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Remimeo Dianetics Course


For some years it has not been appreciated fully that the ability to do DIANETIC AUDITING is the true fundamental background of a Scientology auditor.

For many years, 1950 onward, a Dianetic auditor was proudly capable of resolving mental and physical problems by his ability to find and run engrams and secondaries.

The Dianetic auditor had no other skill or tools than his understanding of mental image pictures, as locks, secondaries and engrams and the time track.

With these tools he produced many miracles. Broken bones healed in two weeks instead of six, withered limbs restored, burns vanished, swellings reduced visibly to nothing, lives wrecked by grief and loss recovered, women lost their aging wrinkles and sought-after abilities returned.

The percentage of win was above 50%, which is double that of former approaches.

The use of the E-Meter and my development of R-3-R increased this percentage.

Dianetic training was usually one month in length and attained a high percentage of successful graduates who could attain excellent results.

Dianetics operates at the level of the human being and is addressed mainly to the body and mind. It does not attempt and should not be confused with the end product of Scientology which is spiritual freedom. The end product of Dianetics is a well, happy, high IQ human being.

Dianetics is itself and has its place. When one can handle Dianetics so as to make people well and happy, one can then begin to think of and work on the higher aspects of Scientology.

To attempt to obtain the results of Scientology by applying only Dianetics is in fact a confusion of objectives.

The Dianetic auditor, whether the „very best people“ behind governments like it or not, is the natural inheritor of all mental healing.

Working in conjunction with bona fide physical healers such as the actual practicing medical doctor, the Dianetic auditor, with only the skills taught on the Dianetic Course, could all but eradicate psychosomatic illness and mental illness on this planet. Tens of thousands of cases in Dianetics show this is no idle boast. The recent breakthrough showing most insanity is common physical illness untreated, adds up to making such an objective a fact.

The Scientology auditor is all too often balked by the fact that his preclear comes to him already ill. His preclear is below being a well human being. That is part of the gradient. If the Scientology auditor is not also a good Dianetic auditor he tends to ignore the fact that his preclear is not yet up to being a well human being.

Applying Grade Processing the Scientology auditor has already skipped a grade — a well human being. He therefore fails to understand that his preclear is simply seeking to escape as a thetan the gradient of being a well being.

The role of Dianetics, let us face it, is that of a healing science. It is the most advanced mental science man has. It should not be skimped or scanted.

A good Dianetic auditor can handle the bulk of psychosomatic illness and speed the healing of ordinary illness or make it possible for the person to recover. Mental aberration as such can be handled in Dianetics if it works in conjunction with other valid branches of physical healing.

There is then a demarcation between Dianetics and Scientology. The Dianetic auditor’s skills reach up to and include a well, happy human being. This is in excess of man’s hope for any mental science.

The Scientology auditor is working for increased ability and spiritual freedom. And that is far in excess of any dream of accomplishment man has had including Buddhism.

When we get a sick human being being handled to make him spiritually free we get a confusion and are likely to fail.

The Scientology auditor who is also a good basic Dianetics auditor can make that being well enough, using Dianetics and available healing skills, to succeed with Scientology objectives.

But it has become plain, particularly in the last few months when I have been sorting out materials to communicate them better, that there is a vast difference between Dianetics and Scientology.

A Dianetic preclear is one who is being processed toward the objective of a well and happy human being. A Scientology preclear is a well, happy human being who is being processed toward total ability and spiritual freedom.

Those two definitions should be well learned. It will prevent much confusion and some failures.

When I hear of a preclear „getting his Grade IV to get rid of his headaches“ I really groan.

A preclear „getting his Grade IV“ obviously never got his Dianetic auditing and the auditors who audited him were mixed up.

I would never never never audit a pc on grades if I found before me a sick person. I would simply change gears, get busy with good old Dianetics and use physical healers if necessary to get a well, happy pc before me. Then I would go on with grades.

Scientology objectives are so far above anything man has any hope for that he at once thinks of them as healing activities. They are not.

Dianetics is the healing activity.

Therefore all Dianetic course materials are refined with that objective fully in view. And when a Scientology auditor finds himself with a Dianetic preclear on his hands and if that auditor learned his Dianetics well, then he will apply Dianetics and when the preclear is ready for it, only then will he apply Scientology.

Any Scientology failures are totally owing to the auditor not learning his Dianetics in the first place.

So have at it and get a hatful of healing wins as a Dianetic Auditor.