misunderstoods.

7. If there are any misunderstoods the person again does steps 4 & 5.

8. When the material is fully heard or understood as per above steps and checks, end off on that paper, chapter, tape and go on to the next one.

9. An alphabetical list is made or exists for the next paper, chapter or tape. Steps 1 to 8 are done on it.

10. Each succeeding paper or chapter or tape is done with steps I to 8.

When all the material has been done in this way, the person will be fully able to apply all the material.

Usually Method 8 is reserved for the Scientology Study Tapes which contain how to study and the Student Hat.

It can also be used to master a major subject.

It will be found that method 8 (or method 2 or 3 or 4 or 6) are very lengthy and hard to do unless one has first had a Method One Word Clearing.

A Word Clearing Correction List is used on Method 8 whenever a student bogs heavily. This list will, when assessed on a meter properly, locate the errors and they can be corrected.

When used on the Study Tech itself and Student Hat, Method 8 honestly done makes a person Super-Literate. It is like hearing and seeing and reading for the first time!

Reading a text or instruction or book is comfortable. One has it in conceptual form. One can APPLY the material learned.

It is a new state.