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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- CS - How to Case Supervise Dianetics Folders - B690628
- How to Case-Supervise Dianetic Folders - B690628
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RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Как Кейс-супервизировать Дианетические Папки (Серия КС, ДИАН) (2) - Б690628
- Как Кейс-супервизировать Дианетические Папки (Серия КС, ДИАН) - Б690628
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Remimeo Class VIII Checksheet New Era Dianetics Grad Checksheet (Revisions in this type style)
(Ellipses Indicate deletions)


It is very easy to case supervise a New Era Dianetics folder and pcs being handled by New Era Dianetics.

The full program to follow is covered in New Era Dianetics Series 2R HCOB 22 June 78R, New Era Dianetics Full Pc Program Outline. One just follows it!

There is very little to New Era Dianetics C/S work.

The Case Supervisor must be a Hubbard New Era Dianetics Graduate. There is no substitute for that. One who isn’t would hopelessly snarl up real New Era Dianetics auditors or students aspiring to that cert.

The New Era Dianetics C/S should really be a New Era Dianetics Graduate and a Class VIII. Even so he has to keep these techs completely separate.

One never asks a New Era Dianetics auditor in a Dianetic session to do anything except New Era Dianetics. There are no other actions.

The C/S, in correcting an auditor should do it positively and refer to the Dianetic HCOB. Negative criticism I have found, undermines auditors. One can as easily say the same thing in a positive way. Instead of „You broke the Auditor’s Code“ one can as easily say „Pcs must be rested before session. See Auditor’s Code. “

One never gets inventive in doing a New Era Dianetics C/S. It is all very straightforward.

The C/S point of view in New Era Dianetics C/Sing is that one is trying to get New Era Dianetics done. One isn’t, in New Era Dianetics C/Sing, torturously laboring to solve some difficult case.

Therefore there are only four possible actions for a New Era Dianetics C/S to take:

A. The case that makes gains is given more New Era Dianetics.

B. The case that has had all possible New Era Dianetics gain (and that is considerable) is sent on to Scientology.

C. The case that makes no gain due to case „oddity“ is sent to a Scientology auditor.

D. The session that is non-standard in auditing requires the pc be sent to a Scientology auditor.

It is the fantastic fact that the pc will only get Dianetic wins when receiving standard New Era Dianetics. Non-standardness only once in a hundred will give a case gain and that is a fluke. The Case Supervisor must have good subjective and objective reality on this fact. He must therefore be the ultimate in dictatorial martinet precision in requiring standard auditing and assigning standard C/Ses.

There are two types of cases only that come up.

1. The case as in A above who just goes on getting wins.

2. The case (who in life is usually chronically ill even if „up and about“) that requires a C/S to play adept Scientology auditing against New Era Dianetics auditing. Such a case is „solved“ by now being sent to a Scientology auditor, now being sent to Dianetics, back and forth.

In D above, the pc who gets a non-standard session and is bogged at the Examiner’s is simply given a Scientology Green Form to F/N. He/she is then returned to New Era Dianetics auditing. This is a very usual, easy action.

In C above, the „oddity“ case is easily recognizable in the folder. The oddity consists mainly of getting New Era Dianetics auditing, getting sick. Or in getting auditing but not being able to follow good standard commands.

Such a case also has a history of being ill. This case also can’t make any real headway in study and messes up pcs as an auditor and can’t seem to do standard auditing.

This C case, at first glance, seems to be hopelessly difficult and invites many to squirrel.

The case is more prevalent than one would think. It runs as high as 50% of voluntary pcs.

It could run much higher in the wog world. One spots the case only by the case’s reaction to good New Era Dianetics auditing, not by any opinion or test.

But this case isn’t any real challenge to the C/S or Scientology auditor.

Underlying all this illness and inability to concentrate or study or audit or hold case gains there is a heavily burdened chain that makes things seem very different than they are.

There is no trick to resolving the C case.

The C/S, having seen that the person roller-coasters after New Era Dianetics auditing, or can’t study or can’t audit, orders the person to a Scientology session for:

The Scientology auditor in Review does this. ExGF 40RD is the „7 Resistive Cases.“

Then the C/S sends the pc back to New Era Dianetics auditing for routine assessments and R3RA.

It is a saddening event to a C/S when the Scientology auditor lets him down. So an accomplished Class VIII on that spot is worth his weight in blessings. Lucky is the C/S who has a fine Class VIII. When he doesn’t have he orders only one action done between C/Ses and watches like a hawk. Reviewing reviews is a horrible waste of time, even though it has to be done when necessary.

