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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- How Not to Miss Out on Gains From Your Auditing (KSW-23) - B800829

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- Как не Пропустить Достижения в Вашем Одитинге (Серия СДС 23) - Б800829
CONTENTS How Not To Miss Out On Gains From Your Auditing DEFINITIONS WHY QUICKIE? "Lack of Time" Status Lower Harmonics Natural Clear and "Natural OT" Pretending Money or Economics Following a Bad Example Verbal Data An Unusual Solution to BPC Drugs Lack of Enlightenment If You Feel This Applies To You Black PR THE MOST OPTIMUM ROUTE
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(Also issued as HCO PL, same title, same date.)
BPI Tech Qual Execs C/Ses KOTs Auditors Reges Keeping Scientology Working Series 23

How Not To Miss Out On Gains From Your Auditing


Auditing is one of the most valuable services that there is to a being. The reason we get auditing is to make case gains and to advance up the Bridge to Clear and onward to higher states. It is therefore wise to know how not to miss out on gains from auditing.


AUDITING: The application of Scientology processes and procedures to someone by a trained auditor. Auditing gets rid of unwanted barriers that inhibit, stop or blunt a person's natural abilities as well as gradiently increasing the abilities a person has so that he becomes more able and his survival, happiness and intelligence increase enormously. (Technical Dictionary)

CASE GAIN: The improvements and resurgences a person experiences from auditing. Any case betterment according to the pc. (Tech Dictionary)

ABILITY GAIN: The pc's recognition that pc can now do things he could not do before. (Tech Dictionary)

QUICKIE: In the dictionary you will find "Quickie also quicky: something done or made in a hurry. Also: a hurriedly planned and executed program (as of studies). " Anything that does not fully satisfy all requirements is quickie. So "quickie" really means "omitting actions for whatever reason that would satisfy all demands or requirements and doing something less than could be achieved. " In short a quickie is not doing all the steps and actions that could be done to make a perfect whole. (Technical Dictionary)

QUICKIE GRADES: A derogatory term denoting grades "run" without all the processes of the grades each to full end phenomena thus reducing the effectiveness of Scientology by failure to apply it properly. (Technical Dictionary)

END RESULT FOR A GRADE (OR LEVEL): A cognition in lower levels is not necessarily an ability regained. Thirty or forty cognitions on one lower level might add up to (and probably would) the realization that one is free of the whole subject of the level. It is safe to run more processes. It is unsafe to run too few. (HCOB 16 Jun 70 What The C/S Is Doing)

RELEASE REHABILITATION ERROR: The most laughable error commonly being made in Release Rehabilitation is one in which the auditor discounts the value of his own auditing, keys out a lock in a pre-Scientology period and tells the pc he was a Release sometime before he was audited. Of course if you key out a major lock you may today get a Release State. The pc today, with better understanding through auditing, can attain Release by keying out an incident which made him worse than normal. I've never seen a "natural floating needle" in the absence of auditing. I never expect to. (HCOB 7 Nov 65 Release Rehabilitation Error)


The reasons why people get into quickying are covered in the HCOBs and HCO PLs on the subject of "Quickying" as listed under the title of this issue. The individual reasons found on some cases studied recently are as follows.

"Lack of Time"

In a desperate race to get up the Grade Chart by yesterday, some persons have thought they didn't have time to run all the processes and grades on the way. Unfortunately if one does not follow and run each of the processes and actions as developed, one never does get up the Grade Chart. The Grade Chart shows the processes, actions and the sequence of these, that enable a person to climb from aberrated humanoid up through Clear to OT.

This has never, throughout the many trillenia of the whole track, been possible until the techniques and the route out of aberration and up to OT were developed in Dianetics and Scientology. Now the whole track is very long indeed and so it is no wonder that after so long, long a period of aberration, people are eager to get Clear and OT. And in fact this is the normal or natural state for a thetan to be in anyway, so of course all want to get back up to those states. But if you omitted Tech in the interests of speed and carried this to the extreme, then you would end up getting nowhere, even though it didn't take you any time!

