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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Dianetics Course Auditing Requirements - B690406
- Fundamental Auditing - B690406

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Фундаментальный Одитинг (2) - Б690406
- Фундаментальный Одитинг - Б690406
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
Issue II
(Corrected and reissued)
Remimeo Dianetics Course


In conjunction with the expansion of its curriculum, the auditing requirements of a Dianetic student for certification are as follows:

25 hours total session time as an auditor.

This auditing must include the following:

A. Touch Assists.

B. Contact Assists.

C. Changing the life of someone who has lost a loved one by running the secondary or chain to GIs.

D. Running straight engrams of former injuries.

E. Auditing assists on ill pcs, taking and tracing down every manifested symptom to its engramic incident or chain.

F. Doing TRs with pcs and indoctrinating them as pcs.

The 25 hours must contain one or more remarkable cases demonstrating changes in the physical condition or well-being of a preclear.

Without these auditing actions and a total certainty Dianetics works as demonstrated in the cases he handles, no student enrolling on a Dianetics Course after receipt of this HCOB may be certified as a Hubbard Dianetic Auditor.

Any checksheet issued after receipt of this HCOB for the Dianetics Course must include:

1. HCO Pol Ltr of 6 April 69

2. HCOB 6 April 69

3. This HCOB (6 April 69 Issue II)

4. HCOB 28 Feb 69

5. HCOB 7 Feb 69

6. HCOB 12 Mar 69

7. HCOB 2 April 69

8. HCOB 5 April 69

These are in addition to the existing HDA checksheet.

HCOBs or Pol Ltrs after this date relating to Dianetics are to be included on new checksheets issued to students.

An HDA is requisite to Level Zero Academy enrollment.


The reason Scientology auditors occasionally fail is that they seek to use grades to make pcs well. Grades are a route to spiritual freedom and greatly increased ability. Auditing a pc on grades who has not yet attained physical well-being as a human being is an oversight only by one not trained in and uncertain about Dianetics. A Dianetic auditor would use Dianetics to handle the lack of well-being of the pc.

A Scientology auditor who is also skilled in Dianetics would not make the mistake of doing Grade or Level auditing on a temporarily or chronically ill pc. He would shift off to Dianetics, run the secondaries or engrams necessary to resolve the physical difficulty and then go on with Scientology auditing.

Sometimes a Scientology auditor who has not become adept at Dianetics goes through his whole training thinking grades will accomplish physical healing, auditing sick pcs and wondering why "Scientology does not make them well" without ever realizing he is at cross purposes. He is trying to make Scientology do with grades or remedies what is done easily with Dianetics.

A person can go all the way up the grades and into the OT sections always looking only to "get well" and miss the entire thing, whereas a remarkably little skilled application of Dianetic auditing would have long ago resolved it. Persons who "don't make OT" are only persons who didn't make Dianetics.

It is vital then to give the Dianetic auditor total certainty of his dominance in the field of making people recover and making them into well, happy human beings before he then starts them off into the upper very valuable vital areas of Scientology grades.

Most of the persons who want auditing are afflicted by discomfort and unhappiness if not illness.

Since the two subjects were for a long while researched as one, some early materials are crossed. Usually materials after 1952 apply mainly to Scientology. But during this later period (as witness R-3-R and current advances) Dianetics has also been advanced.

The skill of the Dianetic Auditor is no small thing. It is worth attaining as itself. I myself, when called on to handle the ailing, pick up my meter and go to work and in an hour or two have a miraculous recovery. When I don't, which is seldom, I get the pc examined clinically and find he or she has a broken skull or back or a gallstone or some remediable thing. After this is fixed up, I once more audit them and they finally emerge as bright, well human beings.

And I do not use in all this anything that is not contained in the Dianetics course.

My percentage is 100%. And so can yours be.