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ENGLISH DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Examples of Quickying and False Declares (KSW-21) - B800827

RUSSIAN DOCS FOR THIS DATE- Примеры Поверхностных и Ложных Провозглашений (Серия СДС 21) - Б800827
CONTENTS Examples Of Quickying And False Declares CASE HISTORIES Case History #1: Case History #2: Case History #3: Case History #4: Case History #5: Case History #6: Case History #7: Case History #8:
Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
(Also issued as HCO POLICY LETTERExecs same date, same title.)
All Tech All Qual KOT Keeping Scientology Working Series 21

Examples Of Quickying And False Declares


When Standard Tech is used, we get rave results as a usual occurrence. When processes are fully run to EP, and each process or action of a Grade is run to the full Ability Gained, pcs get gains even beyond their expectations. Not only do they write Success Stories but they stop people in hallways and on street corners and talk about their wins. They promote and disseminate to both friends and strangers, and demand that others get auditing so that they will get the same gains too. We've seen this for years in Dianetics and Scientology. Anything less than this has invariably traced to misapplication or non-application of the Tech.

Over the past few months, folders have been reviewed from various orgs in several parts of the world. In many of these folders there was evident quickying, and there were false declares.

This is a poor show indeed, as these persons have been denied the full benefits available from their processing on the Grades and other rundowns. Very often the pc doesn't know this, and is under the impression that that is all that there is to the Grade or Level. Quickying a pc on a process or, worse yet, on a series of processes, prevents the pc from having the cognitions and gains that the processes would have resulted in. Falsely declaring a pc or pre-OT to be complete on a Grade or Level, not only denies gains but it also leaves the person with the false idea that there isn't anything more to be gotten from that process, Grade or Level.

In contrast to this are the fantastic Success Stories and reports of gains and wins and new abilities that pcs and pre-OTs have been making for years in Dianetics and Scientology. Those are the results that we are all working for and want to see.


The following case histories are published to illustrate the point of why it is necessary for each and every Scientologist to actively ensure that the processes of Dianetics and Scientology are not altered, quickied, nor falsely declared.

(As a technical note, these case histories are examples of cases and how they were handled. It is not intended that they serve any other purpose than to act as examples. Every case is C/Sed per the C/S Series and Grade Chart and one would never C/S or program a case without full use of all technical references covering the subject.)

Case History #1:

This folder arrived for review with the pc just having caused considerable upset to those around her, and feeling that she would have to blow as she wasn't doing anything constructive nor contributing toward the aims of Scientology. The pc had attested to Clear and up through Grade II, but these are contrary to her behaviour, and her folder was studied to find what was actually run and whether or not these processes had been completed.

Prior to Scientology the pc had been hypnotized and when this came up in a session it BD'd (showing that it was heavily charged), but it had never been run out. Hence it is possible that the person is still prone to dramatize whatever post-hypnotic commands were laid in during the hypnotism. (See Dianetics: The Modern Science Of Mental Health.)

The pc had been receiving covertly hostile letters from her father which would upset and restimulate her. This means that she is in the condition of being PTS (Potential Trouble Source), and would not be able to retain the gains that she did make in auditing and training. (See The Volunteer Minister's Handbook and the book What Is Scientology? There are also more materials contained on the "Pts/Sp Detection And Handling Course".)

In early auditing, the pc was apparently in some kind of games condition with others about "how fast" she "could get through" the Grade and continually asserted that she felt it was all "unnecessary" and just wanted to get on to something higher. This shows that the pc was not in session (Definition of In Session: interested in own case and willing to talk to the auditor), and was getting auditing for some other reason than to make case gain. (But why else would one get auditing other than to make case gain?) Had the auditor and case supervisor known their HCOBs, they would not have let this situation continue but would have found out what was going on with this pc and gotten her into session and making case gain. Instead, due to pc assertions that it was "all unnecessary" and out of a very misguided idea that the pc would "feel invalidated", they let the pc attest without the pc actually having been run on this action, nor having made the gains nor the Ability Gained from this action. This false declare not only did a disservice to the pc, it was also an invalidation or degrade of the action itself (as it gives the false impression that that is all there is to it).

The PC had some Objective processes begun on her, but these processes were quickied too, and the poor pc, not making gains from the processes as they were not run long enough, soon started to invalidate the workability of these processes and to assert that she felt that they too may be unnecessary By now the PC was figure-figuring as to what was wrong with her or her case and, either on her own or suggested to her by another, hit upon the idea that she might be a Dianetic Clear. The Objective processes never were flattened nor completed and so the PC didn't get the gains available from them. (See HCOB 12 May 80 Drugs And Objective Processes.)

