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Why Dianetics fell out of use had nothing to do with its workability. It has worked and well since 1950.

In some areas, mainly the US, it was illegal to heal or cure anything. There was even a law in California giving 25 illnesses that were against the law to cure. The “Better” Business Bureau in the US even issues pamphlets that state that “You can always tell a fake healer because he says he can cure something”.

Why a civilization would make it illegal to cure illness can only be explained by some vested interest making more money out of people being sick than getting people well.

There existed a continual threat to anyone who helped their fellows.

The ability of Scientology to bring about spiritual freedom therefore received the concentration of effort by organisations.

Lately public opinion has turned heavily against these suppressive groups and the public discovery that illegal seizure, torture and murder was the hidden activity of political psychiatric groups has lost these people their support.

It was overlooked that spiritual healing of the body has not been illegal and that Dianetics used for pastoral counseling is completely legal.

It is a sobering thought that the only effective technology of psychosomatic healing — Dianetics — could be suppressed out of full usage.

One is handling the effect of the spirit on the body. Therefore even Dianetics is spiritual healing and as such is far from illegal.

Man should not be kept ill just to let a few have a monopoly.

In almost all other countries than the US there is no restriction on healing despite monopolistic efforts to make one.

Another reason Dianetics was for some time out of use was that it was believed it had been superseded by Scientology which it never was in fact. Dianetics can be done with no reference whatever to Scientology or its techniques.

People who have given up through illness are also prone to want to leave. Instead of confronting their illness it is easier to try to get away from it. Thus such people are in a hurry to be free and prefer Scientology. But if they have a sick body, it is a present time problem and inhibits attaining the spiritual freedom they seek.

The correct procedure is to make them well wherever possible with medical treatment and to handle their psychosomatic illnesses with Dianetics and then, before any further abuses by life can occur, to raise their ability and secure their freedom with Scientology. This is the correct use of Dianetics. It is the remedy for psychosomatic illness.

The basic use of Dianetics is to make a well body and to augment physical treatment.

Any injurious experience can be erased by Dianetics. It is very easy to use and if one wants people well and happy it should be used at every occasion.

A person has an operation. This should be followed soon after by the erasure of the engram of the experience by R-3-R and the usual Dianetic auditor actions. The healing time will be greatly speeded and often healing will occur where a relapse might have followed.

A woman has a child. The engram of delivery should be run out soon after. The result of doing so is very spectacular. There is no “postpartum psychosis” or dislike of the child and no permanent injury to the mother. It is in fact best to audit the mother both before and after the delivery, which gives one fast relatively painless childbirth and quick recovery.

Recovery from disease under treatment is speeded by Dianetic auditing.

Where the incident of the break is, with any chain, run out, a broken limb will heal (by X-ray evidence) in two instead of six weeks.

Some patients who are not responding to medical treatment who are then given as little as a touch assist will then be found responsive to the medical treatment. An auditor giving the person a Dianetic session will more or less ensure that the medical treatment will now work.

A person who is accident prone when audited usually loses this unwanted characteristic.

Many “insane” recover from their symptoms when given proper medical treatment, rest, no harassment and then good mild Dianetic processing. They become and remain normal people without relapse.

Chronic, which is to say, long-term illnesses cease when audited by Dianetics and then medical treatment, which was earlier ineffective.

Whole classes of “mentally retarded” children have been made more normal by teachers in London County Council schools using relatively unskilled Dianetics.

Tiredness, unwanted sensations, bizarre pains and aches, bad hearing or sight also routinely respond to Dianetic processing.

The sickness and death rate of persons who are part of Dianetic groups is only a small fraction of that of other groups.

Pilots audited with Dianetics, by a test involving a whole squadron, went without a single even minor accident for the following year.

Scientists audited with Dianetics have greatly improved intelligence. Dianetics raises IQ as a side product to usual auditing, at a rate of about one point of IQ per hour of processing.

Withered limbs, skin blotches and rashes and even blindness and deafness have all responded to Dianetics.

Possibly the point which counted most against Dianetics in the early attacks on it was that it did a vast array of things. The truth was, it actually did them. When you have the answer to the human mind as in Dianetics of course anything caused by the mind can be remedied.

It is very much easier to train a Dianetic auditor than a Scientology auditor. It requires only about a month to make a Dianetic auditor who is sufficiently conversant with the subject to get results. This too was used against Dianetics as the psychiatrist of that day claimed he himself needed twelve years of study to do psychiatry. Of course when the public found out that the product of these twelve years of study was killing the “insane” and increasing their number the argument became silly.

The spectacular personal gains which were available in Scientology were so great they tended to obscure the very real use and value of Dianetics.

Further, a Scientology executive trained and processed beyond the need of body help tended to forget that much of the public out there first had to be helped out of their physical misery before they could attempt anything like personal gain.

You use Dianetics much the way you would use any remedy.

When a fellow is burned you audit out the burn.

When a woman loses a loved one you audit out the loss.

When a young man can’t finish his schooling you audit out his unhappy school experiences.

Dianetics is for USE. There is not a lot of admin about it. It isn’t something you use after bowing down three times to Chicago. You just USE it.

A Dianetic auditor who sees someone sick and who doesn’t get him treatment and then audit him is just not humane.

Woman going to have a baby — get out the meter and audit her into shape for it. When she’s had it, run out the delivery.

Fellow burns his hand, break out the meter.

Dianetics is the answer to human suffering. USE it.

Ideas build up to halt the use of Dianetics such as “once you have a floating needle on engrams you don’t run them any more — -”. That’s silly. An F/N on a chain can be called the end of that chain. But not of Dianetics on the case.

I am not trying to make anyone wrong by reintroducing the real use of Dianetics. I myself had not realized how separate and vital it was as a technology until recently. I was engaged for many years researching and completing Scientology. I had not noticed and had not said that Dianetics must be preserved and used in all cases of psychosomatic illness or in physical suffering.

Yet, during all this time when I had to handle illness, I did not use Scientology. I used good old Dianetics.

Now I have refined it and made a better statement of it and made it easier to use and I trust it will be used for what it was intended and that Scientology grades will be relieved of the burden of attempting to heal physical illness, a use for which it was never designed.

Scientology is a vital practice in itself. It places a person above any further illness or suffering. But he has to be made well first.

People will ask, “Deafness? Now what special process is needed in curing deafness……?”

This is one of the modern refinements of Dianetics. One runs whatever is assessed for the preclear. He doesn’t decide to cure somebody of deafness. He handles the illness that reads. Maybe it will be deafness.

You have one single procedure covering all cases and that is R-3-R and the steps of HCOB 16 Apr 69. You audit what reads when assessed. The whole of the person’s complaints, if you just keep on going with HCOB 16 Apr 69, should eventually vanish.

Having gotten the pc well by medical care and Dianetic auditing, then start out with Scientology. If he gets sick again before many grades, revert to Dianetics, handle it and then when he is well, resume Scientology where you left off.

Never run a Scientology grade to make a pc well or cure something. It’s a misapplication.

By using Dianetics as readily as you use shoes you can make and keep people well. You don’t worry about overruns, rudiments or anything else. You just use R-3-R even to correct ARC Breaks and PTPs and bad auditing.

By then correctly using Scientology we can make the person a far better being.


We have developed Scientology STANDARD TECH.

Both are now valid as themselves.

They do not cross.

Dianetics for the body.

Scientology for the spirit.