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Issue II
Dn Checksheet Class VIIIs Qual Secs Tech Secs


Every once in a while you get a Scientology result while running Dianetics. Also, sometimes you get a Dianetic result while auditing Scientology.

This tends to keep the two distinctly different subjects confused with each other.

A preclear, after Dianetic auditing, tells the Examiner he is exterior and feeling fantastically bright. This is a Scientology result.

Sometimes a Scientology preclear after attaining a grade will state that it has healed his terror stomach. This is a Dianetic result.

There is nothing whatever wrong with this except that it gives an auditor an invitation to confuse the subjects and think they are the same.

The clue is CONSISTENCY.

Dianetics only rarely exteriorises a preclear.

Scientology only occasionally handles a terror stomach. In fact a person whose terror stomach wasn’t handled by Dianetics and its R3R can go all the way to OT VI sometimes with it. He doesn’t get rid of the terror stomach and he doesn’t (since he had a present time problem all the way) make OT VI either.

If it is a body pain, sensation, somatic, illness, disability, the subject to use is Dianetics.

If it is a gain in ability and beingness that is the purpose, the subject to use is Scientology.

After many years of handling cases this emerged as a very factual fact. Dianetics is Dianetics, Scientology is Scientology. If you mix them they attain limited results.

This is so true that when you use all the prohibitives and Never Nevers of Scientology in doing Dianetics, Dianetics also fails.

See these two subjects as clearly separate. They each have their own Case Supervision orders. You don’t use Scientology Case Supervision orders in case supervising Dianetics. And you don’t use the Dianetic rules on Scientology.

One addresses the body, the other the thetan. They both go by their own rules.

There is also STANDARD DIANETICS as rigidly taught and adhered to, so Dianetics is not sloppy Scientology either.

Dianetic results are a well body and a being happy with it.

Scientology results are a free, powerful and immortal being.

They can and do achieve their proper end results but only when used properly, separately and as themselves.