The PC was then put onto a DCSI (Dianetic Clear Special Intensive) but the case supervisor erred badly here by not having studied her folders and not seeing that this PC had not been making case gain in auditing. There was no evidence in her folders to show that she may have gone Clear. And while being audited on the DCSI, the PC was confused about what the state of Clear was, as she had heard a lot of verbal data on it. The main concern was that someone else might beat her to declare on it! There was no resurgence of gains during the DCSI as there was no state of Clear to be rehabilitated. Puzzled by this the pc then hit upon the idea that it must be something else, and wondered if she could be a natural Clear, and even began to assert this to be so.

On ARC Straightwire, the processes didn't run right and the pc had a hard time doing them (of course, as by now the case had several false declares, and hadn't run the earlier processes on the Grade Chart which would have given her the ability to run these processes). A wrong conclusion was then made that the reason for the trouble was that the pc didn't need these processes and, despite the PC not having reached the Ability Gained of that Grade, she was allowed to declare. The "success story" was mainly to the effect that it was "good to have the action completed", which is a very sour statement when compared to the gains and abilities usually achieved on ARC Straightwire. The PC got an improvement in her ability to recall (and it would be very difficult not to get such an improvement on these processes), but that is not much compared to what could have and should have been achieved on the Grade.

Grade 0 was a similar story in that the pc had difficulty doing the initial processes of the Grade and instead of the C/S realizing that this was due to earlier outnesses on the case, she was allowed to declare because by now the pc was asserting that she already had the ability of Grade 0, before the Grade had been run. Due to a fear of "invalidating her reality" or something like that, she was allowed to declare Grade 0. This of course was a very incorrect solution as the reason she couldn't run the Grade 0 processes was not because there was no charge on them, but because the pc, not having run the earlier processes on the Grade Chart, was not up to being able to run Grade 0.

The same story repeated on Grade I and on Grade II. The pc was not able to run the processes successfully, started to assert that she "had already made it before" and was allowed to declare.

Then due to her inability to communicate, inability to handle problems, and overts and withholds in life, she got involved in difficulties and made a mess of her life. This seemed puzzling to others around her, and even seemed puzzling to the auditor and C/S. But an inspection of her earlier Grades revealed that she had not attained them, and had dropped down to pretending Grades and states not attained.

The handling for a case in this condition is already covered in the C/S (Case Supervisor) Series HCOBs — especially C/S Series 1-10. It is a matter of handling the by-passed charge of the unflat and misrun processes, getting off the pc's withhold of pretending states and Grades not attained, and getting the processes run and flattened to their full result. Then the pc will make the gains and abilities of the Grade Chart. (See a copy of the Classification and Gradation Chart — or the copy of it in the book, What Is Scientology?)

The first session after this folder study was a light two-way communication session of the level of Life Repair, and it changed the course of the pc's entire life and future for the better.

Case History #2:

This pc had hardly had any auditing at all, had attested to Native State, Serenity of Beingness, Static, Natural Clear, Cleared Theta Clear, Clear OT, and all Grades at once in a multiple declare. (Definition of Multiple Declare: declaring Grades 0 to IV all at one time mostly without any mention of the end phenomena of the Grade. Technical Dictionary)

All of the above declares were found to be false in that the pc by folder inspection had not in fact attained any of them, and didn't even understand the meaning of some of these states, except in a dim sort of manner.

The pc had consistently from early on in her auditing asserted that she had already attained the Grade before the process had been run, that each process was unnecessary, and was in fact on a heavy status kick. (Note that the necessity to assert that one has already made it, before the process has been run, is actually an unwillingness to permit anything to have an effect on self, and an attempt to be total cause. This is low on the Effect Scale. See Scientology: 0-8.) Several of the Case Supervisors on this pc's case had permitted her to declare or attest to these states through their own misunderstoods on estimating a pc's case level, and out of the mistaken idea that it would be better not to upset the pc by not permitting these false declares. In actual fact, these errors denied the pc most of the case gain that she could have gotten, and must have resulted in an attitude that there wasn't much to get out of auditing.

The pc's actual auditing history started with two flubbed sessions on Dianetics, after which the pc started to assert that she must be a Dianetic Clear (as she wasn't able to run R3RA). This of course is not the basis for deciding that someone is Clear! The reason the pc was not able to run R3RA was that she had taken heavy street drugs, had not done the Purification Rundown, nor had she been audited on Objective processes. The pc was not yet up to being able to confront a mental image picture. Yet someone suggested to her that her next step was the AO! The pc was falsely declared Natural Clear and other states and has not run a single process in session since, but "rabbits". (Definition of Rabbit: A person who runs from everything including his bank. Technical Dictionary) The pc had the misfortune of having auditors and case supervisors who felt that they had to "validate" her, but were in fact validating the bank, not the being.