Actually in view of the length of the whole track and the fact that until Dianetics and Scientology it never was possible to attain the state of Clear or OT, it is really a very fast route indeed — it only takes a few years in one lifetime!

The states of Clear and OT are so desirable, so well worth achieving, and so infinitely preferable to staying aberrated, that any time spent on actually and factually attaining these states is very well worth it.


Sometimes people get into a wrong importance about status by desiring to be better than or beat someone else. When this affects one's auditing and case progress it is a very misplaced importance indeed.

Auditing is not a game of beating someone else, nor of attesting to a higher state than someone else. Auditing could be said to be a game of beating the bank or one's case, and a game of getting better and increasing one's abilities.

Getting auditing with the purpose of trying to out-do another, or seeking to attest to a higher state than another is off-purpose, and could deny one the gains and abilities attainable from auditing. Approach auditing with the purpose of making gains and new abilities; after all, that is what the auditing is for; it is your auditing and you who will benefit.

Lower Harmonics

Many of the states on the route up through Clear and OT have lower harmonics. (For further data on this hear SHSBC lecture 6608C16 SH Spec 75, "Releases And Clears".)

For example, a person who is unable to communicate and can't conceive of the idea of communicating, let alone being able to do so, would in processing come up scale to a point where this person began to realize that communication exists and that it is possible and that he could become able to communicate. This in itself would be a release state. It is not Communications Release as the person is not yet able to communicate. But it is a release state, and far preferable to the condition the person was in prior to the auditing. One would not declare the person a Grade 0 Release. One would continue the auditing until the person had the full abilities of Grade 0 — Communications Release.

Similarly, a person can get quite a release in processing when he keys out sufficiently and gets the idea of what it would be like to be Clear, OT, or even gets the idea of what it would be like to attain Native State, or Static. This could be accompanied by the realization that one actually could attain these states, and this would be accompanied by a resurgence of hope about getting out of the dwindling spiral. Obviously the person has not yet attained any of these states, and should not be sent to declare or attest that he has. While it is a lower harmonic of the actual state, it is still very good that the person has achieved this heightened reality and hope. If the person were sent to, or allowed to, declare that he had made any of these states of Clear, OT, or Native State when he had not yet done so, then it could actually act as a stop on the person's forward progress up the Bridge. False declares give the person the false impression that he has already made it, and so there is nothing higher to achieve! (This gives the person a very incorrect idea of the value of these states, and to others seeing this it acts as a degrade of both these states and of Scientology.)

The answer is not to mistake the lower harmonic for the real thing, but to recognize the difference, and acknowledge these lower harmonics or release points as they indicate progress toward the real thing. Continue on with the auditing and the genuine state will be attained.

Natural Clear and "Natural OT"

In recent times there have been quite a number of people who have wondered if they might be natural Clears, and some who have thought they might be "natural OTs".

In HCOB 5 Mar 79R Dianetic Clear False Declares, it is stated:

"Technically a very few thetans have never been anything but Clear. "

It should be noted that such instances are rare, so one can ask: Why then would so many people sometimes feel that they are natural Clears?

To understand this one needs to understand the basic nature of a thetan. (Definition: "The awareness of awareness unit which has all potentialities but no mass, no wave-length and no location. ") (HCOB 3 Jul 59) ("The person himself — not his body or his name, the physical universe, his mind, or anything else; that which is aware of being aware; the identity which is the individual. The thetan is most familiar to one and all as you. ") (Technical Dictionary)

Before a thetan became aberrated in the first place he was an OT. (OT = Operating Thetan, definition: "highest state there is. ", Technical Dictionary) In other words he was operating at his full potential as a thetan. This is so much higher than the condition that people are in today, that it can be difficult to imagine what that would even be like.

