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Remimeo Dianetics Course


The most common errors being made by student auditors are forgetting the commands during session and misusing command sequence or procedure or doing odd things because they get nervous. The following drills are added to the Standard Dianetics Course to handle this. The drills must be thoroughly done and checked out star-rated by the Course Supervisor. They are done as the last item on the checksheet.

TR 101

NAME: R3-R to a wall.

COMMANDS: R3-R commands including earlier incident and earlier similar commands.

POSITION: Student seated facing a wall.

PURPOSE: To get the student able to give all R3-R commands accurately, in correct order without hesitation or having to think what the next command should be.

TRAINING STRESS: This drill is not coached. The student sits facing a wall with a copy of the R3-R bulletin in his lap. The student gives the commands, in order, to the wall maintaining good TR0 and TR1. When the student falters or is uncertain of the next command, he re-reads the commands from the bulletin then continues to give the commands to the wall. When the student can confidently give all the commands accurately without any slightest comm-lag, he raises his hand for the course supervisor to give him a check-out.

TR 102

NAME: Auditing a doll.

COMMANDS: All R3-R commands and Standard Dianetics procedure.

POSITION: Student seated at a table with E-Meter and auditor report sheets. In the chair opposite the student is a doll occupying the position of the pc.

PURPOSE: To familiarize the student with the materials of auditing and co-ordinate and apply the commands and procedures of Standard Dianetics in an auditing session.

TRAINING STRESS: This drill is not coached. The student sets up the E-Meter and worksheets exactly as in a session. He starts the session and runs a complete Standard Dianetics session on the doll keeping full session admin and using all Standard Procedures.

The drill is passed when the student can do the drill flawlessly with good TRs 0-4, correct procedure and commands, without comm-lags or confusion and can maintain proper session admin, including worksheets, auditor's report form, and summary report.

TR 103

NAME: Auditing on a doll, coached.

COMMANDS: All R3-R commands and situations.

POSITION: Same as in TR 102 except that a coach sits beside student calling out command numbers and situations and the student following them and keeping admin and his meter.

PURPOSE: To give the student total certainty in the use of R3-R commands despite any distraction.

TRAINING: Step 1. Coach calls for commands at random by stating the letter or number of the command or the situation by saying "solid, "erasing," "solid but nothing earlier. " The student addresses the right command or action to the doll, handles meter and admin. The coach also uses pc responses such as "that's all" "I can't find one," etc. These are called for in quick succession and in any order. Coach starts in on a gradient gradually getting the drill faster and becoming sharper on flunks for any comm-lags, uncertainties, groping for commands or break in TR 0 — 4. If the student becomes too confused the coach has probably proceeded with too steep a gradient and given the student too many losses. In such instance have the student go through the commands in proper sequence a few times and then continue with random commands building up the drill on a gradient.

TR 104

NAME: R3-R Coached and Bull Baited.

COMMANDS: All R3-R commands and procedures.

POSITION: As for auditing on a doll (TR 102) with coach seated beside student and a bullbaiter as "pc" across from the student instead of a doll.

PURPOSE: To train the student to deliver a standard session with correct commands and procedure and without session additives of any kind despite distractions.

TRAINING STRESS: The drill is the same as for auditing on a doll except that the "pc" coach bull-baits the student auditor during the session in an attempt to throw the student off session while the second coach calls the numbers as on TR 103. Flunks are given for any improper commands, procedure, comm-lags, break in TRs or improper session admin. The second coach does the "start," the flunking or "That's it. " If the student is not making the grade he is returned to the earlier TR that is out. This drill is coached tough and only passed when the student is totally competent, exact and correct in all commands, procedures, auditing actions and session admin with excellent TRs and no slightest variation from or additives to Standard Dianetics.

These drills were developed by L. Ron Hubbard in July 1969 when it was found that all failed sessions resulted from non-standard auditing, the main goofs being auditors' failure to give the next command, forgetting the commands in session, or giving a wrong command.

Brian Livingston