There was an attempt to run ARC Straightwire, but the processes that were run were quickied and not all the processes of the Grade were run, but the pc was permitted to declare it complete.

After this the pc started to consider that Grades 0-IV would probably be unnecessary too, though she hadn't had any of these run. (A person who has been declared complete on a Grade not run and not attained could easily start to get the idea that all Grades were not "necessary" or that he might not get anything out of them either.) The pc started to originate that she wanted to do the OT Levels next (without Grades), probably in the desperate hope that somewhere on the Grade Chart she would make a case gain, and became fixed on the idea that the answer bad to lie higher up on the Grade Chart. Then the pc originated that maybe she had had all the Grades in her last life. The pc had no recall of having been audited on any of these processes in her last life, and attributed it to "knowingness". And then the pc had a non-standard, out tech session to "rehabilitate her last life releases". Although no processes were recalled and no release point could be found, the pc was assumed to have run and released on all the Grade 0-IV processes in her last lifetime and was declared "Grades Release". (A violation of HCOBs and policy on Multiple Declare.)

(Note: This does not mean that it is not possible for a person to have been audited on the early Dianetic and Scientology procedures in last lifetime. Several cases have been found where the person was in Dianetics and Scientology in the last lifetime. Such cases respond quite differently than the case described above, and processes run in such last life auditing can be found and either flattened, or rehabbed if they were run to release. These respond to the usual standard actions, in the standard way.)

The pc was gotten through the Purification RD and she was going to start the Survival Rundown, but because she thought that her next step was OT Levels, she went into a protest about it.

The handling for such a case is to clean up any protest and assertions, including getting off any withhold about having pretended Grades or states not attained, and do the Survival Rundown. When the effects of drugs have been fully handled on the case, then get the pc back onto and up the Grade Chart per C/S Series 1-10. It isn't difficult to do. It's a matter of standardly applying the Tech, running each process to its end phenomena, and not omitting any. Then the pc will get all the case gains the Tech, as it will have been applied.

In subsequent sessions a SCN CS-l was started, and although a CS-1 had been "done before" in about 30 mins, common rudiments terms and the word "Scientology" were found to be misunderstoods and clearing these produced TA action and had pc interest.

Case History #3:

This case had not had any Grades. He had done the Purification Rundown and had had some very quickied Objective processes. After this the case supervisor was concerned that he was not a product. He was programmed for and given extensive reviews.

During these reviews the pc continued to figure-figure about his case and auditing and wonder what was wrong. The reason for this is that he was now being audited on subjective or thinkingness processes, over unflat Objective processes. Case-wise he was not able yet to confront and handle mental image pictures. So these various repair actions such as a C/S 53, ruds on various subjects and Prepchecks were all too steep a gradient and were not addressing what was wrong with the case.

Folder study showed that he had only been run on CCHs 1-4 for 1 hr, 23 mins, S-C-S on an object for 0:30 mins, S-C-S on the body for 0:23 mins, SOP 8-C for 0:25 mins, Op Pro by Dup for 1 hr 20 mins. He exhibited the case characteristic of figure-figuring, which the Objective processes would have handled.

The handling for this case was to fly his rudiments and then put him through the Survival Rundown. This way the pc will get the Objective processes flattened, giving him the full gains available from them, including coming up out of figure-figure and being able to confront and as-is mental charge. (See 1957 HCOBs on Objective processes and the book, Creation Of Human Ability.)

Case History #4:

Another case who had had quickied Objectives on the Survival RD and frequently red-tagged thereafter. Extensive efforts to repair the case using subjective or thinkingness processes wore not working, and folder inspection revealed both quickied Objectives and figure-figure.

The handling for this case was simply to do the Survival RD Correction List (which revealed that the pc had thought his Objectives were unflat all along), and then get these run and flattened on the Survival Rundown, which he immediately started making gains on.

Case History #5:

This is the case of a person who had been supervising some of the cases above. His case was looked into to find out if there was any similar out tech on his case.

His own Objectives had been quickied too. (CCHs 1-4, 0:20 mins; CCH 5, 0:15 mins; CCH 6, 0:10 mins; and so on)

He had been declared natural Clear (although he wasn't), and had attested to Clear OT (also a false declare).