But, despite how far Man has come down from the natural or normal state for a thetan to be in, it never seems "normal" or "natural" for him to be aberrated either. After all he is basically himself, a thetan.

During processing when a preclear gets rid of an aberration, he returns that much more toward being fully himself again, and it always seems perfectly natural to him to be this way. It is more natural, too! For example, if a preclear had an aberration of "being afraid of the water" and this was so strong that the person felt extremely restimulated at the sight of a river, then in auditing the preclear got rid of this aberration, it would not seem anything but normal or natural for the person to now feel at ease about or even like the sight of a river. The person correctly knows that this is the natural way for a thetan to be. But that doesn't mean that he was always this way — he wasn't until that auditing session in which the aberration was handled!

Similarly, when a person goes Clear, it seems perfectly natural for him to be Clear, and it is. As a Clear does not dwell on earlier misfortunes, it can often seem that he or she "has always been this way". Thus it is not at all unusual for a person to consider that he/she is a natural Clear. It certainly is natural for the person to be Clear, and it is closer to the thetan's original state. But here again it doesn't mean that the Clear was always this way.

So it is not uncommon for a Clear to go through a period of feeling that he/she has "always been Clear". It requires a slightly higher awareness to also be aware that it wasn't always that way, and that usually comes a little later on.

None of this means of course that anyone should contradict or invalidate someone for feeling that he is a natural Clear, nor to try to change his mind about it. It doesn't make any difference to his auditing program either, as all do the steps and actions on the Grade Chart, anyway. The main point is whether the person is Clear or not. Going Clear is a very important point, and a very valuable achievement, both for the person himself, and as a validation of Dianetic and Scientology processing.


Pretending, while an ability, is a low scale activity and usually accompanied by withholds, even if it is only the withhold that one is pretending.

There have been instances of a pc resorting to pretending to have had a cognition (sometimes someone else's cognition that was told to the pc) or pretending to have attained a grade or state not really attained. The only person who actually suffers from this is the pc — and then, only until the truth of the matter is made known. It can and has prevented case gain.

One of the early maxims of Scientology is: "If it is true for you, it is true for you. " Pretending violates this, as one really knows that it isn't true.

It is far better to get off the withholds of pretending gains or states and any other withholds on the case, as then real case gains can be made.

Money or Economics

Some have thought that the faster they got through their auditing, the cheaper it would be. This is actually a false economy. Quickied auditing and false declares invariably result in a case bog sooner or later. Then, it is not only necessary to repair or review the quickied auditing, but it is also necessary to correctly run and flatten the processes, grades and levels that were missed or quickied.

By experience with many cases, it is invariably cheaper to do it thoroughly the first time.

Following a Bad Example

On some cases studied the pc actually started wanting to quickie or assert states not truly attained, by copying the bad example set by others. In some areas this has led to quickying and such attests becoming popular or the thing to do.

Just because one person insists and asserts having attained the "state" of "perfection as a being on all Dynamics" (while acting in a most aberrated manner) or wants to attest to being a "natural superliterate" without doing the study course (in actual fact the person was having trouble studying and sought to get out of confronting learning how to study) or says he's "attained" the state of natural Clear, or that he or she did all the Grades and OT levels last lifetime, or is already full OT and doesn't need to go up the Grade Chart; none of these is a valid reason why anyone else should follow such a bad example, and get their cases messed up too!

Of course when one hears that others are zipping through their processes or grades in very little time, one could get the idea that he or she is slow case gain, or at least that there is something wrong with himself or herself, by comparing speed of progress with others. It is an incorrect comparison as each process does in fact take as long as it takes on each case, and this is a variable. The actual end phenomena of the processes and Abilities Gained of Grades are not variable, and it is these which the processes and grades are run for.

The actual mechanism of feeling bad or inferior due to others falsely claiming states or grades or abilities, is described in HCOB 18 Dec 57 Psychosis, Neurosis And Psychiatrists.

