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Word Clearing Series 65
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Crashing MUs, Blocks To Finding Them

Ref: HCOB 17 Jun 79 Crashing Mis-Us: The Key To Completed Cycles Of Action And Products

HCOB 8 Sep 64 Overts — What lies behind Them?

HCOB 7 Aug 79 False Data Stripping

HCOB 7 Jul 64 Justifications

HCOB 21 Jan 60 Justification

HCOB 5 Sep 78 Anatomy Of A Service Facsimile

HCOB 6 Sep 78II Service Facsimiles And Rock Slams

HCOB 6 Sep 78 III Routine Three SC-A Full Service Facsimile Handling Updated With NED

It may occur in Crashing MU finding that no Crashing MU can be found even though it is obvious from the person’s inability to complete a cycle of action or get out a product that a Crashing MU must exist.

It is vital, in attempting to find someone’s Crashing MUs, that one does not abandon the search simply because, on enquiry, the person is unable to come up with anything. It may take skill and hard work to uncover the Crashing MU but it must be found, no matter how arduous the search. The completion of the cycle of action and the accomplishment of the product depend on locating and clearing up the Crashing MU that is getting in the way.

Crashing MUs can be buried. They can be buried by

A) Other MU words

B) Overts or withholds

C) False data

D) Justifications

E) Service facsimiles.

Any one of A, B. C, D or E above or a combination of these can prevent one from finding the Crashing MU. One handles by

a) Clearing up the other MUs

b) Pulling the overts or withholds

c) Stripping off the false data

d) Getting off the justifications

e) Handling the service facsimile or sending the person to an auditor to get audited on it.

If the Word Clearer came across the situation where no Crashing MU could be found despite obvious indications that one existed, he would check for each of the above blocks in turn and handle anything there was to handle on each point. After handling one of the above blocks, he would recheck for the Crashing MU and if still not available to be found and cleared, he would proceed to check the next block and so on until the Crashing MU was found and cleared. One would check for the blocks in the sequence given (A-E) and only go so far as necessary to uncover the Crashing MU.


The full handling of a Crashing MU itself will be found in:

HCOB 17 Jun 79 Crashing Mis-Us: The Key To Completed Cycles Of Action And Products

HCOB 18 Jun 79 The Crashing Mis-U Repair List — LC1

HCOB 16 Jul 79 The “Elusive” Mis-U Or Crashing Mis-U

HCOB 26 Mar 79RA Misunderstood Words And Cycles Of Action — MU Words And No Products

HCOB 7 Jul 79 Crashing Mis-U Definition


Ref: Word Clearing Series

The person may have MUs and confusions which are obscuring the Crashing MU. In attempting to find the Crashing MU one might have to find and clear these other MUs before the person can locate the Crashing MU which has been buried by these other MUs and which is hanging up the cycle of action or the product.

A Crashing MU is a MU that crashes a subject and crashes a person. It is straight on the subject-line that is giving trouble and is totally blocking the person’s comprehension of the subject. This is not to be confused with other MUs. These would include grammatical MUs, MUs on disrelated subjects or MUs on simple words. A Crashing MU is quite different. It is directly on the subject and it totally blocks the person’s understanding of the subject and stops any cycles of action or products on that line.

Handling: Other MUs obscuring the Crashing MU are located and cleared using any of Word Clearing Methods 2-9 or a combination of these. One might have to do Method 2 and Method 4 on certain materials, for example, before the Crashing MU can then be located. Method 9 is a very thorough and fruitful method of word clearing materials. By whatever method, the MUs are found and cleared. Any MUs that come up during Crashing MU Finding are immediately cleared. This does not mean, however, that one has found the Crashing MU. One has simply unburdened it.


Ref: Academy Class II Materials

As covered in HCOB 8 Sep 64 Overts, What Lies Behind Them?, overts and withholds can enter in after the person encounters a misunderstood word or symbol on the subject or in the area. Having committed the overt, the person may now be withholding so hard that it can become impossible to get his attention onto the MU word that comes earlier in time and is more basic than the withhold.

An example of this would be someone who had broken a machine as a result of trying to operate it over his MU on how it worked. His attention would become so caught up with withholding this overt that he might not be able to confront the area at all, let alone find the underlying Crashing MU.

The person’s withholds on the subject of the area not only prevent him from talking about it sensibly to the person trying to find his Crashing MUs, but also tend to withhold him from the subject itself. He won’t be able to think well on that subject because he is withholding data concerning it. The person might also be frightened of punishment or discipline if he did reveal his overt. Therefore, communication with the Crashing MU finder or the subject, also may block up his memory or his ability to think on the subject and so a Crashing MU can be buried totally out of sight.

Handling: The handling of O/Ws would depend on whether or not one was using a meter for the Crashing MU finding.

In metered Crashing MU finding one would ask:

“Concerning (subject under discussion) is there anything you are withholding?” and if it was reading one would handle per HCOB 11 Aug 78, I, Rudiments, Definitions And Patter. Suppress and False could be used as needed.

One could also check and handle:

“Concerning (subject under discussion) have you committed any overt?”

“Concerning (subject under discussion) has a withhold been missed?”

In non-metered Crashing MU finding one could ask the person if he had any overt or withhold concerning the subject under discussion. Very often, if one is in good communication with the person and there is no accusativeness or duress, he will say, “Well, actually, I didn’t want to tell anyone but I lost all the ruddy rods,” or whatever the withhold was. In non-metered asking for overts or withholds one must get the person meter checked immediately afterwards to ensure nothing gets missed. It goes without saying that a person can get very misemotional or blow or get very angry with the Crashing MU finder if you miss a withhold on him. So don’t be surprised if you get a sudden blow-up when you use un-metered overt or withhold questions.



