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RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Метод 5 (Серия ПрСл 38) (2) - Б720621-1
- Метод 5 (Серия ПрСл 38) (3) - Б720621-1
- Метод 5 (Серия ПрСл 38) - Б720621-1
- Метод 5 (Серия ПрСл 38R) - Б720621-1R89
- Метод 6 (Серия ПрСл 39) (2) - Б720621-2
- Метод 6 (Серия ПрСл 39) - Б720621-2
- Метод 7 (Серия ПрСл 40) - Б720621-3
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Issue II
Remimeo Word Clearing Series 39


Method 6 Word Clearing is called Key Word Clearing.

It is used on posts and specific subjects.

It is a heavier form than Method 5.

Method 6 is used without a meter.

Where a person is new on post or new to a subject or where there has just been a goof, an error or an Ethics action, these steps are done in the following manner.

1. The Word Clearer makes a list of the key (or most important) words relating to the person’s duties or post or the new subject.

This is made up as a list. The Word Clearer looks up each word in the dictionary and writes down the definitions.

The list may have as few as three words or as many as twenty or thirty.

(Example: A bank clerk’s key words would be “bank” “clerk” “money” “cash” “drafts” “teller” “accounts” “customer” etc.)

(Example: There has just been a goof resulting in an upset. The goof centered around “radio” “repairs” “operation” “operator” “electronics” etc.)

2. The Word Clearer, without showing the person the definitions, asks him to define each word.

3. The Word Clearer checks the definition on his list for general correctness not word for word but meaning.

4. Any slow or hesitancy or misdefinition is met with having the person look the word up and look up any word in the definition the person does not have a grasp of.

5. One completes his list.

6. By then the person has been jarred into looking further by the above actions. The Word Clearer asks “What other word relating to your post (or subject or error) didn’t you understand?”

7. Each one mentioned is now defined by looking it up.

8. The person can now be Method 4ed relating to his post to be sure all is clean and there are no upsets.

Note: Where the person has just had an accident or ethics action it may be necessary to delay the action until the person is calmer or not so upset as the action can be a heavy distraction if the person is hurt or frightened and will not be successful.

It will be found that laziness, inactivity, slowness and errors on a post or in using a subject trace to misunderstood key words.

The remedy is WC Method 6.