The whole point here is that it is an error to base one's own reality regarding his case or auditing on what another or others do — far better to be true to oneself.

Verbal Data

There have been examples of some persons doing the severe disservice of feeding cognitions or end phenomena to others, despite how illegal and actually suppressive this is. Such recipients who are dishonest may think that they can then reiterate it themselves in order to get out of running a process or in order to be allowed to attest.

It can make matters more difficult for Tech and Qual personnel as they have to determine whether the pc has had the cognition himself or whether another told it to him.

It is even a disservice to a person honestly trying to get auditing for case gain as it can then give him cause to wonder whether he is having the cognition himself or whether it is because he has already been told what it is.

And very often persons who are low enough to feed cogs or EPs to others, have very poor confront and duplication themselves, thus they generally alter the cognition or end phenomenon anyway, and further hang others with their alter-ised version!

This occurrence can be easily cleaned up and handled on a case as an Evaluation, but persons who do this should be reported to Ethics.

An Unusual Solution to BPC

BPC (bypassed charge) is often difficult to confront (unless one has done the Professional TRs Course). One could easily prefer to blow from the BPC rather than confront it.

When bypassed charge becomes severe a person can become unwilling to be audited further, and may seek to find ways to avoid the BPC or even further auditing.

In some folders an unusual solution was adopted of seeking to find or assert that the process had been overrun, or was unnecessary, or that the person had already released on it or had attained some state. The hope being that by so doing the person would be able to attest to something and never have to confront that session or process again. Of course this is no solution as the person stays stuck in that BPC until the matter is confronted and handled.

It is an established technical rule that if a process or procedure is overrun past its end phenomenon, the pc can become upset until this is established and the release point on that process is rehabilitated. But this is only where the release point or end phenomenon has occurred, and then been bypassed.

It is an entirely different matter to consider that a process has been overrun, or "was unnecessary", when the end phenomenon of the process has never occurred in the first place, or worse yet the process hasn't even been run at all!

This is easily detected though because if the end phenomenon hasn't occurred, or the process hasn't been run, then the answer is to locate and indicate the actual BPC using an appropriate correction list, and flatten the process to its full result.


Persons who have taken drugs, especially heavy street drugs or other toxic chemicals or some medicines, frequently confuse hallucinatory euphoric states of mind (sometimes known as "drug highs" or "drug releases"), with actual states of release. This has become increasingly more prevalent since the early 60s, and is thoroughly covered in HCOBs on the subject of Drugs and Drug Rundowns

Persons so affected by drugs can mistakenly think that they are in or have attained a very high state of existence when it is only a drug in restimulation, and because one of the effects of drugs is that of lowering the person's ability to confront (often to a point where the person can't confront a mental image picture at all), itis not uncommon these days to see folders where persons have even considered themselves to have been released on the grades already, or to be Clear or even OT, or even some invented delusory state. These of course are not backed up by the person's performance in life.

The handling is very easy. The Purification Rundown, the Survival Rundown and the Drug Rundown fully handle this phenomenon and make it possible for the person to make case gain in auditing, sometimes for the first time.

Lack of Enlightenment

Where Gradation Charts are not displayed and not in use and well known, the purpose of the various grades can become unknown. The Abilities Gained and the Inabilities Lost determine whether a person has attained a Grade or not. If the pc doesn't know the Grade Chart he could be easily influenced into thinking that he had gotten all there was to get from a grade or level after one or a few processes — so great are the wins and cognitions obtained on each process. But it would be a disservice to let someone think he'd gotten it all, when he had barely scratched the surface.

Gradation Charts should be well displayed, and the public enlightened on them by the registrars and other org personnel.

If You Feel This Applies To You

If you feel that any of the above points apply to you or your auditing, realize that it can be handled. The first thing to do is to make it known to the Registrar in your nearest org, who will inform the Technical Division and advise you on how to get it handled.