A person who has been given and has accepted false data or false definitions on a subject may become convinced that he “knows” the words when in fact the data and definitions may be entirely false. This may even prevent the misunderstoods from reading on the meter. It can certainly bury a Crashing MU because the person’s certainty that he “knows” the data will prevent him from looking for the Crashing MU which is blocking him from getting products.

Handling: One handles false data by stripping it off exactly per HCOB/PL 7 Aug 79 False Data Stripping. This is a procedure which locates the false data and then blows it by recall. It is an extremely effective way of getting off the false data which is blocking the person’s understanding of a subject by giving him a false understanding.


Ref: HCOB 21 Jan 60 Justification

HCOB 7 Jul 64 Justifications

A person can have a defense mechanism whereby he justifies having a Crashing MU by giving reasons why it is OK not to understand the subject or area. He explains why he doesn’t have to understand and makes others wrong for trying to set him straight on it. Examples of this would be:

“I’m new and haven’t been at it too long.”

“I have to spend so much time on my post, I don’t have time to learn about it.”

“Only a professional could really understand this.”

“No one really knows anything about that subject anyway.”

“They keep changing the terminology so how could I learn it.”

Handling: The handling of justifications is covered in HCOB 7 Aug 79 False Data Stripping which has several questions in the section on locating the false data which are designed to pull off the person’s justifications for failure to understand a subject or inability to turn out professional products in an area. Basically the questions ask for anything that makes it OK not to know a particular subject or not to get results with that subject. When the justifications are located they are blown with recall, just as with false data in general.

If there are no justifications present or if the trouble does not resolve with pulling off justifications, then it will be handled with the next section — service facsimilies — since justifications as used here are really a specialized kind of self-serving service facsimile. Justifications and service facsimiles are actually cousins.


Ref: Academy Class IV Materials

HCOB 5 Sep 78 Anatomy Of A Service Facsimile

HCOB 6 Sep 78 II Service Facsimiles And Rock Slams

HCOB 6 Sep 78 III Routine Three SC-A Full Service Facsimile Handling Updated With New Era Dianetics

A service facsimile is an idea someone uses to make himself right and others wrong. These ideas are held in by engrams. For the purposes of Crashing MU finding, they can be handled by recall.

If you are trying to find someone’s Crashing MU and he has a service facsimile getting in the way, then his efforts will be taken up entirely with trying to make himself right and you and others wrong and you will not be able to get to the Crashing MU. He would even feel made wrong if a Crashing MU was found.

One person who was being checked for a Crashing MU in an area in which she was goofing could not even see her goofs, let alone a Crashing MU. Eventually she admitted that she had the idea that she could not be wrong regarding this particular subject. When this was spotted and cleared up the Crashing MU could be located and the whole area straightened out.

Handling: If the person is manifesting the symptoms of a service facsimile or if the failure to find a Crashing MU where one obviously must exist is not resolved with A-D above, then the Word Clearer would ask, “Is there some idea you are using which makes you right and others wrong?” and two-way comm with him about it without getting into listing for an item. Usually the person will give up the service facsimile and realize that he has been making himself right and others wrong. He will feel very relieved to have spotted it and will be able to look for and find his Crashing MU. If, however, the service facsimile does not come up on request and two-way comm, then the person should be sent for handling by an auditor on service facsimiles.


The remedies given in this HCOB must be understood to be remedies for inability to locate the Crashing MU — they are not substitutes for standard application of the tech of finding and clearing Crashing MUs.

One would always begin with the standard approach to finding the Crashing MU and, if none was found, only then would one check for and handle each of the blocks given above in the sequence given.

If one found something on any of A-E above, one would handle it and then check again for the Crashing MU. One does not automatically check all of A-E. The sole idea is to handle whatever is burying the Crashing MU and as soon as that has been achieved one returns to Crashing MU finding.

If half way through the False Data Stripping, for example, the person realizes he has had a Crashing MU on, then that’s it. You wouldn’t now continue the False Data Stripping. You would complete the step you were on and then end off.

The same goes for any of the remedies. As soon as the Crashing MU is found or findable, the purpose of the remedy has been achieved and that would be it.

As it is fatal to miss a withhold on someone, it is very important that any withhold pulling done is thorough and goes to real VGIs whether it is metered or un-metered. Withhold pulling off the meter must be followed by a meter check, whether anything is found or not.

Similarly in asking for a service facsimile it is possible to start the person listing and if he gets sick or caves in later one must assume that this has occurred and get the action repaired in session rapidly.

Note: Of course if the person is PTS and dramatizing creating problems, you may not be able to get anywhere at all until he has been run on Clay Table de-PTSing to full EP.

These cautions are not given here to make it look difficult or dangerous to do Crashing MU finding. It is usually very straightforward. However, if one is going to get results every time, he must be aware of the possible errors or barriers that he may run into and should know how to handle them.


Sometimes Crashing MU finding draws a blank even though there is plenty of evidence that a Crashing MU exists.

Other misunderstoods, overts or withholds, false data, justifications and service facsimiles can bury the Crashing MU.

If one runs into this situation, one must not abandon the Crashing MU finding as the person will continue to have difficulty and will not get out his products.

The answer is to handle the blocks that are preventing the Crashing MU from being found and then find and clear the Crashing MU.

Then one can get the spectacular results of this miracle tech every time.