He was on his OT Levels, but he shouldn't have been allowed to start on Advanced Courses as his case had not been properly set up for these. Consequently he didn't run well on OT Levels, and frequently ran into BPC in these Solo sessions. Instead of getting the BPC cleaned up by using the appropriate correction list, the Solo auditor and the case supervisor went unusual, and did what is called "rabitting". He did not run OT II to its end phenomenon, but got the idea that he may have completed it already and might be overrunning it, as an explanation for the difficulty. But he had not run well on the Level and had BPC. He was given a consultation about it, and F/Ned on the idea of relief about getting off the Level and was permitted to declare. But this is not an F/N on the Level itself.

On OT III, he had even more difficulty, and only did four sessions which is extremely quickied. In the last session he started altering the procedure and ended up quite confused and massy. Once again an incorrect assumption was made that the cause of the difficulty was due to having already completed and overrun the Level. The actual BPC was not handled as the appropriate correction list was not done, and he was allowed to attest to OT III after a "rehab" of something that was not the end phenomenon for the Level.

The folder thereafter is a succession of difficulties, illnesses and complaints of not doing well, both personally and on post. He dramatized the quickie impulse on pcs and students that he was supervising. Regarding his own case he had gotten into the frame of mind that what was wrong with him must belong on the next Level up.

The handling for this case was to indicate and cancel the false declares. Then get him through the Non Interference Zone (C/S Series 73 The No-Interference Area), so that he can then get the outnesses on his case fully handled, and a Return Program done that would include the Survival Rundown (as he has done the Purification Rundown), the OT Drug Rundown, then full case repair per C/S Series 95 "Failed" Cases, and unflat Grades or Levels then taken to the full end phenomena and full abilities gained, per the Grade Chart.

The case was returned to Solo on OT III and started making progress again.

Case History #6:

This pc had earlier had some of the Objective processes run but some of these were quickied. She had had quickied Grades 0-IV. She had attested to natural Clear, and had somehow gotten the idea that she was ready for Solo and OT Levels. Subsequently she had done the Purification Rundown, and was about to start the Survival Rundown but balked as she thought it might not be necessary and that she might be able to persuade someone to let her just start Solo and OT Levels (without being set up for them). There was just one thing bothering her — she was introverted much of the time, and having difficulties with someone in her environment. (Introversion would have been handled by Objective processes run to their end phenomena, and interpersonal relations, especially the ability to communicate, are handled on the Grades.)

The handling on this case was to repair a misrun process that had been interjected into her earlier Objectives, and to handle the protest about misrun Objectives, which resulted in quite a win for the pc. Then the unflat Objective processes would be flattened (but those that had been run to EP would not be run again), followed by an Scn Drug RD, repair and completion of Grades 0-IV to their full Abilities Gained. Then this person could go onto Solo, properly set up and would get all the wins available from OT Levels.


By contrast the following two case histories illustrate the difference it makes when Scientology Tech is fully and correctly applied. (These are just two selected at random out of many similar successfully handled cases.)

Case History #7:

This pc had had no previous auditing prior to doing the Purification Rundown, which was fully and thoroughly done. Then the Survival Rundown was done with each process actually run to its EP, and a very good result on the Survival Rundown. Following this the pc was begun on a standard NED program. He is currently on his NED Drug Rundown and doing very well. Several of the R3RA sessions ran for 3-4 hours which is not uncommon in well run Dianetic chains. But each chain was correctly run to its full EP of F/N, VGIs, Cognition, Erasure and the basic postulate blown. The first NED session completely changed the pc's life and his outlook about it, for the better. Currently the pc is winning in both auditing and life and making gains every session.

Case History #8:

This case had had quickied Objectives, followed by numerous "repairs" — which of course didn't repair anything.

Then the pc did the Purification Rundown to its EP, the Survival Rundown (during which all the earlier quickied Objectives were fully flattened), and then was begun on NED.

This case, too, is making huge gains and resurgences in every session on NED. The chains are being run to their full EP and the pc is well on the way up and out of the conditions he was in prior to Scientology. He is making great case gain every session. And that's the way it should be!


It must be noted that while each of the cases who had been quickied and/or falsely declared on states not attained had missed out on the full gains available from their processing, each of these still had made some gain. So powerful is the Technology of Scientology that it has to be very misapplied (or not applied at all) to get a "no results" situation. Some of those cases didn't even know what gains they were missing out on!

But getting just some gains is not our business. Dianetics and Scientology produce fabulous results when fully applied. Help Keep Scientology Working by insisting on full application of the Tech!