There isn't any condition encountered in auditing that cannot be handled with 100% Standard Tech. Countless case histories and success stories demonstrate this.

Black PR

(See the definition of "Black PR" listed under "Black Propaganda" in the Management Dictionary.)

There are the 2½% of suppressive persons who would do anything to keep Scientology from working. The only way this could be done is by preventing it from being applied, altering its processes and/or quickying them.

By quickying processes, grades or levels, the pc is prevented from making the gains of that process, grade or level, and the Black PR artist can then say or imply that Scientology doesn't work.

By omitting processes, grades or levels entirely, or claiming these to be "unnecessary", there is an apparency that Scientology didn't work — but it wasn't applied at all!

By falsely declaring or falsely attesting to grades or states not attained, or pretending to these, a Black PR artist belittles or degrades the actual grade or state. And by inventing strange and unusual states to declare or attest to, some have tried to make a mockery of or ridicule actual grades and states.

These persons are described in HCOB 27 Sep 66 The Anti-Social Personality, The Anti-Scientologist and in HCO PL 7 Aug 65 Suppressive Persons, Main Characteristics Of.

One of the tricks of SPs has been to talk about past lives with unreality and in such a manner as to ridicule the subject. A more recent version of this is that of pretending to have "run it all last life" — often including of levels that weren't even issued during the time span of the person's last lifetime, or to pretend to states such as natural Clear or invented "states". These are easily detected as the person while claiming to be in fantastic case shape, is by observation incapable and low-toned in life. (This doesn't mean everyone who says they were audited last lifetime as there are many who actually were.)

Not everyone who has said or done these things is suppressive of course, but those persons who deliberately make a mockery of Scientology states or attainments, or who claim to have "done it all all, and it didn't work", will be found to be in an ethics category and should be so handled. Invariably it will turn out that not only have they not "done it all", but usually have done very little if any of what they are claiming "didn't work"!


The most optimum route is the Grade Chart.

The Grade Chart today is a better bridge due to technical developments over the past year.

Today's Grade Chart consists of:

The new additions of the Purification Rundown and the Survival Rundown at the beginning of the Bridge vastly increase the amount of gains that one will get out of subsequent auditing, and on some cases, make the case auditable for the first time. Thus one not only gets gains from these and the Drug Rundown, but these actions result in greatly increased gain from auditing thereafter.

While some have wondered if Expanded Grades were necessary for those who have gone Clear prior to Grades, I can assure you that they definitely are. Without full Expanded Grades it is not possible to successfully do the Solo Levels, and some might not succeed at all. Therefore Expanded Grades are a very vital part of the Bridge for both preclears and Clears alike.

And when I speak of Grades, I mean fully and thoroughly audited Grades, each process fully run to its full EP, and each Grade run to the full Ability of that Grade.

Only someone with other than the pc's best interests at heart would advise skipping or skimping any of the Rundowns or Grades listed above. To do so would be to minimize the amount of gain and result from auditing.

Your abilities and your freedom as a being are dependent upon getting the full results from each process, action and Grade, with no quickying and no false attests. Otherwise, in the long run it is you who would lose.

I do have your best interests at heart, and I recommend that you fully do each of these Rundowns and the Expanded Grades, so that you will gain all of the priceless abilities and results being attained routinely today. As I read the glowing Success Stories and accounts of wins that Scientologists are getting today from each Grade and Level of the Bridge, I would want nothing less for you. Why settle for less?

Insist on getting the most from your auditing. I have been working on and have made great strides in improving the quality of auditor TRs and metering and auditor training in general to upgrade the quality of auditing. And I have refined and improved the Bridge with these new Technical developments. These are all aimed toward better gains for you. I have built a better Bridge.

By getting the full gains and results from each level, you will eventually attain the ultimate gain of full freedom and recovery of self. I make these gains available to my friends — Scientologists, everywhere.

Assisted by Snr C/S Int LRH:DM:dr