This C type pc will now sail along for awhile in New Era Dianetics. But don’t be amazed to have the pc roller-coaster again.

When the C type pc does you simply order again a Scientology session and GF to F/N and ExGF 40 RD and handle. And it will all come out differently this time. And then the pc is sent back for more New Era Dianetics.

This is what is meant by interplaying New Era Dianetics with Scientology reviews for a C type case.

You will just be amazed at the eventual result in the pc. Really a cracked case, man!


Very sick pcs are sent directly to a medico of course. And New Era Dianetics auditing is given along with medical treatment to get the pc off stuck points. This is all covered in HCOBs on medical uses of Dianetics and includes Touch Assists.


The „insane“ pc is given absolute rest, a secure environment and any needful medical treatment (but never shock or surgery of the brain or nerves, of course, since that’s only depersonalization treatment).

When in better physical health the „insane“ pc is given just routine New Era Dianetics. But the sessions must be flubless and thoroughly within the Auditor’s Code as the „insane“ can’t stand up to any goofs or overwhelm.

These „insane“ pcs are most often simple cases of medically ill people — gallstones, malnutrition, deficiencies in certain vitamins, broken backs — the usual.

To undertake to audit an „insane“ pc to sanity without complete attention to the above paragraphs is adventurous in our experience. But with these things given attention, the „insane“ pc often responds amazingly. But do not be surprised to find that the „insane“ pc turns into a C type as he comes up the scale.

The main trouble with the „insane“ is that too many people around them are completely devoted to making them even more insane and they almost never respond to any treatment, medical or Dianetic, while kept in their same environment associating with the same people.

Also we could say that „Hell hath no fury to match that of a cured psychotic’s associates. “ Usually the real crazy one is an associate, not the „insane“ one.


In doing a C/S on a New Era Dianetics folder, I usually inspect the following in the following order:

1. The Examiner’s Report to see if the pc thought it was okay and if the Examiner’s TA, needle and indicator observation is all right.

2. The presession C/S to see what was previously ordered done.

3. The session to see if the C/S was done.

4. The 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 sequence and A-EYE to see if it is standard. I seldom read text if the session was okay at Examiner’s unless the session did not go well.

5. The F/N, … postulate and GIs or VGIs (erasure of the chain) and GIs at session end.

If all that is okay I give it a „well done. “

If it isn’t all okay I look for the 1, 2, 3 etc. that was not followed by an ABC but by a new 1, 2, 3, 4 etc. instead.

I try to find where the session went off standard and point out the standard actions that should have been done.

If the pc came out of it okay, I order more New Era Dianetics auditing.

If the pc didn’t, I send the pc to a Scientology auditor.

If it had lots of DEFs and ground to a high TA session end I check to see if the auditor asked for an earlier beginning.

If the Dianetics folder is getting fat and the session was unsuccessful I look for a possible C type pc and handle accordingly.

If the pc is reported ill, I order medical, an assist and treat the pc thereafter as a C type.

The value of a C/S, whether New Era Dianetics or Scientology, depends on his unfailing adherence to standard actions.

A C/S that dreams things up to try to „solve a case“ by squirrel processes is worse than no Case Supervisor at all.

The gain of cases depends on the standard, unswerving adherence to New Era Dianetics, to C/Sing in complete standardness and a Scientology auditor who really is a flawless standard tech man.

The result is the result of a team. To that team one also adds the admin team of the rest of the group doing their jobs.

Given all that, one can straighten up whole population areas and activities and get the job done on the goal lines of well and happy human beings and a well and happy society both with greatly increased survival potential.

C/Sing is a happy job itself. And blessed is a C/S who has good standard New Era Dianetics auditors and good Scientology auditors on his lines and a good New Era Dianetics Course Supervisor making new good New Era Dianetics auditors and a good AO somewhere making good new VIIIs, all backed with orgs whose staffs know their Org Exec Course and policy.

The C/S’s job only becomes unhappy and impossible when the auditors are nonstandard or the admin people never heard of lines or policy and he himself departs from the straight and narrow of New Era Dianetics and standard tech.

The purpose of New Era Dianetics can be accomplished smoothly and easily only if the above are taken into account.

These C/S data are as thoroughly researched in practical application of tech itself and are derived from hard won practical experience.